she had a great life until one saturday night every day's a different stage, all she did was sit an cry every chance to reach the sky, now she's asking god why he took her sister's life and why she died in her prime since a kid she had ambition but her dreams they never panned out death is just too much for this little one to handle legs spread wide with her hands at her side getting fucked by a guy for a couple free lines of white seeing her dreams fleeting while her feelings are leaving sight blow numbs her nose and throat, she needs to keep in flight meanwhile she still cries alone so she doesn't go home most nights her legs and what's between them are what she needs to keep retreating from facing all these deamons and displace these trying times every night, with a different guy and getting high until the day she overdosed drove down highway 9 she hit the tree three blocks from the crash site that took her sister's life

the next case we make is jason just a kid who couldn't make it his vision of living in places ungated without bars on the windows and cops that aren't racist he worked hard and saved his chips took care of where he lived and thought he knew just who he is but alas in his last days he simply threw it all away cause the only thing he lacked was motivation and patience he tried to fast track the dream not to wait for it safe to say he paid the price one day, died alone and naked put the pistol to his face and, blew his brains away on his basement's pavement he heard the ghetto birds and saw the whirling lights he was on his third strike and knew full well it served him right