A/N; This is yet another thing that isn't supposed to make sense, to you at least. I needed to get my urge out, so here it is. Daniel and his story is my baby, and I'm very sensitive about it. I've had it for three or four years, so please, be kind. 3
Character info;

Daniel Richardson, 18, gay.

Daniel coughed slightly, sitting in the arm chair; his friend took no notice of him. He rolled his eyes as Nathan propped his legs up onto the coffee table from his position on the couch. Nathan! His mind shouted at him, but naturally, since Nathan could barely hear Nathan's mind, and Nathan wasn't a mind reader, last time he checked anyway, he didn't hear. Futile attempt, Nathan ignored every subtle hint; he'd probably ignore you if you got in his face and screamed.

Daniel wasn't honestly trying either, it was now or never, and never was sounding better with every passing second. Talking about Jeremy to Jeremy's number one hater, was not a fun afternoon activity. He settled back farther into the chair, feeling his camera press into his leg. He tugged it from its position and began to play with it. It was the last thing his parents ever gave him, and magically, through two years of overuse and torment, it still worked. He flipped through the pictures; a few of them caused vivid, unwelcome, memories to flutter through his mind. The urge to delete them was ever present, he would never follow through with it, it made him feel like he was removing a part of his life. And, simply put, it was cheating.

He flipped the camera back off and let it balance on the arm chair. It would probably fall, but what was one more blow to the head? Again he felt it was amazing that it had lasted as long as it had. He propped his elbows up on the arm chair and intertwined his hands; Nathan glanced over, raising an eyebrow.


"You look like an evil genius over there," Nathan grinned. "But then I remember you're more like the cat of an evil genius."

"I think you just called yourself an evil genius."

"Oh did I?" Nathan put on his best innocent face, not a soul on Earth would ever believe Nathan was innocent.

Daniel rolled his eyes, and continued to let his mind wander back into the past. Not too far, just back to Jeremy, his ex? Or, at least, he guessed that's what Jeremy was. Had they really ever been together? Probably not in Jeremy's mind, considering his fairly obvious commitment issues. Daniel thought about him often, probably three times a day, and that would be considered a good day. Nathan blamed Jeremy for ruining Daniel's life, but Daniel only blamed himself. It really was his fault; he didn't have to do what Jeremy said. Though there was a pretty good incentive to do what Jeremy said. Jeremy wasn't someone to say no to.

Daniel closed his eyes, trying to picture something better than what his thoughts portrayed. Nothing came to mind, frustrated he began to think of his life as 'not fair'. It only frustrated him more, knowing he had had the same shot as everyone else, but instead he chose to have his parents hate him, and to have Jeremy. A stupid exchange, but he was sixteen, and high on God knows what. He did ruin his own life, but occasionally, he would blame Jeremy. A sort of revenge, which only he could enjoy. His eyes snapped open, the frustration mounting to anger; he heard the camera crash to the floor, before he had realized what he had done. He glanced at it, unremorseful for the abuse.

Delete them. His mind ordered him to, he continued to sit and stare. Eventually he noticed Nathan had glanced over at him, slightly confused by the random outburst. If you can't see it, it didn't happen, right?Stupid logic. Out of sight, out of mind didn't work. Not for this, his life couldn't be hidden from his self. Though delusionary, it seemed like a fantastic idea. To hide himself. But he couldn't do that to Nathan, and the rest of his newly discovered family. He finally returned Nathan's gaze, Nathan seemed to catch onto what was happening. Even though Daniel usually kept his thoughts of Jeremy silent, to avoid pissing him off.

"I never did understand why you liked him."

"Me either."