Love is like......- Mindy Hensel

The smile on my face when you hug me,

The note on my desk, 'to come meet me',

The late night mug of coffee,

Your infallibility,

Your, 'have you got a pencil for me',

That is what love is like.

The way you'll always be there when I need you,

The way you kiss says, 'I want you',

Up with you my soul flew,

I knew I would never have the heartsick flu,

Like a new shoe I will always be with you,

That is what love is like.

Love is he love is she, love is mental and love is bright,

Love is key love is free, love is violent, love is light,

I can be crazy, lazy, stupid and a fool,

Hazy, mazy, dull as a pool,

However… I can count on you to smooth out the school,

The drama,

The hate,

My mind.

The way you still laugh when I'm the class clown,

The love you gave me when I felt down,

The stolen book you have found,

My locker door that used to be brown,

My heart you spun around,

You make me want to jump up and down… up and down…up and down…

That is what love is like.