Well I have some good news and I have some bad news…

Good news: I have a new story in the process of being written and I'm ready to start posting it online! I have an awesome beta that's been doing an excellent job! This story wouldn't be near as good as it is now without her! Her name is penguin53 on fictionpress I have four to five chapters written I can't wait to see what you guys think!

Bad News: well… idk how to tell you guys this, but I have lost my USB drive… That means that all of my stories are completely gone! I don't have them saved anywhere else, not even on this computer I'm using. I feel like a retard for not saving them on a computer, but I never planned on losing it! I took it to a friend's house to work on a report and it had to have fallen out of my pocket… I'm searching everywhere I can think to look, but as of right now I can't find it… Until I find it, all my stories and editing of TOTG are on hold… I really wanted to give you guys this new story, but I can't until I find out! Wish me luck!


Midnight Writer2012