This evening, a new bedtime story will be told
For the first time my heart will have a companion
They will beat silently within their protective cages
Pounding with a force only describable as first love

The ocean of blankets around me will no longer be calm
Tonight it will be alive with waves of emotion
Flooding the world around it without reserve or regard
Before that ocean harbors the two bodies entwined within

Will I become lost as I navigate these new experiences
As my hands learn to feel through passion and desire
Calibrating my senses again for the first time
To want to feel, to enjoy it instead of avoiding it

Throughout my withdrawn and emotionless existence
Feelings and emotions have been barricaded, prevented
Worthless tools, causing eventual pain and despair
Not tonight, I will seek them out, I am a hunter

Why have I been chosen for such an experience as this
I am not a hero, a gentleman or even a friend to anyone
I do not know how to be close to someone like him
Close enough to feel the tickle of his whispers

Tonight my senses will battle with my mind, my thoughts
They will fight to prove wrong the history of my heart
His touch, tastes and words bombarding my pathetic defenses
He has chosen me to be with and I will most likely fail

Alas, I no longer have a choice, I cannot run
He is already floating in the waves between my sheets, waiting
His eyes reflecting the moonlight like shimmering waves
and the vessel I ride tonight, to these experiences, his body

My tears have dried and my fears will leave me shortly
I must not keep him waiting, wondering if he is at fault
In all his natural beauty he must know the confusion is mine
There is but one last chance to disappear, avoid his embrace

No, I will be myself and go to him and he will love me