Waste of Breath 4/5

Long and Forgotten

Uninteresting and dull

My time was there and gone

And now I'm all but dust

Did I do something wrong

Or am I just a waste of breath

I used to have meaning

Now I feel as if I'm nothing.

Long and forgotten

Old and Dull

My time was here and gone

And now I'm useless

I'm sorry I don't live close

Or understand you workings

I'm sorry I'm not there

Whenever there around

You used to be my world

Everything was so bright

Anytime you cried

You turned out all the lights

I wanted to give you

Everything I had

But what do you give a girl

Who has everything

I've wasted my breath

Telling everything true

Your beautiful and smart

Yeah he thinks so too

He came and told you truths

The same truths I've told forever

His words meant more than mine

…and now I'm all but dust