So, here we are again

Another spring to wonder

"What makes you so stupid?"

Why you're hardwired for self-destruction.

I'm silent,

I'm pointless,

And I'm sick of this.

Sick of watching you load up the bullets

Without the intention.

Sick of watching you waste everything,


For a worthless little


I understand masochism

But this

Is just too goddamned much.

You've dragged self mutilation

To an all time high,

To the deepest low,

Further than I can go anymore.

And I'm sorry to say

I'm giving up.

I'll save the kill blow for you,

Let you be the one to break your word

Because I never do.

Never will.


I can't.

I say love when I mean it,

You say love like your bad romance books

The ones you wish you were living.

You always had to be the 'bad boy'.

You always had to put yourself last.

You could've just put us somewhere,

You know.


Families do that.

You know,

Care about eachother?

Take care of eachother?

EXIST for eachother?

So, here we are again

At the beginning of another end,

Readying myself to let go of you

Completely this time.

Because, try as I might

I realize

I'm admitting

She's already won.

When you'd leave us for her,

After all she did to you...

You wouldn't leave her for me,

When I gave everything to you...

I only hope that this time,

You've got the balls to say it.

Because I sure as hell know I can't.