Chapter twenty-three

I had a nightmare that night. More like an odd dream. Kaya came to me and didn't talk. She just

was staring at my neck and then lunged at me, and I didn't awaken when she was sucking my blood. I

screamed at first but then it felt pleasurable.. I relaxed in her arms and she forced me to drink from her

and I couldn't stop until she pulled away.

I was in the kitchen, thinking about it, and Tonya was staring at me. "Girl?! Hey, snap out of it."

She said, waving her hand in front of my face. I jumped up. "Sorry!" I said, blinking up at her. She

chuckled, "No worries." She said. Josh was looking at me with a worried look. "I'm fine, Josh." I assured

him with a smile. We were eating ramen noodles with water. I stuffed more ramen in my mouth, not

caring that my friends were staring. I needed to get the picture of sucking Josh's blood out of my mind.

That's just disgusting and vile.

We finished eating and shuffled downstairs to set up the xbox and play halo and black ops and

rockband. Tonya always beat us in every game, she was really talented. The only thing I'm better at is

singing, which I feel kind of mean for saying, but it's true. Again I guess I looked nervous because then

Josh sat next to me and put his arm around me, kissing me all over my neck and face. "Are you okay,

babe? I can see it in your eyes. Did you have a nightmare last night?" Man he can really read me like a

book! "Nah, really, I'm just dazing off…" I lied, trying not to stare at his neck. Tonya was staring at me as

well, same with Dana… like they are suffering the same problem. I felt his every heart beat, his pulse,

the blood rushing through his veins. He manifested water, and I manifested ice. Kaya, why are you doing

this to me? "I had a weird dream last night too.." Dana muttered. I sat up, breaking away from Josh's

hold, now interested. "Really? What was it about?"

"Kaya…" She said, looking around like she was envisioning it. My eyes widened. "What did she

do?!" I asked in a hurry, sitting criss-crossed. Dana readjusted herself uncomfortably.

"She…uh…she…well.." "—Sucked your blood?" Tonya finished for her. I stared at her. Did we all have the

same dream last night? Josh's eyes widened. "Josh?" I stared at him. "Did.. you all have the same dream

last night?" He asked. "I guess so…" I said. "Weird.." Josh muttered. Kaya? Why didn't you turn him into

a vampire as well? Why are you doing this? They can go berserk and hurt him! Josh reached over and

brushed my long brown hair over my ear. I immediately put it back, I hate it when people do that.

"Sorry," I said, glancing over at him. He chuckled. "It's quite alright, sweetheart.." he said seductively.

Tonya and Dana shared glances. I felt my face get hot. I'm not thirteen anymore, I'm no longer

immature. "Excuse me…" I muttered and got up and ran to the downstairs bathroom. I looked at myself

through the mirror. All of the sudden my eyes flashed a red color then faded back to green. I screamed

and saw my fangs and screamed even louder. Everyone rushed through the door. "What's wrong?!!"

They all shouted. "Nothing.. I saw a spider and killed it and it exploded." I lied again. "Oh, gross!" Dana

exclaimed. I nodded and rubbed my eyes. "I gotta go to the bathroom, can I have some privacy please?"

I said, in a kind of sharp tone. They all looked at each other and I scooted them out and shut the door. I

looked at myself in the mirror again. My eyes did that thing again and my hands immediately ran to my

mouth to keep from screaming. My body was paler then usual and I looked like I was some other

person, a stranger, a scary, blood-sucking freak. I needed blood. Maybe the eye thing is like a warning

saying. "HEY IDIOT! GIVE ME BLOOD!" or something. No not pouring blood in my eye, you know what I

mean! I went to the bathroom and washed my hands and shuffled to the living room.

I screamed. "Dana! Get off of him!" I screamed. I ran over to Dana and grabbed her and threw

her off of him, she went flying into the T.V. She grimaced in pain and looked at me, her eyes were blood

red, and the whites were yellow. Blood oozed out of her and from her mouth. I screamed and ran over

to her, and Tonya went to clean Josh's wounds, keeping herself from jumping on him too. "I.. I am SO

sorry!" I said shakily. She looked so angry and scary it made me want to cry. I moved her blonde hair

away from her face and helped her up. The T.V. had blood all over it and glass was shattered

everywhere. Thank the Goddess that my mom wasn't home. I ran to the bathroom and handed her a

towel. She tried to smile but I told her not too, I led her to the couch and she wrapped herself up and I

didn't know what to do.

Offer him your Blood, Crystal.

The words gave me a chill, but I had to. I look at Josh, his eyes are closing, and he looks weak. His lips are

purple. "Josh." I say and run over to him. I took my nail and ran it across my wrist, and it already started

leaking. "Josh. Drink." "Cr—No… I won't.." "You have to! Do it!" And I pushed my wrist to his lips, he

moaned and licked the scarlet line then started sucking. It felt like energy was draining out of me. "J—

Enough!" I pulled my wrist away and he started thrashing around like a crazy maniac. I know what was

happening. And I couldn't bear to watch.