The Trio of Relics

In an alternate dimension, there was another galaxy, by the name of Pearly Path in which there was another solar system. In it, there were eight out of nine planets that were inhabitable. One planet in particular, which had a wide diversity of species, was called Planet H'trae. On Planet H'trae, there were three particular artifacts that, while seemingly common on Earth in the Milky Way, were very alien, rare and prized on H'trae.

The first was an alien fruit, the Orange, very rare but the most common among all three artifacts. The Orange was a spherical fruit which bore an abundant amount of juice but was too sacred to be eaten.

The second was the Abacus, a hard device made from a dark-colored material with colored beads on thin rods in it. It was the rarest of all with a long history and the material used to make it had long been used up.

Last but not least, the Pad of Post-its. It was a brightly colored, square pad of paper. They were, however, all joined together at one end with a sticky substance and could be separated at will.

These artifacts were famous, yes, but as any other item that was renowned, there were stories behind it. And for these ancient relics, there was one legend:

Three thousand and seventy-two years ago, there was a young fourteen-year-old boy whose name was Damon. Damon was an intelligent boy who had numerous friends all over his town, Suomaf. He was not only intelligent, but also, witty, brave and had great leadership skills. Although it was not an official thing, every single one of his peers looked up to him and treated him as a leader. Despite knowing how everyone felt about him, Damon remained humble and honest. One day, as he was playing Get with his friends, a young nine-year-old, dashing from a town elder's house, came up to him and told him, "Damon! Damon! There is an old prophet in town. He is world-renowned for journeying all over the world. And he is requesting to meet you!"

"Really?" Damon instantly screeched to a halt and asked interestedly. The boy bobbed his head rapidly, "Yes, yes, but you must come quickly now for this entire matter is rather urgent." "Why?" Damon asked curiously. "The prophet is on his deathbed. Everyone in town is trying to satisfy his final requests before he passes away." The boy said quietly. Damon was now positively excited about what this had to do with him and so he immediately stopped his game and followed the boy to pay the prophet a visit.

The frail prophet lay on a thin mattress, wheezing painfully as several village elders and leaders crowded around him. As soon as Damon entered the room, they all pulled him towards the prophet. Upon catching sight of him, the prophet smiled wisely and his eyes glazed over as he began to prophesize. Staring unseeingly at the ceiling, the prophet spoke, "When the moon shines its brightest on the twelfth night, a great evil will rise to devour this town. A nomad shall be sent to complete three challenges before the fated night and if he succeeds, the evil shall be vanquished forever."

As the prophecy was nearing the end, the village elders all started shaking their heads grimly, thinking that this task was surely impossible. After all, even if they sent an adult, what was the guarantee that he could survive and complete all three tasks? Everyone was in a grim mood. However, there was no time to ponder on all these worrying matters, for all of a sudden, the prophet had gone into a seizure. He started convulsing and looked like he was on the brink of death. Several people immediately ran out of the house to get the town's medic.

However, as sudden as it had come, the seizure stopped. The prophet, shakily turned his head around to look at Damon in the eye and coughed to him, "Take my bag…kuh, kuh, kuh…it will give you help…kuh, kuh, kuh…in your journey." And before long, the prophet had passed away silently.

Damon was stunned; it was all so sudden and so overwhelming. The prophet had died and he was now sent on a mission to save the town? But he thought it was a nomad. Then, with a start, he realised, that the chosen one was him. After all, his name was "Nomad" reversed around. Oh dear, he was just too confused. However, sadly for him, there was no time to lose, for if he was the chosen one, he would have to set out to face his challenges that very night as the twelfth night was merely two nights away.

The night was still and everyone in the town was asleep. Well, almost everyone. Damon was stealthily sneaking towards the border of the town. Why was he sneaking? Knowing that this was a dangerous task, his parents and the town elders all forbid him from venturing out of the town. In the meantime, everyone was preparing for the invasion of the dark forces. Damon knew that there was a possibility of him dying if he journeyed to save everyone, but he also knew that even if he died, his one sacrifice was better than everyone else dying. He could not bear feeling so useless, and thus that night, as everyone was asleep; he had stolen the backpack from the prophet's grave, gave a silent farewell to his family and began his journey.

