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Chapter 1: It wasn't supposed to be like this!

The Tokyo streets were buzzing with cars as dusk began to fall. As per usual, blaring honks echoed throughout the city, surprising people on the side walk with a slight jump. Curses were muttered to each other as they began to stroll along the street. Tokyo is a modernization city with great technology, but it is without a doubt the noisiest city on earth. On the midst of it, a building stood tall with great elegance.

From the window, a man in a business coat was seen staring down the city with a glass on his right hand. He was a well built man with short black hair that was comb neatly. His pair of golden glinting eyes could pierce any woman's heart without putting an effort. The man clearly had an aura of great importance and respect. A knock was heard when finally a man with glasses entered the room.

"Asami-sama, the information you requested is ready" the man in the glasses said. The said man, Takao Asami, gestured for the man to leave it on the table. The glasses man excuses himself out of the room when Asami, his boss, finally seated on the leather chair.

Asami stared down at the piece of paper in his hands. A playful smirk snakes up his lips as he read it.

[A photo of a woman with short almond colored hair was placed here]

Name: Katsuragi Rie

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Status: Single

Occupation: Kindergartener Teacher

Address: No 14, Asagi Apartment, Midori's Street.

Favorite Food: Foods she could get her hands on

Favorite Beverages: Apple juice

Weaknesses: Men

Asami's eyes glint mischievously at the word "Men". This could get interesting he thought as his smirk becomes wider every passing second.

"WHAT?!" a loud scream shook the residents of Asagi Apartment one morning. People scramble towards their feet as they swung open their doors to look at the opposite door, to be specific, the door with number fourteen on it.

A groan was heard as one of them began to speak. "Not again…" an elderly man said with a sigh, the others could only nod in agreement. Once again, Katsuragi Rie was making a scene right in the middle of a peaceful Sunday morning.

"One of these days, I swear… that woman is gonna be the death of me" another man said as he glared holes at the room the woman was currently occupying. Another wave of nods erupted, but in the midst of it, the said woman didn't even have a clue that her neighbors were disturbed by her absurd behavior. Who in their right mind would scream like that at six in the morning? Well, Rie would!

Rie could only gape as the telephone cord she held, fall down the floor. A voice saying "Hello? Katsuragi-san, are you still there?" was heard coming from it. With a slight shudder, Rie picks up the cord and put it back on her ear.

"Yes... I'm still here" she replied weakly. Her mind was jumble up with the information she had just received. No, it can't be true! She thought, trying to comfort her heart. The old man couldn't be dead! He can't be… not after what had happened!

"So, Katsuragi-san, according to Takao-sama's will, you'll be taking care of his grandchild and I presume you've known about this since there's a sign of approval from you" the voice coming from the telephone cord said smoothly. At that, Rie could only gasp for the millionth time that morning.

"But… but…" she couldn't finish her sentence. But I thought Takao-san was joking with me! She added to herself silently.

"Please come by my office this afternoon. We could discuss the details further. Have a nice day" the voice replied before the line went dead. Rie could only stare in disbelief at the telephone cord. Slamming it to the receiver, Rie groan in total frustration as she sat down on her sofa.

Her mind went back to the time when Takao-san visited her seven days ago…

"Please, Rie-chan. I'm worried about my grandchild. He's just a boy" Takao-san had said out of the blue one evening when he visited Rie at her workplace. Rie had known Takao Ken for five years now. Her dad was a business associate of him, and they have met on several occasions. It was a first for Rie not to get afraid with a man, since Takao-san was practically the same age as her grandfather. How could she even feel afraid towards this smiling kind man?

"But Takao-san, I think it's better if you ask a professional teacher. I'm just a normal teacher after all. Your grandchild deserves a lot better" Rie tried to persuade Takao-san gently.

"I don't have time. I'm dying, Rie-chan… and you're the only one I could put my trust on" he replied, almost pleading in return. At that, Rie jumped in great shock.

