Fear Journal

The Growth


Day 1

The man woke up in his apartment, still quiet and so plain. Everything was the same to him, such as the furniture, the silence, the colors, and the atmosphere.

He glanced up from his sitting position on the bed and saw a black spot on the corner of the ceiling. He got up and reached the spot with a chair, scratching it with a nail. It was just a spot, maybe a leak from upstairs.

He decided he'd worry about it later and went to his boring job, which took up all of his boring life, just to come back to his boring apartment with that spot.

Day 2

He wakes again in one of his weird sleeping angles to see the spot. It seemed vaguely larger now.

He scratched at it again with no effect and went to tell the apartment manager of the spot. The manager said there was no room above his, just a simple closet, even without a sink.

The door closed behind the manager and the man eyed the spot, then went about his day.

Day 3

He awoke once again to find the spot had grown, now with a small black bump on it. Now the man asked the manager again to look into it, to which the manager had decided to give him another room.

He went through his day before returning to a new room without a spot. He had heard it would be three days before they could look at it.

Day 6

Awaking again, the man went next door to see how it was going and found the door open.

The room was dark. He grabbed a flashlight from his new room to check it out and found the ceiling and walls of the old room covered in silken nets. All the appliances and windows were also webbed as the beam of light found its way to the corner where the spot lay, now a growth larger than his head.

Maybe it was a light trick, but it seemed to jiggle when shown by the flashlight and.......uncurl? As he approched slowly, it jumped at him with all eight arms open and landed on his face.


Comment: Is this something you find freaky? I'm making more.