i flow like i know the road to dorado
wherever i travel, te amo siempre mis hermanos
see my life like a limelight in heinsight
years keep pace and my pace seems shaken
my brain feels like it's breaking at the seams between my faces
hate this faking like i'm adam without eve and being naked
like i gotta cover up from what must be up above waiting
hating to hate for the sake of hating shit
laying awake contemplating escaping it
i'm trying to break the cycle as my goal fight for survival
riding waves in tidals
i'm not your average kid stricken with poverty
i'm self taught, bitten and kicked until i caught a piece
this ought to be the last chapter i write
about having to commit crimes to get ahead in this life
selling dope to pay admissions, then again to pay tuition
started my third company,
in my dreams i'm squinting hard to keep my vision and stick with it
i wasn't born with talents, just some imbalances
drinking gin in gallons just to balance it
left my heart behind with my potential wife
now i'm getting into businesses that aren't legitimate
cause my legitimate businesses are sinking in debt
taking grains, plant and cultivate,
extraction making yay to slang so i don't sufficate
there's no glamour or dreams of grandure
it's all one can endure to eat and live on canned goods
we who speak truth see through these weak dudes
those who wreak of cheap booze and keep the street police crews
creeping through their beats in cruisers ready to beat you
those losers who bust slugs at noone but go on to show them
those bastards that act it but never utter fact from they're fat lips
playing massive as actors without ever having had to strap it
they make the game and players look like stupid killers
you should feel the realest feeling and try to live in
a world you can't just sit and chill in
try and visualize a father gazing in his children's eyes
not knowing if some villain spies will jack his shit, kill his kids and wife
all this stress, angst and unrest just to get
some food to eat and pay the rent