I can pretend to be happy around you for lifetimes.
you would never believe I'm completely strangled
up in my limbs and left haunches. I don't want
to be around you when you are like this. when
you have no plans of being anything, bona fide.
I refuse to be captured, by your dry words and
empty love. you reject my bluntness. my obvious
lack of sophisticated. I am happy to be yours,
but you are killing me. you are taking life from
your best and brightest subject. you are wrapping
me too tight in the fine linens, and I cannot keep
cutting holes. but if it's you? if it's for you; then
I will shatter. and be your best and brightest
wall. no one will know inside I am, completely
torn apart. my love for you is dazzling, and it
can easily overcome your darkness. so long as
you don't abuse it, it will stay. I will stay.
and I will be yours, in this way. I will be yours.