"So... your place or mine," I heard a voice say behind me. I stopped walking. I turned and groaned when I saw the owner of the voice standing in front of me.

Hayden Geoffrey.

"Let's see… you go to yours and I'll go to mine." I turned around and continued to walk down the street. I heard footsteps following me. Why was I unfortunate enough to live a street away from this jerk? Thank god he didn't live on my street. I would actually commit suicide. Yep, I hate him that much.

"Come on, why are you so antisocial?" I felt his fingers snake their way through my hair. I slapped his hand away.

"I'm not antisocial, I just don't like you," I stated. It really sucked that he had longer legs than me beacuse I couldn't escape him without looking like an idiot by running.

"That's impossible, everybody loves me." I rolled my eyes at the true comment. He was so annoyingly cocky. I just wanted to punch his face sometimes. Sorry, did I say 'sometimes,' I meant all the time. "Let's just say I know how to please a woman," he flicked his black hair back. This guy was beyond disgusting.

"If that's so then can you please leave me alone," I pleaded, knowing it wouldn't work.

"What fun would that be?" I turned around to insult him more but he was already walking down the street in the other direction.

"Where are you going, your house is this way," I said, pointing to the other direction. He turned around with his hands in his pockets. A huge grin formed on his face.

"So you do wanna go to my place, why didn't you say so baby?"

I snorted.

"I don't think two people could fit under a rock." I muttered.

"Your loss," he said, shrugging his shoulders. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a hot date to get to. Unless… you wanna a threesome," he said suggestively.

"You're fucking disgusting." I turned and heard Hayden's laugh fade away as I walked home.

Trust Hayden to flirt with another girl right before a date with someone else. Then again, Hayden only flirts with me to annoy me. We have never gotten along, ever since I called him a 'self- obsessed, conceited prick.' What? He was the one who started flirting with my best friend the day after I saw him making out with five different girls. Okay, so it was two but still, you get my point. He was right about one thing though; every girl in school in school loved him. Even my best friend, or should I say ex best friend fell for him. I hate to admit it but he was annoyingly good looking. With his disheveled black hair and his electric blue eyes, who wouldn't fall for him?

Oh yeah, me.

Hayden wasn't even the typical jock who played football and listened to rap music. He was the lead guitarist in a band and looked good in skinnies. If he wasn't such a conceited ass, who had nothing better to do than break as many girl's hearts as he could, I wouldn't mind him. Hell, I would probably be his friend. I sighed at what a waste Hayden was.

"Mom, I'm home," I shouted as I opened my front door. I dropped my bag on the ground and called again. I sighed when I spotted three empty beer bottles lying on the ground. "Not again." I picked up the bottles and walked into the living room.

There sprawled across the sofa, pissed drunk, was my joke of a mother.

"You said you were gonna stop," I muttered. Who was I kidding; I knew this was going to happen. This wasn't the first time she said she's stop and then started again.

"I-I tried, b-but then I s-saw a picture of him," she slurred. By 'him' I knew she meant my dad. I couldn't even begin to tell you how messed up my family was. My dad abandoned us a couple of years ago. No sorry, I got that wrong, he stole everything thing we had then ran away, leaving us with nothing. Which consequently turned my mom into an alcoholic.

I sighed at the familiar sight of her. Her blonde hair had vomit on the ends of it. Her usually bright green eyes, looked tiered and were only half open. She was still in her pjamas from yesterday. She had a bottle in her hand and she continued to gulp it down.

"Mom, I don't think that's a good idea." She ignored me and continued to drink. I walked over to her and yanked the bottle away from her hand. "Give that back," she attempted to yell but it just came out slurred beg. I ignored her and walked away with the bottles. "W-where are you going with my beer." I ignored her and emptied it out in to the sink. "Y-you bitch." I wasn't hurt by her words because I knew it was the alcohol talking. Unfortunately she was drunk nearly all the time so I never really got to see my real mom. I walked over to her and took hold of her arm. She struggled to get out of my hold but I kept hold of her.

"Come on mom, it's time to take a shower," I instructed camly. She continued to struggle to get out of my hold.

"But I donwanna take a shower."

"I'm sorry mother, but it's not an option." I felt like I was playing the wrong role. It felt like I was the mother and she was the child. I wanted to laugh at how twisted my life had become after one event. I was just thankful that I wasn't completely alone.

When I finally got her into the shower, I noticed something was missing.

"Abby!" I yelled.

No answer.

She was supposed to be here an hour ago. I looked around the house but I found no sign of my five year old sister. I ran into the bathroom.

"Mom, where the hell is Abby?" I asked in a panic.

"I dunno," she mumbled, not really bothered that her own daughter was missing. "The water's too cold." I ignored her complaints and took out my phone.