Finally, he was at the border of the town. Scaling up and over the Great Wire Fence, he was soon out of the confines of his town. He was now alone. Damon shivered; he was afraid of failing and dying, being unable to finish all three tasks. No, he shook his head, he was strong, nimble and intelligent, and surely he could beat whatever was ahead of him. Yes, he would defeat evil and save his town.

Kneeling down, he pulled down his backpack and took out a map which the prophet had marked. His first challenge was in the town of Emtih. The town of Emtih was not far from the town of Suomaf and he was pretty sure that he could reach there before the next morning. And so he hurried along an old and worn path, well-treaded away by the feet of the traders who often ventured to and fro between both towns.

The journey was uneventful except when he had almost been bitten by a Fraggerworm, a luminous green snake with neon red spots which was a vicious predator. Finally, it was almost three in the morning when he reached the town of Emtih. He could see no danger, but he guessed that he would better keep an eye out for anything suspicious. However, exhaustion soon overtook him, and before long, he was sound asleep, unaware of the people edging towards him.

He woke up groggily and found himself in a bedroom unfamiliar to him. Several solemn men stood nearby and he guessed that they had to be the town elders. Quickly, he stood up unsteadily and greeted them. The town elders nodded their heads before questioning him, "Who are you? Why are you here? Where are you from?"

Knowing that he had no time to waste, Damon immediately answered quickly and truthfully, "I am Damon from the town of Suomaf, I am here to face the first challenge of the prophecy." Having introduced himself, Damon got down to business, "Have there been any problems or anything mysterious going on this few weeks?" The town elders, upon hearing all these, looked strangely and hugely relieved. "Oh, finally, Hero, you have finally arrived at our village to save us from our doom."

"Hero?" "Yes, ever since two decades ago, there has been a rumor that a young boy would one day come here to save us from our doom, a Morsusbear. As you know, Morsusbears are peaceful creatures though they would not hesitate to attack when angered. For the past few years, a Morsusbear has been constantly attacking our people. Its behavior is not normal however as it seems to be searching for something rather than actually advancing on us. We do not know what that means but we hope you will be able to solve this mystery for us." The leader glanced at a wall clock, "According to its normal behavior, I gauge that it will be here in a few more minutes."

Damon started to sag with relief when he tensed up again, "So much for some rest." He thought as he heard ground-shaking footsteps. He dashed out of the house with his backpack and saw the Morsusbear swiping around at several villagers in an annoyed manner much like a child. It bent down and looked through a house window as if looking for something. Then shaking its head wildly, it sat on its haunches and began to howl with anger. Then, it proceeded to the next house.

Damon could tell that the Morsusbear meant no harm, and he had no idea what to do but he had to do something if he wanted to proceed to the next challenge. So he kneeled down, pulled down his backpack and began to rummage in it. His hand came out with three weird-looking objects. One was an orange sphere which looked edible. Damon guessed it was a fruit. The other was a device of some sort and the last was a pad of material. Damon touched its leaflets. Judging by its texture, Damon guessed that it was probably used for writing or drawing. He sighed; the items were of no use! Then, suddenly, inspiration flashed through his mind as he remembered that in Latin, Morsus meant paint. In other words, a Morsusbear was a bear of paint or art. Instantly, Damon leapt to his feet, drawing out the pad from his bag. Dashing towards the bear with his backpack swaying on his back, he threw the pad as high as he could in front of the immense creature to catch its attention. It worked.

The Morsusbear turned around, and as it caught sight of the pad, it caught it in its paw and inspected it. Feeling happy with its new souvenir, it lumbered off, never to disturb the villages again.

Damon smiled, "One down, two to go." After receiving the villagers' profuse thanks and waving farewell to them, he set off along the route the map pointed out towards the Great Eastern Forest.

