I'm a fighter in an army,

but not a mighty knight.

I wear a camouflage uniform,

not a suit of shining armor.

I don't slay dragons with a silver sword;

I shoot them with my rifle from afar.

I don't get to rescue a damsel in distress;

instead, I fight for the freedom of all,

encouraging others, giving help to the fallen,

but not carrying a fair maiden out of a burning tower.

I would love to charge valiantly headlong into battle,

but I must stand guard and keep watch here in the shadows.

How I wish to come riding on a white horse

to free some imprisoned princess,

while in reality I crawl through muddy trenches,

awaiting my next command.

I'm a friend, a brother, a comrade-in-arms.

This is my current assignment until the King tells me otherwise.

I'm a sentry. I never question. I follow orders.

No matter what my heart might desire,

what disappointments I may face,

or what trials may threaten to shake the world,

I must do my duty faithfully.

This is what I do. This is who I am.

Onward, Christian soldier.