Someday Love

Remembering a great relationship that we all take time out of our day just to think about them.

Its not your average love story

With hearts and shy grins

Love at first sight isn't were it began


Day by day this guy won my heart

With his honesty and love

With never tearing me apart

Affection shown in a hug


Or words that were said

But what meant the most

Is when we laid side by side in bed

No sex, no touching not even a little

Having a normal conversation until I went to bed

In the morning we woke up and did it all over again


Now he wasn't the perfect person

Most likely the cockiest man

Throwing it all away just to hold my hand

Taking my fingers and lacing it through his

I didn't feel magical. I don't kid


It was awkward and shy

One of those things to make me smile

He never let go my hand even in goodbye


Standing close together

Side by side we stood

Wondering if we could conquer the world

I'm sure someday we could.

An: J this one was less gloomy. -sigh J thanks for reading!