It Won't Be Long

Since you left me, I'm so alone

Now you're coming, you're coming on home

I'll be good like I know I should

You're coming home, you're coming home

I wish I could tell you that Jared and I lived happily ever after. I wish I could tell you that I transferred to UNC and we made the entire campus jealous, but that didn't happen. The only thing I can tell you is that Jared and I both graduated from our respective universities and somehow we're still dating. I had stayed in California and he went back to North Carolina every summer, but we made it work. It was hard and I hated that I only saw him for a few weeks every year, and trust me, I had been tempted to give up and actually date boys that I could see on a near daily basis, but I didn't.

Jared's plane landed ten minutes ago and for the first time in four years he wasn't jumping back on a plane in three weeks. I was nearly giddy with excitement. Kaden kept shooting me looks that begged me to sit down and stop pacing, but I was too excited. Didn't he understand? Jared was coming home, for good.

Hands slid around my waist and I was pulled backwards against a muscular chest. My senses were overloaded with the presence of Jared. The feel of his hands on my waist, the scent of his cologne and laundry soap. My pulse quickened as I felt his lips graze my ear.

"Miss me?" Jared asked. I smiled. He asked this question every summer.

"Always," I whispered. He spun me around and pressed his lips against mine. I started crying. I was just so happy to see him and know he wasn't leaving me again. Jared broke our kiss and brushed my tears away with his thumbs. He kissed my left eyebrow lightly.

"Why are you crying, Katie?" Jared asked. He seemed genuinely perplexed, which made me laugh.

"I've just missed you, Jare."

Jared pulled me tightly against him and I nestled my forehead against his neck. I took a deep breath to still my tears. Jared was home. Things were good.

"Come on, Katelyn," Kaden said. "Mom and Dad haven't shut up about seeing you and Jared together again. Let's get home and get them to shut up over how adorable the two of you are."

"Shut up, Kade," I said, shoving his arm. "When are you getting married anyway? You've been dating that Rebecca girl for almost two years."

Kaden glared at me. I smirked back. Jared laughed lightly and retrieved his bags. Kaden took one of them and Jared took my hand.

"I love you, Katie," he said softly.

"I love you, too," I whispered back. He kissed me softly. Kaden groaned.

"Could you please save the make-out session until you two are alone. There are still some things I just don't want to see."

Jared and I laughed. It was good to have our trio together again.

I of course had fears about what would happen next. My romantic relationship with Jared was based mostly off of phone calls, text messages and emails. We might drive each other crazy if we had to see each other every day. Jared squeezed my hand and pulled me closer. He released my hand and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

Call me crazy, but I was strangely optimistic. I wrapped my arm around his waist and realized that no matter what happened I'd at least have one heck of a story to tell.

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