Chapter 2

Three months before Megan's discretion….

"But what if they don't like me?" I asked my mother. I knew I was whining and on a different day she probably would've pointed it out, but she was distracted with prepping herself for her new job (She started today as a secretary in a corporate office.) I guess it was a big deal because otherwise we wouldn't be here. Then again, most my mom's jobs were thought of as a big deal. Ever since my father left us four years ago, on my thirteenth birthday, my mom had picked up our lives and moved capriciously. I had been to eight different schools in the last four years. I've learned not to become attached because in a few months my mom would detect a flaw and we'd start all over again.

I had been through several first days of school in a new town, depicted as the new girl, the shiny new toy, the freak, but it didn't make it any simpler.

"Darling you will do fine." My mother said in her heavy Mexican accent. "They will love you. You'll see." Her usually wild untamed curly ebony hair—something I had inherited from her; that along with her heart-shaped face, green eyes, petite figure, and full eyebrows—was swept up in a sleek bun. Her slim body was covered in cute work clothes and she was applying lip liner in the review mirror.

I wanted to delay the moment as long as I possibly could, but my time was up, the first bell was about to ring. I stared out the window at the kids walking across campus. There wasn't much diversity between them, they were all white, they were all wearing name brand clothes and they all seemed to mirror each other's actions. An alien school, to where I was bound to stand out even more than necessary. Just, what I needed. I rolled my eyes.

I took a deep breath, grabbed my backpack and my schedule, and opened the door of the car.

"Bye mom." I muttered, glumly. She smiled widely at me, completely oblivious.

"Have a wonderful day chiquita." My mom called after me. I shut the door with a sigh.

I'd done this before, I reminded myself as I climbed up the stairs—My peers stared at me with spacious ogling eyes—I'd be okay.

I peered down at my schedule—never mind that I already had it memorized—and blushed, wishing that a hole would open up in the ground and swallow me. My eyes were transfixed on the paper and it wasn't until I felt my body hit something soft that appeared to be another person did I look up.

"S-sorry." I stammered. The girl that I ran into had long unnatural blonde hair and brown eyes. She was taller than me—which wasn't that big of surprise since I was only five foot three—and her confidence encircled her presence, until it became intoxicating.

She glared at me hatefully and flinched back as if I were a snake. Girls who were dressed similar to the blonde one also glowered at me.

"Watch it!" the girl said. She had an unpleasant, nasally voice. "God, are you blind?"

"N-No, I didn't see you…I-I'm sorry." I replied, stupidly.

She snorted. "Obviously."

Before I could mutter any more apologies, the first bell rang blocking out whatever the girl was about to say next.

"Well I guess today yours lucky day new girl." The Blonde one said, as people began to file in doors, her friends hesitated waiting for her, "Watch where you're walking next time."

I watched her walk away, feeling stunned. I'd been to several schools and I'd met several people, but none like her. I'd never met anyone who just hated me for no reason.

I said I was sorry, what else did she want from me?

Besides, she didn't even know me. I hadn't exactly given her an alternative to dislike me.

"That's Megan." Someone said from behind me. I turned around to see a girl who was closer to my height smiling at me. She had red hair, freckles and icy blue eyes.

"Oh." I said indifferently, wondering if that was supposed to mean something to me.

"She pretty much runs the school. She's like the "it" girl because her mom's some fashion designer and her Dad has more money than god." She told me.

"So basically she's the one with all the power and she hates me already. Great, this should be fun." I said sarcastically. She shook her head.

"Nah, she's just intimidated because you're attracting a lot of attention." She smiled as if enjoying some inside joke.

I snorted. "She can have all the attention, trust me, I don't want it."

"Regardless, you still have it and as long as you do Megan and her Robots are going to despise you, if you find a way to get rid of it you'll just become invisible."

"You say that like it's a bad thing." I smiled. She laughed.

"Your new right?" she asked, holding out her hand. "I'm Libby, Libby Miller."

I shook her hand.

"I'm Shelby Ricardo." I said.

"Where's your first class?" she asked.

"Umm room 615, with Mrs. Sandler." I said, holding out my paper.

"Oh, that's right next to mine. I can walk you there if you want." She said, adjusting the strap on her bag.

"Thanks." I said, following after her. I listened to her casual introductions, glad that I had found a friend, trying to ignore the fear that Megan and her "robots" would make my life a living hell. I had enough to deal with; I wasn't sure what else I could deal with.

I promised myself that I'd try my best to be disregarded. I'd fade into the shadows and be the girl that no one can remember the name of, if I have to. How hard could that be?

As long as I stayed out of her way, she'd leave me alone and everything would be fine. Right?