Heaven coats my lungs, as I am wrapped inside of your warm embrace. You remind me that life is truly worth the fight. Lying across the rooftop head resting on your chest, it makes me feel loved, like never before. You've never said it, but I like to believe you do. Do you? I'm such a fool for imagining the future, but no matter how I twist it, you're always there beside me. Best friends, lovers. When I run away you always run a step faster, to turn and let me trip and fall into your awaiting arms. How do you know so easily what I need, when I have no idea what you could even possibly think? You baffle me, but in your arms, I don't feel so lost.

So, my friend, don't forget how you've polluted my mind, with your every word. You've pleasured my taste buds with every kiss, and you've electrified my skin with each touch. I don't think you are entirely aware of this venomous effect you have on me. Selfishly, I can only hope that you feel the same. I want to kiss you, every day, every second, never letting go. But I'm frightened by your presence, or is it merely the thought that I will be rejected. Glancing into your icy blue eyes, I no longer wonder of rejection, because I am safe. Protected by your loving gaze. I used to dream that I was invincible, until I met you, now I know I'm simply broken, and fooled by my delusional thoughts. You are my kryptonite.

Now, while life is still worth the fight, now, before you climb off the roof of my home and venture back to your own, I will grab life by the horns. I will hold on, and never let go, of you. You, my very life essence. My purifier, my bright light. Wait for me, at the end of that tunnel ahead, I promise I'll run to you, ignoring their words. I won't think twice, won't worry about any possible dangers while I'm trapped in the dark. You will heal all wounds, better than time ever could.

I'm afraid I ramble too much, that I'm not worth the annoyance. But you're still here, like every yesterday, to kiss me, to hold me. To mutter unmentionable things in my hair, to speak so highly of me. I shake my head, not out of disbelief, or maybe it is, but because you are so much godlier than I could ever be. If it were possible I'd write you a million words, all of them adjectives, all about your astonishing soul.

I wonder if society got it wrong, because in your arms I can only feel right. You fit so nicely in my arms, and I in yours. Now the only thing that plagues me is that I am too short to kiss you. Too weak to hold you still, too timid to stand up for you. You, however, tell me that it doesn't matter. That nothing but who I am now matters. It doesn't matter who I could be, who I should be, because you are in love with who I am. I doubt your pretty words, without reason, I always doubt. Perhaps I'm afraid of heartbreak; on the other hand, you would be more like a heart destroyed.

When the sun goes down, I can't help but want to cry. Selfish motives perhaps, to try and get you to hold me longer. I'm truly miserable without you, but you'll never know. I won't tell, and you won't understand. As you stand and stretch, I pout, causing you to smile. You pull me close; I'm inhaling your smell one more time, hoping it will hold me through the night, until I am with you once more. When you glance down me, sorrow dances through your eyes, you hate goodbyes, as much as I. I stare, waiting, impatiently for you to kiss me. I'm quickly out of patience, and I grip your shoulders dragging you down to my level. My arms wrap so easily around your neck, your hands resting on my sides, and we kiss. A bitter-sweetness, neither wanting it to end, both knowing it has to.

You pull away, positive that I never would, and stare into me. You're eyes comfort me, soothing me with the promise of tomorrow. You brush my hair back out of my face, and kiss my cheek. Don't go, I want to say every time, but I know you'll only laugh, and leave. As I watch you retreat, I can feel the lump growing in my throat. Does it hurt you as much as it does me? You turn a corner, invisible to me, and it's finally safe to cry.