i always want to text you

but i always decide i won't

i say it's 'cause your money's tight

and if i do, we'd waste the entire night

just chatting away about random things

from midnight till the alarm rings.

but in reality, it's because

i just don't want to start

if i'm thinking of you

you might think of me too

and what i love most of all

is when you text me first.


a/n: i hate this... none of the words i combine describe the feeling of the boy texting me before i can text him. it means he thought of me without a prompt, without me being there at all... and something about that feeling of importance, that i'm so far forward in someone's mind that he has to text me and let me know, is completely uncapturable in my words. it's driving me absolutely insane...

but he always takes away my words... i shouldn't be so surprised :)