Made: Thursday, April 8, 2010

Time: 10:22p.m

Standing on the edge

Ground so far below

Thoughts clouding reasons

Nobody even knows.

You could do it now

Just one step away

It doesn't matter now

What they even say.

It's too late to forgive

They all know that

This is your final choice

With help of the words they spat.

It's okay to be scared

You mumble to your mind

Feet hovering hesitantly

Just pretend you are blind.

Take a breath

They're coming for you now

Now or never

It doesn't matter how.

The jump was simple

And you're glad you did it

Reaching for the clouds

Waiting for the ground to hit.

The wind whispers

That it'll all be fine

You take its comfort

Only a matter of time.

This is how it feels

To be above the trees

Close your eyes tight

And imagine that you're free.