"Don't say something absurd like that" she snapped. "You're perfectly healthy! Don't blurt about dying when you're healthier than me. Maybe I would even go first before you" Rie said jokingly. Both of them laughed at that.

"Think what you like, but its true Rie-chan" Takao-san said sadly when he finally calms down. "So, please… it's my wish to see you taking care of my grandchild. You're a good woman and I feel he'll like you too" he added after awhile. Rie could only stare at him in silence. Her hot cup of coffee had turned cold and she still wasn't ready to take a child under her wing.

"It's just a wish of an old man before dying, Rie-chan. Please, just consider it" Takao-san said gently before standing up to leave Rie with her thoughts.

"Wait!" she called out to him. "I'll take care of him. But this is only valid if you're not around to take care of him, okay?" she added with confidence. Rie was convinced that Takao-san was playing a joke on her. Well, look at him! He looked so healthy that even Rie couldn't believe that he was a sixty-four year old man. If he is thinking of tricking her about dying, that won't work. Well, at least not for another few years, right?

They had signed a contract stating that Katsuragi Rie would be taking care of Takao Asami when Takao Ken's death occurred. Rie had willingly signed it, and there's no backing away now!

End of flashback…

Argh, it was a stupid choice to sign that contract. Now, look what happen! How could he die all of a sudden? I can't believe this! Rie thought in frustration. She had woken up that morning for a fresh start since she was having some problems with her work at the moment. She was determined enough that she'll change her lifestyle, and surprisingly enough, God had granted that. With the addition of a little kid in her house!

How can I take care of him? It's true I'm a teacher, but I only take care of children at school. Not for the rest of my life. What am I gonna do now? Her mind screams frantically in her head. It's too late to back away now. The kid had lost his only blood relative he had left. Rie felt sorry for the little kid. She had heard from Takao-san that Asami-kun had lost both of his parents at a young age. And now that Takao-san is gone too, he has no one.

Rie felt a thug in her heart. Look at her! How could she complain in taking care of a small little boy that had lost everything? How could she? Sighing in defeat, Rie stood up and walk towards her bedroom. From now on, she's going to take care of Takao Asami without complaining. That's the only thing she could do for the little boy. And that was the last wish Takao-san had wanted her to perform.

"Welcome, Katsuragi-san. Please have a seat" a woman around the age of forty-six greeted Rie with a smile before gesturing her to the leather sofa. Obliging, Rie sat down while placing her bag on top of her lap. She had chosen to wear a sundress with soft colors to look younger than she appeared. She had considered that the boy might not want to look at bright colors after all; especially red. Red is a big no at the time. Not after the little child had just lost something from his life.

"Asami-sama would be here in awhile. Before that, maybe you'd like to discuss it a bit more? Are you sure you're fine with it?" the woman earlier said while sitting behind a table placed in the middle of the room. It was hard to believe that a delicate woman like her was a lawyer.

"I've promised Takao-san to take care of Asami-kun. So, I guess its fine" Rie said honestly. The woman nodded in understanding and let the topic be.

"If that's the case, it'll be alright then. Even Asami-sama has approved of it. So, the only thing left is for you to move into the mansion" the woman state calmly while flipping a file she was holding.

"Moving? But I thought Asami-kun would be staying at my apartment…" Rie trailed off with a shock evident in her voice. A chuckle was heard as the woman closed the file.

"Don't be silly, Katsuragi-san. Even Asami-sama wouldn't approve of it" the woman said with a smile on her lips. She had clearly thought Rie's statement was funny and unbelievable at that. But to Rie, what's so funny about that? Before Rie could asks anymore questions, a voice coming from the phone interrupted them.

"Asami-sama is here, Rika-san" said a voice. Pushing a button on the phone, Rika-san replied "Let him in."

