"I don't want to go, Monica," I said, jerking my hand from my best friend's grasp. She frowned at me. She turned around and faced the wall in my bedroom. We had been at this all afternoon, and I was still not changing my mind.

I sat down on the edge of my queen-sized bed. It had a navy blue, furry, blanket over top of a lighter blue sheet. The pillows were like the sheet, but one that was long and skinny matched the blanket on top. I grabbed my favorite stuff animal, a wolf, which was given to me by one of my old boyfriends, and stared at the ceiling. I fell backwards, enjoying the softness that surrounded me.

"It will be so much fun. You're really going to miss out. Tammy is going and so is Mark. Can't you at least give it a try?" she asked for the umpteenth time. I groaned and sat up. I studied my friend.

She was staring at me with her puppy dog eyes and her lip pushed out. Her long black, curly hair fell past her shoulders and landed gently on her breasts. She was wearing a dark gray tight-fitting shirt with solid black jeans. She had a silver headband in her hair and black pearl earrings. She was really pretty with a C-cup and a perfect butt. It made loads of girls jealous.

She folded her hands in front of herself and begged me to reconsider. I really decided to think about it. What could it hurt? I agreed and was tackled to the ground with a hug. What had I gotten myself into?

I hadn't wanted to go to the club at all, but now Monica had talked me into it. She wanted me to meet new people, but I was still getting over my last boyfriend. His name was Samuel and he dumped my butt for some slut he met out of town. I still had feelings for him, but knew I needed to get over him. Monica never let me forget what he did every time I mentioned his name.

I walked over to my radio and turned it on. One of my favorite songs came on. "Let's get ready to party!" I screamed. Monica laughed.

"Let's get you some clothes to wear tonight." She walked over to my walk in closet and opened the doors. I had rows of shoes covering the floor and walls hidden behind multiple racks of clothes. I loved shopping and it was my one weakness.

As she went through my closet and I scanned my room. It was small, but not too small. I had a queen bed, a dresser, and a computer desk with my laptop on it. A small bedside table, a bean bag chair, and a window seat also helped to make up my room. I had a small bookshelf with many books on it and my dresser held multiple pictures on top. I loved my room; small or not.

"I have the perfect outfit!" she held up my clothes for the night and I groaned. I hated dressing like a slut (well basically like a slut), but it was the only way that the guys would let us in. Flash a little cleavage and a fake ID and they let us in without questions. Guys and their perverted ways.

"I'm not wearing that," I said, trying to get her to reconsider. She shook her head.

"I'm not taking that from you. You're wearing it and you're going to like it." She handed it to me and I went across the hall to my bathroom to take a quick shower and put it on.

The music from the club could be heard from a mile away. It was so loud and there was a long line outside. The club was called Nightwalkers, and was actually pretty nice looking. There were windows on the third floor that were painted over with black so night light got in or out. The second story was filled with flashing lights that bled out on the streets. The ground floor was overflowing with people going in and out.

Monica stood outside with me by her side. We were the next people in line. "License please," the bouncer grumbled. I watched his eyes take in my friend. She had changed in the past hour, now wearing a hot pink low cut dress that came to her mid thigh. She could seem gothic at times, but other times she was like every other prep; though her attitude was way better.

I waited for her to react, but she said nothing, just handed him her license and stood there. He read it over once, looked her up and down once more, before nodding and letting her head in. She looked back at me and gave me thumbs up sign. We were both only eighteen and would definitely get in big trouble if we got caught. I only hoped that I could fool the bouncer because I looked way younger than her.

I was wearing an outfit that consisted of a mini skirt that was held to my waist with a belt. My shirt showed off my flat stomach and was darker than my friends. My shirt was a black that was as dark as night. It hugged my form, showing off my D-cup. Sometimes I hated my boobs, but other times I loved them. This was one of those times. My shirt was a little low cut and I pushed my arms under them, trying to make them more noticeable.

