REPOST. The writing is substandard compared to my best, but there is boy smuts and if you like boy smuts, you will like it regardless.


I was sitting up in bed, clad still in my shirt and boxers, my legs stretched out in front of me as I looked at Adam, waiting to hear just why he couldn't sleep. He was standing in my doorway, the light from the hall silhouetting him slightly. Just sitting there, looking at him, my eyes locked with his, and I felt it. The feeling I'd tried to forget, but couldn't. The feeling I'd tried to feel for other people, but again, I couldn't. He took a few tentative steps into my room. A few more brought him to the foot of my bed, his eyes still locked with my own. I was surprised when he climbed onto my bed, crawling on his hands and knees towards me with a look in his eyes that surprised and excited me all at once, which in turn startled me.

This was Adam, the kid I'd known since he was twelve. He was just a boy, barely eighteen. But the look in his eyes told me otherwise. He was much more than just a boy now, so much more. He stopped just in front of me, sitting on his knees which were now wedged between my own knees. He never broke eye contact the entire time. I felt a strange sensation in my stomach, a swooping, falling sensation that left me breathless and made the blood pound in my ears. I had no idea what the hell was going on with me. I found myself staring. Staring at the face that no longer belonged to a boy, but to a young man. The stubble-lined jaw, which was much sharper since he'd lost the last of his baby fat. His Adam's apple protruding awkwardly from his throat, appropriately named in this case. I found myself staring at his thick, full lips. At his big, brown doe-eyes.

"Chris," he whispered, startling me out of my silent observations. "I want you." Just a whisper of words, words that made my heart stop and my ears strain as I tried to figure out if he'd really said them or not. I stared blankly, dumbly, into his eyes for a long moment as he stared back, waiting for my reply or reaction. "I need you. Now." Softer, still, his whisper of words hit me like a brick to the face—only without the pain. My thoughts stopped, my brain dead as I stared at him in disbelief. He sat there patiently, waiting.



Wait. . .

Finally, my brain started working again. And all I could think about was seeing Adam happy, making Adam happy, kissing Adam senseless. To give him the love I'd denied him all those years ago. And all I could do was reach out and grasp his hands and pull him to me and when his lips met mine, my heart finally started beating again. Pounding against my rib cage as I moved my lips against his, my arms wrapping around his back as he straddled my hips, his chest pressed against my own. My kisses were frantic, placed on his lips, cheeks, jaw, neck, searching, apologizing, wanting. His soft chuckling turned quickly to a moan as I covered his lips once more with my own, my tongue sliding out to lap at the soft skin of his lips, feeling the warmth of his mouth and tasting him as he parted his lips, giving my tongue almost instant access to his mouth.

He tasted like I'd always assumed he would taste. Slightly sweet and slightly salty. But it was the warmth of his mouth, the fevered heat of his tongue, the soft feel of his palate that I paid attention to. The curves and edges of his teeth, the sharp points playfully dragging across my tongue as he nipped and sucked. And then I was drawing his tongue into my mouth, inviting him to explore as I had. My hands twined in his shaggy hair, pulling him closer into our lazy, sensuous kiss. When we parted for air, I resumed attacking his neck, licking and nipping at the soft skin just beneath his jaw.

Adam tilted his head back, granting me further access as he moaned, hands grasping the back of my shirt as I ran my own hands down his back. Reaching the hem of his shirt, I gripped it, pulling it up, up, up. Adam realized what I was trying to do and pulled away from my kisses, holding up his arms so I could take his shirt off fully. Before I could resume assaulting his tender neck, Adam had found the hem of my own shirt and hastily pulled it over my head, his cool hands finding the heated skin of my chest.

I looked up at his face, watching his wide, hungry eyes taking in every inch of my tanned torso, and I couldn't help but smile as I let my own eyes trail down his pale chest. Barely pronounced pecs marked by light, pink-ish brown nipples, flat stomach showing just a spattering of a dark-haired treasure trail below his navel. The occasional mark or blemish and a slightly harsh-looking bruise on the right side of his rib cage were the only things marring his fair-colored skin. Before he could make a move, or even think, my hands were on his shoulders, shoving him back.

