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Chapter 2: He's the lord of jerks!

"So tell me" Asami said. "How can we make this work?" he casually glance at the horror stricken woman beside him, before turning his attention back at the road. Rie had turned pale right after Asami's absurd statement. It was as if a white paint had splashed all over her face. Even a ghost would be shocked to see her face at the moment. It wasn't like Asami had threatened to kill her; he had just stated a fact. A fact which would thrill thousands women if they had ever so heard it coming out of Asami's perfect lips.

"It can never work!" Rie answered while shaking her head vigorously. "Just so you know…" she trailed off when Asami cuts in.

"You have Androphobic" he said with a grin. "Yes, I know" he added when Rie snapped her head, almost too quickly that Asami thought it was going to toppled off somehow, with shocked eyes. In fact, you don't have the slightest idea how much I know about you he thought to himself with glinting eyes. But he wasn't going to tell her that…yet.

"How did you…?" Rie asked shock evident on her face. She hadn't thought Asami could figure it out in such short notice. But at least, she would be saved now since no one would want an Androphobic wife! Rie couldn't help but to sigh in relief. She was caught off guard when Asami began to speak again.

"I have my sources. This is the main reason why I agreed. You, having this…" Asami trailed off. He wasn't sure how to actually rephrase it so that it sounds a bit gentler. "Feeling of discomfort around men" a triumph smile snaking up his lips before he continued "I found it rather entertaining. And it is to my advantage to have someone like you as my wife."

"En… Entertaining?!" Rie shouted in disbelief. "You thought it's entertaining that I have Androphobic? What are you, a sadist?!" she bit her lip in anger. It was a first for Rie to ever hear anyone saying anything like that to her. What was so entertaining about her being frozen stiff whenever a man touches her? Or even the fact that she once cried her eyes out when a young man tried to help her when she falls? No, she never thought having Androphobic as entertaining. Rather, it was making her life miserable.

Hearing Asami chucking loudly, Rie couldn't help but to glare menacingly at him. "If you're so curious about me being a sadist, why don't you give it a try? I don't mind obliging" he said teasingly at Rie's earlier statement. Rie groan in total frustration when she understood what Asami was implying. Asami had totally imagined a scene where a bed was included in.

"Shut it, you perv!" Rie said with a huff. At that, Asami just laughs even harder. "Never mind then. What about this… advantage you're talking about? What is it in for you to have a wife like me?" she added, still confused with all of this. If Asami didn't want her as a wife, this matter would have been solved. But no, why did he have to have an interest in an Androphobic crazed woman like her? It doesn't make sense.

"So that I won't have a clingy wife. I hate the clingy types. Being tied down to one woman isn't my thing" Asami replied rather unaffected. He was acting like a jerk that doesn't give a damn about a woman's feelings. Rie could only gape at this.

"Wh… WHAT? Are you saying, by having me as a wife… you could have an affair with other women at ease?" Rie couldn't believe what she was hearing at the moment. Her future husband had been interested in her because of this? True, Rie wouldn't give a damn if he wanted to have affairs. As long as he didn't lay his filthy hands; well actually it was goddamn manly hands; on her! Rie would definitely; without a doubt; give him his freedom.

"You've got to be shitting me" she muttered under her breath. "If you're so damn horny, why don't you just stay single for the rest of your life? That way, you won't have to worry about marrying a clingy woman!" Rie said as a matter of fact.

Clicking his tongue to disagree with her, Asami glance at Rie with a smirk on his face. "Are you forgetting that I'm a company president?" he asked casually, as if that would explain everything. Rolling her eyes, Rie shook her head.

"What's that got to do with anything?" she asked in confusion. Asami was making it hard for her to understand his way of thinking. Surely, his brain functions differently from hers.

"A sophisticated business man like me needs a good wife to avoid unneeded attention. Naturally, the press won't be so interested in married couple now, would they?" he said while grinning to himself. He had clearly thought that the idea was utterly genius that it was certainly going to work, somehow. He had been sick and tired of appearing on the front page of a newspaper whenever he met with a woman. Whether it was with his business associates or co-worker, the press didn't seem to care since it was hot news for them. They were out for blood just to catch news about him.

"You're using me as a decoy?" Rie's eyes went wide. "No chance in hell! Why do I have to marry you just for your convenient? I have my own life too. And I'm sure as hell won't waste it on you. I don't think I could live with a man under one roof anyway" she muttered angrily. Rie had never thought of marrying. Even if she had to, she wasn't going to marry a jerk like Asami. It wasn't a picture she had in mind of a happily married couple. A life with Asami was a life of pretense. She didn't want that!

Rie felt her body lunged forward when Asami hits on the break so suddenly. The car behind them honked angrily at them. Rie's head had almost hit the dashboard, hardly! She curses aloud but stopped when she saw Asami closing the distance between them. Her breath caught up in her throat as she stared in pure horror at him.

Asami traced his fingers along her jaw line, with a fake smile place on his lips. His golden eyes boring into Rie's as he held it in place. "Now, that wasn't so nice, wifey" he said in a cold tone. Rie could only gulp at that.

"For your info, that wasn't a request. It was an order…" he trailed off while cupping Rie's chin with a not so gentle tug. "And, I don't like it when people refuse my order. So, do you agree on marrying me, wifey?" he said with a dead serious face.

Rie could feel her spine growing cold at that. She was seriously feeling threatened by Asami. It was true she fear men, but Asami was something else. She was so afraid that even her eyes couldn't produce tears. Without having another choice, Rie nodded her head nervously. A smile crept onto Asami's lips before he released her from his captivating hand.

"Good. Now let's head to the public office" he said cheerfully. He acted as if he hadn't even threatened Rie just a few seconds ago.

"What for?" Rie asked hoarsely. She was finally able to breath right after Asami released her. What was that? Does he have a split personality? She asked herself with a shudder.

"To get the family register of course!" Asami said in a matter of fact tone. He didn't care what Rie would think about it. With this, the press won't bother him so much anymore.

"That soon?!" Rie's eyes bulged. She was too shocked at the series of event. She didn't think she was going to marry at the same day she knew she had a fiancée. It was moving way too fast! Even for her.

"The sooner, the better" Asami replied with a grin before speeding up the car. Rie could only hang tight on her seat while praying for her dear life. It was going to be a wild ride.