And so he journeyed approximately fifty miles to the forest. And when he reached there, he broke off a sturdy branch from a tree on the edge of the forest and began his long and treacherous trek through the forest. On and on he walked in the darkening forest, not knowing what to expect and what to find. As the night grew darker, he finally reached the border of the forest where there was a gate and a thin bridge leading from the forest over a huge crevasse to the ice-peaked mountains ahead. As he was about to go over to the bridge in triumph, a majestic lion leapt from nowhere and landed softly on its paws in front of Damon. "You cannot pass until you pass your obstacle." Damon nodded, saying, "I know that sir, but I have already trekked through the forest." "And you expect your obstacle to be so easy?" the lion's piercing cold gaze seem to drill through him into his heart. Damon flushed. Apologizing solemnly, Damon trudged a few miles out and decided to set up camp there. And so Damon found himself fifteen minutes later, sitting under a massive oak tree, with a blanket draped over his legs, his bag at his side, with his stomach growling.

When he could no longer stand his stomach, Damon reached into his bag and pulled out the orange. Pulling off the peels and throwing them into his bag, he was about to start devouring the orange when a fairly large but skinny Noilrat crawled up to him and started to hop up and down beside him as if to proclaim, "I am hungry, please give me some." Damon hesitated briefly before pulling out half of the orange and put it in front of the Noilrat.

The Noilrat, as if apprehensive or shy, scampered over and nibbled on the orange for a split second or two before scampering away. Damon smiled gently at the Noilrat and pushed the orange towards it before biting at his own as if to show that the orange was safe to eat. Slowly, the Noilrat scampered back and nibbled at the orange then ripping off small pieces of it and finally when it was done, it curled up and fell asleep next to Damon. Smiling, Damon swallowed the rest of his orange and got ready to sleep.

The next morning, as Damon woke up, he was startled and horrified to see the majestic lion looking down upon him, golden light reflecting from his mane. "W-what do y-y-you want from m-me?" Damon asked, fear in his voice. The lion surprisingly smiled down upon him and told him gently, "I apologize for being so harsh yesterday, but after your act of kindness, you are allowed to pass to the next challenge." "H-how did you know?" Damon queried, curious. "I have my sources." The lion smiled, "Now, hurry, the peaks are treacherous and you have little time left. You must leave now." Nodding, Damon gathered his belongings and was soon on his way to the third and last obstacle.

Despite his confidence initially that he had a lot of time to scale the mountain and defeat whatever creature lay on top of it, Damon soon started to have his misgivings when he realised that he had only climbed the first ledge in two hours, the second and third ledge in three hours and the fourth ledge in one hour. He had already wasted six hours on four ledges when he had five more to go. Although he noted that his timings were getting less and less, he knew that this would not last when his strength was starting to wane.

Thankfully for him, Damon managed to make the most of his strength and was able to climb three ledges in four hours. With six hours left to midnight, two treacherous cliffs to climb and his body exhausted, Damon started to have misgivings about reaching the mountain in time.

After resting for about one hour, Damon began his mountain-climbing again. Though a little exhausted, he was able to make it up the first cliff in one hour. However, the second cliff was higher, more dangerous and his strength was severely lacking. But with no time to hesitate, Damon leapt on the second cliff and began climbing. At first faring quite well, Damon, overcome with exhaustion and lack of food, began to lose his balance. Slightly dizzy and nauseous, he misjudged the distance between a small ledge and another handhold and felt nothing but empty air as he grasped wildly towards the handhold. Time seemed to expand and contract as Damon plunged downwards towards certain death.

