Sunny Days

Not the best days for everyone, we need the rain to cover our pain

Deep breathing doesn't work when you feel yourself going insane


The sun happened to shine on my very gloomy day

As if mocking me, shining its damn hardest in its place

Holding my head down, refusing to show my face


Finding no peace on this beautiful fucking day

Where's the rainy days, to wash my pain away?

The thunder clouds screaming what I cant say


On these warm sunny days it reminds me of this guy

I was perfectly happy until he said goodbye

I wasn't one of those stalker chicks, that always have there way

I just needed, Demanded to know why the dude wouldn't stay


Clouding in self doubt, and stupid self loathing

All the while the sun is Shinning, gloating


As if everyone in the world is happy on this day

There was no time for my gloominess to stay

Where was my release, where is my joy?


Waiting till the thunderclouds roll, wash away my pain

Cleaning my thoughts of this horrible day

AN: Don't when you wish for rain to match your mode it never comes? Its so annoying then people look at you on a sunny day and your brooding and they have no idea how upset you are.