My high-heeled boots tapped the ground with nervousness as the guy looked at my license. I was only hoping he would let me in without saying anything. Luckily it happened just as I thought. I was sent in with a nod and a long look over by one of the other bouncers. He smiled at me and showed me a mouth that was missing some teeth. It made me wonder if they got knocked out in a fight with one of the clubbers causing some trouble.

When I walked in the door, Monica was nowhere to be found. I walked over to the bar and took one of the empty seats. Everyone seemed to know at least one person and I felt alone without my friend by my side. I would call out for her, but the music was way too loud. They were playing a song I had never heard before.

I was about to consider leaving when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun around on my stool and smiled. Monica was standing there with excitement in her gaze. "You're never going to guess what happened," she squealed. I was glad that the music covered most of the sound and I resisted putting my hands over my ears. I hated it when she did that and she knew it.

"What happened?" I asked her. She smiled and grabbed my hand, jerking me to my feet. "Where are we going?"

She didn't answer me and kept walking. We reached the woman's restroom and she jerked me inside, shutting and locking the door behind us. "What are we doing in here?" I asked, starting to get nervous.

"Oh my goodness, Taylor! I met the hottest guy and he invited us to the third floor! Can you believe it?" she kept going, not letting me answer her question, or ask a question of my own. "I've never been up there, but I've heard stories. It's where all the rich people go. He invited me, but I told him I had a friend. He told me to come get you and bring you along. He is going to meet us at the bottom of the stairs." She looked so happy, that I knew I would have to go with her, or risk breaking her little heart.

"All right, let's go find this guy of yours." I grabbed her hand and unlocked the bathroom door, letting us back out into the loud noise of music and the sweaty smell of human flesh.

The guys' name was Xavier and he owned the place. He was really handsome, but there was something odd about him. I mentioned it to Monica, but she ignored me. He moved with a catlike grace and was always caught staring at our necks. His friends did the same. I was stuck with a guy name Rick that smelled of vanilla and men's cologne at the same time. I knew he had been with another girl before me, but I was lost in his gaze. He smiled at me and motioned me over as soon as we entered the room.

There were four of them and they each had a girl. I was with Rick, Monica was with Xavier, and the other girls I wasn't sure of their names. I got offered a drink, which I at first refused, but soon found myself drinking it anyway.

Rick and I talked most of the time, but then I started feeling dizzy and extremely tired. I looked to see Monica swaying too. The guys all had a strange look on their faces. One of the guys got up and moved toward the door. I closed my eyes and listened. I heard a click and knew we were locked in. I had a bad feeling about this.

"Monica, I'm ready to go home," I muttered, my voice sounding foreign even to my own ears. I looked for my friend, but she was gone. I started to panic. I moved away from Rick, only to find that he had moved across the room. I was in the room with one of the girls from earlier and Rick and some other guy. Rick stared at me and smiled. I gasped. His teeth were fangs. I screamed, but knew there was no point. The music downstairs was blasting even louder and there was no one around to help me.

I moved as far back toward the wall as I could and looked around for a weapon. This was the worst night ever. I didn't even want to come and now I was being attacked by a vampire – something that wasn't' even supposed to exist.

I tried pinching myself, thinking and hoping it was a dream, but the pain of Rick slapping me was no dream. I fell into a crumbled heap on the floor and put my hands over my head. Rick ran his hands up my legs to the bottom of my skirt. I kicked him with my left foot and started crawling away from him.

He smirked and jumped on my back. I screamed again before his hand went over my mouth. I felt him take my belt off and then heard a zipper. By now I was screaming, hoping for someone to save me, but it was futile.

I felt him pull my skirt off and then the sound of another zipper. My underwear was removed and I started bucking against him. I heard him moan, knowing my tries to escape were only exciting him more. I tried to kick him, but his knees were holding my legs down. I swung my arms and fists at him, but I couldn't reach him on my back.

I felt his breath on my skin as he kissed the back of my neck. He pushed my brown hair to the side and jerked my head. My neck was now fully bared to him. He took the chance and bit into my, just as he thrust into me. I let out a scream and beat the floor. I had tears running down my cheeks and I felt sobs shake my body. I started feeling weak as the blood was drawn from me and I was used as a doll for this sick pervert.