It happened so fast that Rie didn't even have the time to blink. A man walked into the room when Rika-san opened the door. He was wearing a black coat with a red tie. His hands were placed in his side pockets as he strolled into the room. His golden piercing eyes were locked with Rie's. Smiling in amusement, the man didn't even ask for permission to sit next to Rie.

Rie could only flinch when she felt her arm brushed the man's arm. She felt a shiver run down her spine as her body freeze at the slight touch. She's afraid of men, and she was definitely afraid of the man that was currently seated right next to her.

"Let me introduced him" Rika-san said with a big smile. Gesturing to the man beside Rie, she said "This is Takao Asami. Your soon to be wedded husband."

At that statement, Rie's mind went blank as her factory brain went dead. H…H… Husband?! She stared at Rika-san in disbelief. As if taunting her, the man beside her took her hand and kisses it gently.

"Nice to me you, wifey" he said in a clearly teasing tone. Looking down at the placed where he had just kissed her, Rie's soul went out of her body.

It went by like a blur. Rie was totally out of the reality as they sat around to discuss about the wedding plan. Rie just stared like a lifeless body at Asami and Rika-san as they chatted about the will. Her mind went totally blank that she didn't even noticed what she was agreeing at the moment. Apparently, she had just nodded at the statement that Asami had just said. He wanted the wedding to be held as soon as possible. But seeing that Rie didn't even noticed that, she had nodded in agreement.

The whole time, Asami held Rie's hand in his firm hands. He knew about her phobia towards men from the report he received through his secretary, and it amuses him to see her body freezes at the slight touch. It was fun to tease the woman beside him. He had never dated anyone like her and for that, she was an interesting specimen. She's not as attractive as a model, but with a few changes… she might look presentable.

Rie was still out of her mind when Asami drag her towards his car. When they're finally seated, that's when Rie snapped back to reality.

"W…where are you taking me?" she asked in panic stricken voice. Trying to unbuckle the seat belt Asami had just placed for her.

"Well, to the mansion of course. I figure, you want to have a tour before moving in" Asami said smoothly. Starting the car, he drove away from the parking lot.

"But…but… I was supposed to take care of a small child. I never agreed on marrying!" Rie was still panicking herself out. She didn't want to stay with a man. And getting married was out of the question!

"Do I look like an eight year old? You have agreed to take care of me. Other than being a nanny… the only suitable position for you is my wife. You don't want to be a nanny for a twenty-eight year old man now, would you?" Asami replied with a smirk evident on is face.

"I don't want to be either of them!" Rie scream in frustration. No, she didn't want to be a nanny, nor did she want to get married to this man. Truth be told, he's gorgeous, but Rie knew this man is going to give her a heart attack every passing second! Being his wife was totally out of question. They're only sitting beside each other, but her heart was doing a flip back already! And being a husband and wife… he's legal to touch her. An image of a couple on a bed crosses her mind. Rie blush seven shades of red and tried to cover her face with her hand; not wanting Asami to see what had just crossed her mind.

But being as sharp as he is, Asami noticed it the moment Rie's face turned red. "I see you have already thinking of perverted things. Well I guess it can't be helped" he said as he stopped the car at the red light. Moving closer to Rie, he let his breathe caress her cheek before he said in a whisper "I can satisfy you on bed if you want" he added with a playful smirk. Rie's heart did a triple flip back at the statement. This man, her future husband, was definitely going to be the death of her!

He was certainly not a child. And he was certainly a drop dead gorgeous man. To top it off, he's the heir of the Takao's heritage. And this person is going to be her husband? No, it can't be! Even if he's great and all, Rie still couldn't live with a man! The reason why she had picked to become a kindergartener teacher was because there aren't many men there. But right now, she's going to be doom with marrying a man? The specimen she had been having phobia for seventeen years? This got to be a joke right?

But it was the reality. Asami kissed her forehead gently when he saw her freezes again. Chuckling he said "Don't worry, I won't eat you." Rie let out a sigh of relief, but squeak in great horror when he added "Yet" at the statement.