"I'll call Anna." Anna was our sort of nanny who dropped and picked up Abby from school because my mom was too drunk to take care of Abby herself and I couldn't be there all the time. I started to punch her number into my phone.

"I fired her."

I stopped dialling and looked up at my mom.

"What!" I snapped. "Why the hell would you do that?"

"B-because…" she trailed off. She didn't even remember.

"You know what, I don't even care. I've got to go and find your daughter," I snapped at her and slammed the door as I left. I grabbed my skateboard and ran out the door. I skated as fast as I could to her school. Once I got there I frantically looked around for a little blonde girl. There was no sign of her. I cursed loudly and some poor kid walking past got frightened and ran.

I skated down the road and sighed when I spotted a little girl sitting on a bench with a guy.


I skated towards her and she looked up and came running towards me. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly.

"Hi Sammy," she said happily.

"Abby, I'm so glad you're okay," I said in relief. I kissed her on the cheek several times. She giggled which made me smile.

"I'm fine Sammy, Hayden took care of me." My smile dropped.

"Huh?" I said confused.

"Just couldn't get enough of me could you?" You have got to be kidding me. Why oh why did this jerk have to pop up in my life all the time. He winked at me and I death glared at him. When was I gonna learn that glaring only made him more amused. Abby, happily ran over to Hayden.

"Hayden kept me company until you came," she exclaimed.

"Yep, I found her sitting on the bench waiting so I thought I'd keep an eye on her," he said, patting her little head. Sure, he was probabaly some child molesting pervert. "Seriously Abby, why didn't you tell me how hot your sister was?" I attempted the glare once again. "Those legs are heaven." Why did I choose to wear shorts today? It took every ounce of energy in me to not kick him in the groin. What example would that be for my sister? I really had to get away form him before he pissed me off even further.

"Well… thank you for looking after Abby." You don't know how hard it was to spit out the words 'thank you.'

"My pleasure," he smirked at me. I took hold of Abby's hand and gave Hayden a fake smile.

"Well we should get going then, bye Hayden," I quickly said. I picked up my skateboard and pulled Abby in the direction home. A second later I saw Hayden walking beside Abby. So he was a pervert and a stalker.

"Why are you following us?" I demanded. He laughed and took his own sweet time to answer.

"I think you've forgotten that I live a road away from you."

"Oh." I am so stupid sometimes.

"Hayden can you hold my hand?" Abby suddenly asked. Hayden nodded and took hold of her hand. Great now my sister is drifting to the dark side.

"Dark side huh," Hayden said, amused. Brilliant, now i'm talking to myself. I opened my mouth to say something sarcastic but Abby beat me to it.

"You've got black hair so you're on the dark side," Abby stated. What the hell was she going on about?

"So that means Sam's the bright side, because she's Miss Blondie." Did he just call me Blondie?

"Right…" I said. Hayden looked up and me and smiled. What's with the smiling all the time, it was really starting to bug me.

"I'm on the bright side too," Abby said. Hayden then put on a sad pout.

"But then I'll get lonely," he said sadly. I couldn't help but laugh, when I looked back I saw him watching me, so I quickly stopped.

"Sam's wearing black boots so she can go to the dark side so you won't be lonely," Abby said. I looked down at my black combat boots and laughed when I saw Hayden's face brighten up like a five year old getting a new toy.

"Anyways... moving on," I said.

"You skateboard then?" Hayden randomly said. Before I could answer Abby butted in. Again.

"Sammy's amazing on the skateboard; she started when she was my age. Now she's teaching me." He gave me an impressed look and I looked away.

"Do you skateboard Hayden?" Abby asked.

"Yep." Great, not another thing we have in common.

"If you skate, how come I've never seen you at the skate park?" I asked suspiciously. I bet he doesn't even skate.

"Simple, I have one in my back garden," he replied. Damn you, 'dude who has his own skate park.'

"You must have some huge garden," I muttered. I was actually jealous of this low life.

"You should come with us to the skate park next time," Abby said excitedly. My eyes widened in horror. There was no way in hell that this guy was going to invade the one place that calmed me from my messed up life.

"Why bother when he's got one in his back garden," I told her. Her huge grin dropped.

"Nah, it's cool, I'd love to come Abby." Excuse me while I float off into the air and die. "Unless... Sam doesn't want me there." Yeah, you got that right mister. I was about to answer with a big no but the I looked down at Abby's face. Why did Abby have to be cute.

"Nope, it's perfectly fine with me," I lied. I'm sure Hayden knew I was lying but knew that I would have to say yes because of Abby. Either way his face still lit up when I said this.

After a fifteen minute walk with Abby yapping on about a million different things, we finally parted our different ways.

"Hayden's so cool," Abby said, as we walked down our road.

"Yep, so very cool," I muttered as we entered our house.