Not being able to catch his balance, he fell backwards, legs flailing out and I hurried to straddle them, placing my hands on his chest to steady him. Now laying on his back, his head and shoulders on my generous pile of pillows, I had him where I wanted him. He looked up at me, wide-eyed and confused, and I smiled warmly down at him before diving down to resume kissing him. His lips were so soft against my own, so soft and warm. Our tongues clashed for a few moments, his soft, almost wanton moans egging me on.

Finally, I pulled back, just far enough so that I could get a good look at his face. At his big doe-eyes. At his beautiful soul swimming within the chocolate depths. I admired the boyish curve his lips, the features and angles of his face–much rougher now than they had been in his youth. I ignored the small red blemishes randomly placed on his face, the acne he hated so much. I ignored the imperfections because in my eyes, in that moment, Adam was perfect. One last chaste kiss on his lips and I moved back down to his neck, kissing and nipping and occasionally sucking on tender points.

Down lower, my exploring tongue finding the crease between his pecs. I veered to the right, finding his nipple and playfully licking and sucking on it and taking in the delicious sound of his muffled moans and hisses. Moving over to his other nipple, Adam's hushed voice found my ears.

"Chris," I looked up at him, mid-lick on his sensitive flesh. "Tell me this is real."

"I'll let you decide that for yourself." I said, giving my best mischievous grin before clamping down on his nipple, sucking harshly before rolling it playfully between my teeth. He hissed, which was quickly followed by a low moan of, "Fuuuuuuuuuck."

I gave one last kiss to each nipple, and I moved, down, my self-control wearing thin. I wanted him. I needed him. And that want and need was pressing almost painfully against the front of my boxers. But I paced myself, moving down slowly with butterfly kisses to his flat tummy, gently scraping my fingernails down his chest and stomach and causing him to shiver. Finally, I reached the hem of his acid-washed jeans, finding the button with my hands as I looked up at his face. His eyes were wide, almost disbelieving as I unbuttoned his pants, reaching slightly lower for the zipper and pulling it down. I moved down further, sliding his pants down his hips, which he raised off the bed. I made quick work of it, sliding off his briefs moments later and leaving him naked and vulnerable-looking sprawled out on my bed. I moved back up, positioning myself on hands and knees between his legs.

His eyes were on my face as I took in the sight. His skin was fair yet not pale. The sparse trail of hair leading down from his navel met with a generous bush of curly black pubic hair, below which I found my prize: half-erect and uncut, the tip of the head barely peering out from the foreskin. Glancing one last time up at his face, meeting his doe-eyes and giving him a reassuring smile, I reached out and grasped him in my right hand, feeling the heated flesh harden further in my grip as his eyes widened slightly. The rising and falling of his chest sped up a fraction as I began to alternately grip and release his erection, massaging him to full hardness as a repressed moan escaped his parted lips.

"Don't be shy, Adam. I want to hear you." I said softly, forgetting completely the non-soundproof walls of my apartment, or at least disregarding them for the time being. I returned my concentration to my work, looking down at the now fully hard erection in my hand. Sliding my hand down the shaft, pulling the foreskin completely back to reveal the head, I leaned down, glancing up at Adam's face once more. His next moan was neither repressed nor muffled as my tongue came out to lathe the head of his cock completely, the soft, hot skin tasting slightly salty, musky. Sliding my tongue down his shaft, then back up again, I basked in the beauty of his moans, the soft hisses, the whispers of my name as I licked and lapped. Holding the base of his erection, I kissed the head before sliding my tongue harshly down the slit, and I couldn't help but smile as Adam's hips thrust up slightly.

