Author's Note – Ok, so this story is my answer to Twilight. In my opinion, this is what would really happen if a human girl were to mix with a supernatural guy. It doesn't end well, people! But anyway, this story was also inspired by Rob Pattinson's song Never Think, which is also on the Twilight soundtrack. I tried to keep the clichés to a minimum, but just go along with it, and I hope you enjoy!


It was raining on the day that the demon's heart broke, which only seemed fitting for such a tragic occurrence. Andras had walked through the rain, causing his long, raven-black hair to be plastered around his face and neck like a black oil slick. His black trench coat had been left unbuttoned, yet if he felt the icy cold water that had soaked through his clothes, he didn't show it. Besides, the girl that was holding onto him, pressed against his chest, was giving off enough warmth for the both of them.

Zoe was crying, and had her arms wrapped tightly around his body, almost as if she were afraid that he would disappear if she let go. And perhaps he would, as after all, he wasn't a normal person. Indeed, he wasn't a person at all. Andras was a Fallen Angel; a demon; and she was in love with him so completely that she felt like she would come undone if he left her now.

"Please," she sobbed, shaking her head against his chest. "Please don't. I love you," she added, finally looking up at his brown eyes that only held the tiniest hint of amber gold. When they had first met, his eyes had been the colour of warm amber, with a black pupil that had been oval in shape, like a cat's eye. Now they looked perfectly human, but more than that, perfectly miserable.

"I'm sorry," he murmured, lifting one hand to hold the back of her head as he pulled her close. Her honey coloured hair was like a mass of wet straw, yet as his cheek brushed hers, Andras could clearly smell her almond shampoo, and he closed his eyes tight. He wanted to savour every moment that he could, because after this moment he knew that he would never care for such things ever again.

"Please," Zoe said again, and when she looked up at him with her pleading brown eyes, it only strengthened his resolve. Her eyes had lightened recently, showing flecks of amber, and it wouldn't be long now before there would be no going back for either one of them.

"I love you, Zoe. You made me feel what it's like to be human, and if I could, I would gladly stay here with you. But I can't," Andras said, closing his eyes on the last word. That crushing weight in his chest was growing, and it hurt just to take in a breath. He finally understood the phenomenon that humans called a broken heart, and it almost made him weep.

"You don't have to do this. Just stay with me; I don't care what happens," Zoe said, staring up at him earnestly, and Andras opened his eyes with a frown. Reaching behind him, he pried her hands away from around his waist and brought them back around the front. Holding her hands, he studied her fingers. They were scrapped and bruised, and underneath her nails were traces of rust-coloured flecks – dried blood that she hadn't managed to scrub away.

"I'm no good for you. I'm changing you, and I have to end it now before it's too late," he replied, gently rubbing the backs of her hands with his thumbs. Away from his chest, Zoe was trembling in the rain, and Andras wanted nothing more than to wrap his own arms around her; yet he knew better. He had to let her go, for her own sake, even as it killed him.

"Andras," Zoe said his name pleadingly, and as the demon stepped in close, he tilted her head back and kissed her for the final time.