As Damon fell downwards, he felt sad thinking that he would not be able to save his village after all. Out of the blue, however, his bag caught on a thin and long icicle jutting out of the peaks. Stunned but pleased, Damon thanked his lucky stars and began to climb up until he reached a rather wide ridge where he could pause. Looking up, he estimated that he was halfway on his first cliff, thankfully not having fallen down to the bottom six ledges. With time running out, Damon began to climb again furiously up the peaks with only one thought in his mind: his parents. With this thought to motivate him, Damon climbed quickly up the fourth ledge and the fifth ledge. By the time he was three quarters up the second ledge, he knew he had only ten minutes left. Quickly scaling the rest of the cliff, he finally reached the summit of the mountain. There was nothing there except for a lone figure which was instantly recognizable as a Novohog. He glanced at the sky, it was midnight. The moon was out but it had not yet begun to shine its brightest, he might still have some time. Hurrying towards the Novohog, he asked, "Is there anything I can help you with?" The Novohog, clearly surprised by the presence of Damon and his direct question, replied slowly, "I would like a device to fiddle with. We Novohogs do like to check out new devices and invent new things from them." Before the Novohog had finished his statement however, Damon had already hurriedly pulled out his device, the last artifact and pushed it into the hands of the Novohog.

The Novohog did not just accept it however, it pulled Damon to sit down next to it as it began to fiddle with urgently. Damon, surprised, soon realised what was happening, it had to solve the use to the device before the dark forces could be defeated! Glancing at the night sky, the moon was already peering out of its cloud cover and was shining very brightly. There was an earth-splitting roar as numerous dark and sinister-looking shadows passed over the earth as it started to head towards his village.

Damon glanced at the Novohog. He was not done!

He glanced at the shadows. Oh dear, they were speeding up. Despite having a long journey ahead of them, Damon knew that with no obstacles to block them and their speed, they would surely reach within minutes.

He glanced back at the Novohog. He was positively looking muddled and was still not done!

Impatient and afraid, Damon ripped the device out of the Novohog's claws and began to rattle the beads up and down in a futile attempt to solve this insolent and irritating riddle.

However, his efforts were not that futile. Instantly, an idea struck the Novohog as it rattled the beads up and down, calculating some equations and whatnot. Although it seemed like an eternity, the Novohog finally looked up and smiled. Pulling out a dangerous looking contraption out of its pocket, it told Damon, "Your reckless action has saved your village." Handing the contraption to Damon, it told him, "I shall send you to the shadows, your other two friends will be fighting the shadows, use this device by pulling the trigger and your problems will be solved. " Then, leaving not time for Damon to react, the Novohog blew him over the mountain, across the forest and towards the shadows.

As he began to near the shadows, he could see the majestic lion and the Morsusbear battling fearsomely with their claws and fangs. Silently thanking them for their efforts, Damon pulled out the contraption and with a great effort, he pulled the trigger. Almost instantaneously, a sharp crack echoed everywhere as a huge gryphon flew out of the barrel of the contraption and flew towards the shadows, radiating brilliant light everywhere which even the Majestic Lion's could not compare with. As the forces of dark and light battled each other out, Damon found himself strangely falling asleep despite all his adrenaline…

"The poor boy… wandering out all by himself to save us all. God bless him, I say…"

"I can't believe he actually plucked up all the courage do that…"

"But why did he go? The prophecy only said about a nomad…"

Damon heard the familiar voices of his parents and his neighbors chatting as he started to wake up.

"He is starting to stir!" Someone exclaimed softly.

"Damon, Damon, dear, can you hear me?"

Damon moaned as he pulled himself up, he could feel his body aching in a hundred different places and his stomach growling for all it was worth. "What day is it? What happened? Did we win?" Damon asked urgently as soon as he was able to speak. Staring at him with a mixture of pride and ecstasy, his mother replied quietly, "It is the day after the twelfth night." His neighbor added in, "We won, dear boy. And it is all thanks to you!" He cried in glee as everyone smiled at him.

And as the town elders and his family crowded around him to hear his wondrous story of his escapade, the entire town rejoiced for Damon, Boy Wonder.

In the wake after his adventure, Damon was made an honorary Town Leader with the responsibility to lead all children and represent their welfare as children were now no longer underestimated as 'just kids'. In the years to come, Damon would go on many other adventures, though none as exciting as this. When he grew old and could no longer travel, he became a bard and sang songs about his adventures to local children. And thus, this is the legend of Damon, Boy Wonder and the Trio of Relics.