I took that as my signal, taking the head of his cock completely into my mouth and sucking softly before taking a few inches of his shaft in, too. With my lips blocking my teeth, my tongue working the underside of his shaft, the head of his cock pressed against the roof of my mouth, and my left hand pressing against his hip to keep him from choking me, I worked out a rhythm. Sucking, licking, moaning softly as I felt him throb slightly in my mouth. Taking in a few more inches, I started bobbing my head, taking in more and more of his shaft until the head was pressing against the back of my throat and my nose was buried in his pubes before backing off until just the head was in my mouth and then back down again. A few moments of this routine, and Adam was panting, fists clenching my comforter as he hissed and moaned and tried to thrust up into my mouth in time with my movements.

I stopped abruptly, pulling all the way back and blowing cold air on the head of his cock just to listen to him hiss. Nudging his legs further apart, I kept my right hand on the base of his erection, stroking it as my tongue found his slightly hairy sack. Licking and sucking on the thin skin, sucking first one, then the other sensitive globe into my mouth, weighing them with my tongue and coating them with saliva as I continued to stroke him and listen to his moans and groans of approval.

Moving back up, I made quick work of him. I braced my left hand just to the left of his erection, fingers splayed on his right hip, letting my thumb slide down to the tight skin just below his balls. Stroking the shaft quickly with my right hand, I pressed firmly with my left thumb, massaging in slow circles until I found the exact spot, the spot that made his hips jerk violently, his breath catch, and a delicious moan spill over his lips. Continuing to stroke him, I licked and sucked harshly on the head until Adam's body was trembling and he was calling out with each stroke. Finally, I felt his body tensing and straining, heard his desperate pleas as my thumb rubbed that spot that made him tense and purr.

"C-C-Chris, I–oooooooooooohhhhh–I'm gonna *ungh*. I don't–oh gaaaaaaaaaaaawd." I tightened my grip around him with each stroke, taking more than just the head in as his hips jerked harshly. My left thumb kept up the pace, rubbing harshly, pressing harder into his prostate. I looked up at his face, his head thrown back against the pillows, mouth agape as he panted and whimpered, hissed and moaned. For the first time, I felt his hands on my head, felt his body tense and strain, hips rising off the bed as I took more and more of him into my mouth, sucking lightly and licking the underside of him with my tongue.

I felt him throbbing and pulsing in my mouth as he called out my name. I kept sucking, pulling back only slightly and feeling the head of his cock flaring as he came. With a strangled sob from Adam, three powerful spurts hit the back of my throat, followed by four or five more that merely gushed out onto my tongue. I swallowed the salty fluid, enjoying the slightly bitter taste, the smooth texture, and I memorized it. It was purely Adam.

Having squeezed the last few drops of pleasure and fluid from him, I looked up and watched as his chest rose and fell rapidly, his stomach tensing with each breath. His head was leaned back and eyes closed, mouth open as he panted and tried to catch his breath. His hair was mussed, long strands sticking to his forehead and splayed out against the pillow. A light sheen of sweat covered his chest, making his now slightly pink-tinted skin glow in the dim light of my room. I watched him for a long moment, not forgetting the aching need of my own groin. A long moment had passed, Adam's breath had evened out, and I knew he was sleeping, a small smile on his lips.

Softly, quietly, I rose, walking over and opening the door to the bathroom. Once inside, I turned on the light and quickly freed myself from my boxers. My erection had gone down only slightly, but even so it only took me ten or twelve good strokes before I came forcefully into a wad of toilet paper, grunting with my release as I played what happened earlier over in my head. It was far from what I wanted, what I needed, but I was willing to wait. I had him now, out there in my bed sleeping. I could certainly wait until morning before ravishing his body again.

And it wasn't until morning, when my alarm went off, that I remembered I had to work. And an hour to ravish Adam's body, take a shower, get dressed and ready just didn't seem like enough time. Certainly not enough time for what I had in mind. So, pushing the snooze, I decided I'd go to work – my weekly morning job as a waiter in a small diner down the street – and wait until that night to show Adam just how much I liked him.

