some say i'm arrogant like the ancients pharoahs in egypytian times but try and find a chick that i been with that can say when i'm with them i made them sick like heroin i may be elected as the best at sex and necking but i've never disrespected a bitch cause my strict direction for that same reason i don't ever get my shit infected cause i only fuck with chicks that have convictions and a heading as a kid i had to live in shit ridden with obstacles my upbringing was like living in a twisted pasta bowl the sorrow seen by more living was like the shriner's hospital but i grabbed a mic and learned to write like oceans awesome flow so you know i rock the show even though i lost it all i've been kicked and fought but my soul's never brought or sold i know i can be cold and have been so many times before but survival's got a hold and being frozen helps control emotions sometimes to fight for what is right you don't do what you're told and sometimes to set things right you need to go for broke other times you need to break the mould