A/N; written about one of my characters, named Kiki. since you probably will never meet her, you can take this however you want.

she smiles, and twirls her pistols,
she's not much of a cheap shot,
but she's got her sights set on him.

she won't put those guns down,
she never will. love has a price,
she's learned.

he might murmur all sorts of things
but be careful sir, because this girl is
trigger happy.

one false step and the metal will pierce
through a dozen hearts, he's only the beginning.

she's defensive, tense, as he touches her,
her lips form the words, no sounds course from her lungs,
his lips press to hers and the guns shake.

vulnerable, she's falling down,
he's waiting below,
her grip hardens, she'll catch herself.

his arms are tangled with her hands,
he tastes like chapstick,
she discovers off handedly.

slowly he's lowering her guns,
shaking them from her hands,
kicking them across the floor.

confused, she wonders how he's done it,
mountains of figurative super glue,
yet he breaks through with the small flavor of chapstick.

his lips talk now, forming words he can't say.
she trembling, security has fled.

the guns, still so close,
she could reach them, but he's stronger.
holding her to him, making her unable to move.

the tears flow down,
terror shakes her,
the glacier is melting.

what now, she ponders, if this goes wrong?
it won't, he swears, but she's heard the lies.
then wait, he pleads, and she supposes,
waiting like this, the guns will fade to nothing.

their lips still pressed, their arms still intertwined.
such a price to pay, she mumbles incoherently,
for the warmth of another.