Slipping into a quick doze in waiting for my alarm to go off again, I felt Adam snuggle closer, his left arm thrown over my torso as he spooned me. Both of us lying on our right sides, it felt so, so good to have someone so close, to feel his naked skin all down my body, the warmth. And it wasn't until my alarm went off again five minutes later and I moved to turn it off that I realized that something very hot and growing extremely hard was nestled between my cheeks. Those cheeks. I froze, of course, holding my breath, afraid to move. Not every morning you wake up with someone else pressed so. . .conveniently. . . against you.

"Adam?" I asked in a whisper, and he continued to breathe deeply, undisturbed. But I could still feel him, and it wasn't doing my body any good feeling him—that—there. In fact, I think it may have made me crazy. Crazy with lust and want and need, because before I could process another thought, my hand was reaching for my night stand, into the bottom drawer. I felt around for what I was looking for, my hand coming back out victoriously holding a tin-wrapped condom and a bottle of (heavy-duty) lube. Another moment later, I had Adam rolled onto his back, his erection lying across his lower abdomen as I waited to make sure he was still sleeping before unwrapping the condom and sliding it slowly down his shaft. Leaving a generous dollop of lube on the tip of his condom-covered erection.

Before discarding the bottle of lube, I squirted a small amount onto my fingers. Setting the empty wrapper and bottle on my night stand, I reached down to prepare myself. The lube was cold, I don't know how Adam was still sleeping through the whole ordeal, and I squirmed slightly as my fingers spread it generously around my opening. I was so hard already, just thinking about what was to come. Not even three minutes after the idea inadvertently popped into my head, and I was ready to act it out. Softly and quietly, I gently straddled Adam's waist, careful not to wake him up. . .yet. My knee on his left side, my left foot on his right side, I reached down to grasp him, taking the moment to spread the warmed lube all around the latex. Adam sighed softly, and I smiled slightly as I deftly positioned him, finding my entrance with the tip of his erection, guiding it to where I could impale myself easily. It had been a while. . .probably eight months. . . .since I'd been with another guy, but I wasn't worried about the pain or discomfort. I was too focused at the moment to worry.

I let myself sink down slowly, feeling the head slide in, past the tight rings of muscle, I relaxed as much as possible until I had taken him fully. He roused slightly, moaning as I felt his hips jerk beneath me. I waited barely a moment before rising up again until just his head was inside of me before slamming back down forcibly, purposely tightening my muscles around him. He woke almost instantly, eyes snapping open, a breathy gasp leaving his mouth, a startled look at what was going on in front of (and to) him. I smiled coyly, letting my hands slide up his chest as I braced myself.

Sliding back up, feeling the width of him as he slid out, feeling the sweet friction. He whimpered as I went torturously slow before forcibly slamming back down, causing him to call out, his hands on my hips as he tried to thrust up against me. A few more torturous moments, rising slowly, slowly, slowly before slamming back down, and Adam was whimpering and moaning almost pathetically. Yet it sounded so sweet to my ears, so delicious as his fingernails dug into my skin, as I felt him throb inside of me.

"Wanna roll over?" I asked breathlessly, my heart pounding harshly in my chest. He looked dazed, but he nodded his head eagerly enough. Without breaking contact –and all thanks to my king-sized bed– I rolled over, bringing him along until he was on top of me. I somehow managed to position a pillow beneath my hips before I gave him the go-ahead–a quick nod–to start. And start he did. Bracing his hands on either side of my torso, my legs spread wide, he began to thrust. Tentatively at first, grunting with the effort and closing his eyes at the sensation. He slowly built a rhythm, and I tried to inconspicuously shift my hips, trying to get him to hit that spot deep inside of me. And the first time he did, I jerked so violently that he stopped.

"Are you ok?" He asked in a worried whisper, gasping heavily, and I was still trying to catch up with everything after the jolt of pleasure had momentarily stunned me.

