Openness, Vulnerability, And An Air Of Contentment

I pick up the phone.

"Hello?" I say.

"Hey, there." he says. OMG, it's him. The real him. What should I say? Just take his lead.

"Hey, How are you? Long time since we've spoken stranger." I say (I guess I come off alright.)

"I know, I know. How's life treating you?" he asks.

""Oh, it's the same. Well, the new job is great." I say And he interrupts me.

"Yes, you've switched jobs. You like it?" he asks.

"Oh, yes, couldn't be better. I'm over qualified for it, but they seem to understand why I'm there. Lousy economy and all." I answer. (Excuse me, can you be more lame? ) ( Well, I don't care, I love the sound of his voice.)

"I'm sure you'll rise through the ranks to VP in no time." he says.

"Oh, sure, me VP of Dairyland, butter, cheese, and other churned products department." I say with a chuckle.

"Have an samples in the fridge?" he asks.

"I have a sample, but it is too warm for the fridge. In fact I'm, I mean, it's HOTTT!" I answer bravely.

"Grrrrr" he growls with a very sexy voice. By now, I can't tell if he's interested or just joking around with me.

I'm blanking out. I'm losing it. Sound the alarm. I'm going down. Mayday, Mayday. I don't know what to say. The silence is fine with me, but I know, I know, he will...

"Listen, have to run, how is everyone at your house?" he asks, turning and running.

"You know, I don't speak well of them, and you have forbidden me to not say anything if it isn't nice about some one. So, I have nothing new to report. "I blurt out.

"No news. Good then. See you around." he says.

"Wait. " I jump in.

"Yes?" he answers.

"Could we just hang out sometime. I mean just us, like we used to . Unless I spoiled things." I say.

"Of course, I'd love to just HANG with you. You haven't spoiled anything. " he says and then mumbles something that I cannot hear.

"I get off work early on some Fridays. Maybe we could have lunch again?" I ask.

"Love to, just give me a buzz, when you're free.' he says.

"bye" I say quietly.

"Chow" he says. And hangs up.

Now I get to reflect on all the underlying meanings when he probably isn't even giving me a second thought. Oh well, such is life. Doomed to my life. At least there is writing. Time to write a nice piece for my smut cyber blog. Teehee