I started seeing black and the walls began to swim. I felt his hand release my mouth and I gathered a breath to scream, but never got that far. I fell into sweet nothingness as my body relaxed.


I was alive and Monica was dead. That was the only thought that ran through my mind after finding out. I had woken up in the hospital to many beeping machines and a packet of blood connected to my arm. I searched the room to find my dad sitting in the chair at the end of my bed and my mother ling on the empty bed next to the bed I was in. my body ached all over and I had multiple bruises.

My mom and dad were both asleep so I paged for the nurse. She came in and gave me medicine, ignoring my demands to know where my friend was. I turned on the TV just as the news came on.

"It has been reported that there were murders at the club, Nightwalkers, down on Fifth Avenue last night. Three bodies were found dead; all female. One of the girls, who were lucky to survive, is in the hospital. She checked in late last night soon after the discovery of the murders. They found two puncture wounds on her neck and bruises covering her body. It is unknown as to what caused the two puncture wounds in her neck. The witness who called it in says that he was looking for the restroom and went searching for it. He soon found himself upstairs and tried one of the doors. It was locked and he heard screams coming from the other side. After trying to get in, he pulled out his phone and dialed 911. The police were lucky enough to get there to catch one of the men in the action and quickly disposed of him. He was pronounced dead this morning at 7:30. He was sent to the morgue to await further examination. The police say they have reason to believe that they murders were involved in a cult. All the bodies were drained of blood and there were weird markings on the man that was shot. It is still in question as to if this is true. We have a reporter at the scene. Lillian, what do you have to tell us about the Nightwalkers' club?" I turned the TV off and closed my eyes. When I opened them I looked around the room once more, feeling tears appearing in my eyes.

My father was now awake and looking at me. "She's dead, isn't she?" I asked. He nodded and I felt the tears spill over. I was lucky to be alive, yet I wished I was dead. My friend was dead and I had been raped and bitten by a vampire. I would never be able to tell anyone what happened to me; not that anyone would believe me anyway.

I leaned back on my bed and closed my eyes. I heard my dad get up and walk over to my bed. He sat down on the edge and put his hand over mine. "It will be ok. I'm so glad that you are alive. I don't' think I'll ever be able to let you out of my sight." My father kissed my hand and retreated to his chair.


Two days later and I was permitted to go home. I did so with a heart filled with sorrow. The funeral was today and I would be attending it. I owed it to Monica's parents and to Monica. I missed my friend more than anything and wished she were alive here with me today.

People started talking once more. I was the last one to say something and it was kind of embarrassing. I walked around, trying to find someone I knew. I saw Monica's mom and walked toward her.

I walked to the pulpit and looked out over the crowd. "I know most of you probably rehearsed what you were going to say, but I didn't have the chance. I hope this doesn't disappoint." I smiled, trying to calm my heart beat and my erratic pulse. "Monica has been my friend since third grade when she stole my pencil. She's always been there for me and has always been able to make me smile. I loved her like a sister and wished she was still here today and I wouldn't' have to be up here talking to you all. I hope her memory will live in our hearts for the years to come and that no one will forget her. I love you Monica," I said, walking down from standing on the small stage.

People started talking once more. I was the last one to say something and it was kind of embarrassing. I walked around, trying to find someone I knew. I saw Monica's mom and walked toward her.

I talked to Monica's mom and told her how sorry I was. "I'm so glad that Monica was my friend. She meant a lot to me and it burdens my heart to see her go like that. She didn't deserve that death," I spoke quietly to her. Her mother nodded and patted me on the back. I could see she was struggling to remain strong, but her resolve was failing.

I waited a few moments, taking in the guests, before moving toward my father. He was conversing with Monica's father. They were both dressed in black suits with different ties. My father's tie was pink while Monica's dad's was blue. They were in deep conversation and I waited for them to notice me.

