It was a cold night when the Apocalypse began. I was following my daily routine which includes hunting down spectres from hell, or demons, when the world came crashing down. I was about to kill this demon, I've been following for the last five years, and I took pleasure in the killing, just as they take pleasure in torturing innocent souls. I knew this day would come, there's been rumors amongst the hunters that the end was nearing, but I never paid close attention. I've been too busy in my own little world, in taking revenge against the demon that killed my family. It happened six years ago. I was still a teenager, and my life was perfect I was happy, I had no worries or debts or anything I might had to be stressed about. My mom was the first one to get killed. The last things she said to me was 'I love you', my heart breaks every time I think about those three words; her name was Angela, and I will always remember her, she was my best and only friend. My dad followed, he watched my mom get killed and I can still hear the agony in his voice when he told me to run away and not to look back.

You might be wondering why that filthy beast killed my parents, right? Well, he wasn't planning on killing anybody but they got in his "way;" the demon or Semiazas, as he calls himself, came for me. You see, I'm supposed to play a very important role in the Apocalypse, let's say I'm not exactly on God's side. I'm the Antichrist. Yes, I know it's hard to believe, I couldn't believe it either until someone whom I loved with all my heart confirmed it. His name was Leonard, he's my best friend and he has this special ability, he can talk to angels. The angels have been warning him of the rising of the Antichrist, meaning me. I met Leonard outside the door of the cheap motel room I was staying in. It was the year after my parents were killed and I took on the job of tracking down Semiazas . Leonard told me the angels told him the Antichrist was in town and it was his job to kill him, but it never got through his head that the real Antichrist could be a girl named Alena and thet he would fall in love with her. He was about to stab me with a silver blade, but I was able to spun around to parry a vicious thrust aimed at my heart. After that night, the night of the tragedy, I decided that I needed to be prepared and trained, so I looked for an expert, a hunter, to train me and teach me everything there is to know about evil sons of bitches. And that's the only reason I got lucky that night, don't get me wrong I've been through some serious shit but Leonard's attack caught me off guard and I could've died right there that day.

12/12/2034 was the day the world ended and it was also the day I finally reached my goal of killing Semiazas. After I was done with him I went back to the motel to get some rest, but I guess there's no rest for the wicked because as soon as I stepped inside the earth started shaking like crazy. The first thought that came to mind was 'call Leonard' but I remembered that there was no electricity, so I decided to drive to his dwelling. He knew the exact day of the Apocalypse, the angels of course warned him, so he was already prepared when I got there. Unfortunately, Leon, as I liked calling him, refused to help me; he said he was surrounded by angels and they would kill anyone, especially me, just to protect him, but he wished me good luck and told me that he will always love me, no matter who or what I was. I was confused, sad, scared, and angry I didn't know where to go or who to turn to for help, I also knew the demons were looking for me. It was time to fight and I was their most powerful weapon, so I did what defenseless girls do, I cried. I cried for my dead parents, for the life that was taken away from me, I cried because I was going to Hell. For the first time in ages, I also prayed; I prayed to God, I know it's ironic but I didn't care if I was the Antichrist I'd rather be dead than serve Hell in the last battle. My heart ached and all I could think about was 'why me.' Darkness took over and the earth was still shaking, I could hear the laments of the poor souls that were destined to go to heaven but were being tortured by demons and other night creatures.

They found me! the demons found me and now I'm being tortured by them because I balked at the idea of helping them in the Apocalypse. The pain is too much for a single person to bear, they're doing horrible things to my body. They raped me until my inside was destroyed, they slit my wrists and sucked my blood while raping me, they stabbed me in the stomach, and did things I can't even begin to describe. I kept refusing though, I wasn't going to give in to them that easily, even if it led to my death. They spent hours torturing me until my body couldn't take it anymore, I was dying and they were enjoying it, I felt my soul leaving my body,and I remembered my last moments with my parents, my mom's comforting words and my dad's jokes; I knew I was smiling I knew I was going someplace better, and I could still hear my mom's last words when I took my last breath. 'I love you.'