"God, yes, just do that again." I said breathlessly, and indeed he did roll his hips, just like before, hitting that spot more harshly this time. "Fuuuuuck, Adam, right there." I said, spreading my legs wider and feeling my orgasm start to burn in the pit of my stomach. Adam hurried to thrust again, not quite hitting the right spot, but it still felt heavenly. On the next try, he hit my prostate dead-on, my back arching involuntarily, a strangled moan escaping my lips at the almost painful shock of pleasure that coursed through me. I looked up at his face, at the sweat sliding down, matting his hair. His eyes met mine as he thrust in yet again, watching me as I writhed in pleasure, my eyes nearly rolling back into my head.

With new-found fervor, he thrust into me, building speed and hitting my prostate nearly every time, sending burning jolts of pleasure throughout my groin and recoiling throughout my body. We were both panting, both so close by this point, moaning and groaning and grunting. "Fuck me, Adam," I moaned. "Oh GOD, fuck me harder!" And that he did. His thrusts were almost painful, his hips slamming into mine and jarring my entire body, but I didn't care. Ecstacy was flowing through my veins. He was making these keening noises, I looked up to see tears in his eyes as he thrust frantically into me. I was too lost in the pleasure to be worried about these tears, far too close to orgasm to have any real thought.

Finally, I knew Adam was seconds away from bursting point, and I deftly reached down to grab my own erection, stroking it in time with his harsh, quick thrusts and feeling both of our bodies tensing, quivering, so close, so close, teetering on the edge of the orgasmal abyss. A brilliant burst of bright light and pleasure and all I could hear were moans, all I could feel was my orgasm, the intense pleasure radiating from my groin and my rear, the burning, searing pleasure cauterizing my veins, blowing the breakers on every nerve ending in my body, all I could see was Adam's face, his own eyes rolling back as his hips jerked sharply, his body spasming as he came inside of me. I felt my own seed spill out onto my stomach and chest before I lost all train of thought. I was just there and there was just pleasure and Adam, his sweet cries and moans and hisses and panting filling my ears as he collapsed on top of me.

A long, long moment later, our breath had almost evened out. He was still lying on top of me, our chests sliding together and slick with sweat and fluids and I felt so dirty. I glanced at the clock, groaning when it told me I only had twenty-five minutes to get ready for work. I felt Adam shift on top of me, looked down to see him looking lazily up at me.

"I need to get ready for work." I said, stifling a yawn. "Shower with me?" I asked, and he grinned sleepily, nodding. It took a moment for us to get up, both careful of our over-sensitive–and now almost fully diminished–erections. Adam slid the condom off himself, looking at me questioningly before I pointed to the wastebin by my desk. He followed me into the bathroom, waiting alongside me as we waited for the water to warm, and I realized that I hadn't even given him a kiss yet. And good-morning kisses are always the best. I pulled him to me, ignoring the stickiness of our stomachs as I kissed him softly, leaning down as he tilted his face up, our lips meeting softly, sweetly.

"That," he said when we parted for breath. "Was the single most amazing thing I've ever experienced in my life." He was glowing, smiling lazily up at me.

"Was that what the tears were for?" I asked, smiling softly at the pink that tinted his cheeks as he nodded. I pulled him closer to me, smiling warmly, mentally preparing for what I was going to say next, something I'd waited three years to say and had finally gathered the balls to say. "I love you, Adam."

The shock on his face made my heart jerk painfully. I'd let him go three years thinking that I'd felt no more for him than if he were my brother. And it had hurt, not letting him know, not telling him how I felt about him, how much I loved him. I pulled him close, wrapping my arms around him and burying my face in his hair, breathing in his scent and letting my body rejoice in feeling him so close, letting my heart pound a furious beat against my chest as I waited for him to say something, anything.

"Love you too." was his muffled response, his face pressed against my chest. I felt his warm breath ghost across my skin, felt my heart skip a beat, felt the smile nearly break my face in two. Maybe I would call into work sick. Maybe I should. All I could think about at that moment was wrapped tightly in my arms, his heart beating perfectly in sync with my own.