Ann Grove inspected the ruby paperweight. Now she knew the list of The Pieces of the Egg:

minor tianyuan

m1 : Disk
m2 : Rattle
m3 : Flute
m4/m5 : Glass Knife/Thunderstrike
m6 : Stylus
m7 : Hourglass
m8 : Ruby
m9 : Fire
m10 : Horn Cup
m11 : Answer
m12 : Fan
m13 : Monocle
m14 : Drum
m15 : Ring
m16 : Shell
m17 : Nut
m18 : Spiral Horn
m19 : Emerald
m20 : Dagger
m21 : Wheel

Major tianyuan

M1 : Bowl
M2 : Ribbon
M3 : Bead
M4 : Bottle
M5 : Candlestick
M6 : Ivory Comb
M7 : Bell
M8 : Stick
M9: Die
M10 : Rope
M11 : Ruby
M12 : Pierced Bowl
M13 : Statue
M14 : Penny
M15 : Tripod
M16 : Needle
M17 : Chime
M18 : Mirror
M19 : Stone Box
M20 : Wand
M21 : Gameboard

but that knowledge was not helpful.

The Innkeepers, who compiled this list over the Northern Autumnal Equinox, said this is their best guess at what the tianyuan look like here and now. I cannot decide if my ruby is a major or minor tianyuan. Life would certainly be simpler if it I knew, she thought. Life would be much simpler if it were the major ruby and not the minor.

She lifted the ruby paperweight off the Thanksgiving menu. Catering to a vampire who is not nourished by human food and a high school boy who is reluctant to try anything new is complication enough.

Hors d'oeuvres

Figs wrapped in Prosciutto
Duck and Apricot Paté
Pear and rocket wrapped in Bresaola
Smoked Trout Mousse on Beet Roti
Canapés Diane

Chablis and Cabernet Sauvignon


Curry Soup
Mushroom timbale/Sherry
Grilled game hen with rustic grilled roasted potatoes/Chardonnay
Rack of lamb and bundled green beans/Pinot noir
Chocolate Bombe/Raspberry agua fresca
Fruit and Cheese/Sherry or Port

Most of the food served would be grown and processed with in 50 miles of Ann's house. Coffee, tea, chocolate and vanilla beans were imported. Most of the beverages, including the after dinner brandy, were from California. One can only be so strict a localvore, she thought. I cannot ask my guests to forgo coffee, tea or Cambells. The yunü must have their coffee and my vampire lover must have his canned blood. I will give Zomas the menu tomorrow. Unless, of course, the house is under attack by someone searching for my ruby.