What Would Happen?

It was night, not too late, but all the work was done for the day For Jenny King. She was keeping her journal up to date. She opened her baby blue leather journal. It was a gift from a frienemy, but she still liked it. It had a good feel to hold, like a well worn bible. Soft leather and a leather page mark that was attached, it held all she knew to be faithful to, her words alone.

She loved her journals, each of them a chapter in her life. She started keeping them later in life, but was diligent about keeping them now. Her writing was the most important venture she ever taken on and like a sailor circumnavigating the world, she traveled through her thoughts. Some days calm and sunny, some stormy. What she liked best about her journals, was that no one read them other then her. It was one place where her mind could find peace.

That leads this story into the second place her mind rests and that is in the company of a special man named Kent Bell. Kent was only on the sidelines of Jenny's life and she was planning on bringing him in front and center.

Dearest Blue Bell,

I had a good day today and you know what that means, I was alone most of the day. What are you doing tonight? C'mon, it's the weekend, let's have a date, just you and me. OK? Great! I'll open some canned soup, pile up the crackers, and we'll watch Lord of the Rings movies. No, we don't have to watch them all tonight. Be right back.

She closed her special green ink pen, with a jeweled cats head at the end, in the middle of the book and put her journal down on the couch. She went into the kitchen and made lots of noise as she sang songs and cooked her ten minute meal. Then she came back to her couch, journal and laptop. She started the movie and the phone rang. She paused the movie.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Hi Jenny, it's Kent." said the man attached to the smoky, sensual voice.

"Hey Kent." said Jenny. Her pulse was rising by the minute. She could feel it and she told Blue Bell all about her feelings towards Kent.

"I was wondering if I could borrow something." said Kent.

'How about my heart and soul?' thought Jenny. Then she really said, "What do you need?"

"What does he need? Am I serious? Oh, ever heard of the one, coffee, tea, or ME." Jenny is breaking into a sweat.

Kent is at home on the other end of the phone call. He is smiling while he thinks, "What I need is you sweetheart."

"Do you think you can come by sometime? I have a gardening problem and since you have green thumbs, I mean..." stammered Kent.

"I'd love to come by and help." said Jenny. "When are you around?"

"I'm free this weekend." said Kent.

"So, am I." said Jenny.

"Great, how about Saturday for lunch." said Kent.

"I'll be there." said Jenny.

After that call, Jenny spent the next three hours writing. By then end of her night she was in tears.

Jenny loved Kent, she loved him unconditionally.