I heard a couple of words mentioned, especially my name and Monica's name. I also heard bits of Nightwalkers in there, but I wasn't sure what they were talking about exactly.

"Are you ready to go yet?" I asked after a few more minutes. I was tired and wanted to go home. My dad nodded and said his goodbyes. I walked with him to the car.

My dad drove me home and I went straight to my room, jumping on my blue bed. The tears came quickly. I beat my fists into my pillows and screamed into the mattress. Why did she have to die? I had no other friends and was going to have to go to school the next day. I soon feel asleep, exhausted from the long day and all the crying.


Two months had passed. Things had changed; I had changed. I now wore mostly black and never talked to anyone. I was retreating into my shell and hiding my pain behind a mask of indifference.

The teacher's gave up calling on me in class and students ignored me in the halls and during the lunch period I attended. I ignored them too. I didn't like their pity, nor their attempts to become my friend.

I only had one friend and she was dead. I still hadn't gotten over Monica's death and I always avoided going out after night. I hated the thought of another vampire attacking me. I was scared to death of every person that looked pale or moved like a cat. I was becoming paranoid and my dad was noticing. He thought I should start counseling classes with a professional that dealt with death and the symptoms of losing someone close to you. I went off on him and he never brought it up again.

I had gained some weight over the last two months and I had no clue why. I also seemed to eat more and seemed to e sick all the time. The school nurse suggested I go see a doctor or take a pregnancy test when I went to see her, but I knew that wasn't' possibly. I couldn't be pregnant. In all the myths about vampires, it said that they couldn't reproduce. Rick was the only one I had been with in the past year. It just wasn't possible.

I was puking one morning when my mom caught me. I had been keeping it from her and dad, though it had been really hard. She looked shocked and quickly hollered for my father. "Honey, please tell me you're not pregnant," she begged. I didn't meet her eyes.

"I don't know mom. I haven't found out for sure," I admitted. She seemed almost about to faint. My dad caught her and set her more securely on her feet. He glared at me.

"Have we not taught you any better? Must you go around, letting men use your body for their own pleasure? Could you not wait till marriage?" my dad shook his head and led my mother away.

The next day my mother took me to the doctor. The car ride was an awkward experience. No one talked the whole time and not even the radio was playing. I hated myself for not telling my mother what had happened that had made me pregnant, but my pride wouldn't let me. I didn't want anyone knowing I had been raped.

The doctor's office was almost empty and for this I was glad. I didn't want to chance seeing anyone from school. It took about ten minutes, but we were called back pretty quickly. I followed the nurse, my mother right behind me.

We were led to a room where fire trucks were painted on the walls and the normal table and chair were sitting there waiting for me. I rolled my eyes at the décor and looked at the nurse instead.

"This is your first visit here. Is there anything that you need checked? Are you sick or aching anywhere?" the nurse asked. I shook my head.

"I'm here with my daughter, because we have reason to believe she might be pregnant. We want you guys to do a pregnancy test and talk about your abortion options if she is," my mother said, cutting off my words to the nurse. I glared at her and kept my mouth shut.

The nurse took down notes and then went out of the room. It took her about two minutes to bring me a tester and tell me to use the bathroom down the hall. I grabbed the box from her and followed her direction to the bathroom.

After about five minutes I had my results. I clutched at my chest. This couldn't be possible. There was no way I could be pregnant. Maybe it was wrong. I would ask the doctor. I opened the bathroom door and ran for my room.

I showed the nurse my results and she looked at me in pity. "I'm sorry honey, but you are definitely pregnant. Do you still want to talk about your abortion options?" I tuned her voice out, not believing my luck.

I had been bitten, and raped by a vampire, and lost a best friend all in one night. Now I find out I am pregnant. I had no clue what was growing inside of me. Could it be a vampire like its father? I was scared of it, but I knew one thing. I was not having an abortion. I believed it to be wrong and murder. I had had enough of murder and was not about to kill me baby.

"I will have this baby and you will not change my mind. Mom, let's go," I interrupted my mom and grabbed her hand. She stared at me in shock before following after me.


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