A/n: I have to put this in context, I think, to make you understand the poetry here. Its about a girl, who decides she wants to be a mother. She purposely breaks the "protection" with a needle, to get pregnant with an unsuspecting friend, and then never tell him or see him again.

Nooooot a true story! Well, Im sure somewhere it is, but not to me! So any friends/family reading this, its not about me!!!! lol

Breaking Point

I don't know what is wrong with me,

I pushed it past the breaking point.

I took the needle, and pushed it through,

Then I hid the hole from you.

When we were young, we laughed and talked,

I was satisfied by the warmth of your hug.

Now we're older, and we've both grow restless,

The conversations lag, we both know we want more.

You test our limits, but I have none,

When I feel your body so close to mine.

I know what you want, and I do too,

But what I want will push me away from you.

I knew this would happen, long before you,

That's when I pushed the needle through.

I broke the skin, and give it to you,

My secret to keep, you'd never see.

I use you, but you use me too,

You don't know of my intentions.

How sad to know that this is it,

That I will never let you see me again.

And as the months go by, and seasons change,

I will smile when I think of you.

You're with someone else, somewhere, and without a single care.

But I am with someone too, a little piece of me and you.