Made: Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time: 1:56

The smoke clears

And all that's left

Are cold blue eyes

Still from the theft

Silence surrounds

Oh, sweet silence

Awakened from the noise

The act of violence

She drops the tool

And turns all-too-calm

Clashing with the adrenaline

Wiping soot from her palms

The blood-caked cloth

Comes as no surprise

Not even glancing back

At their eminent demise

She closes the door quietly

As if afraid to awake them

They thought she was innocent

This is now and that was then

Just another off the list

Insanely, her eyes wild

She chuckles to herself

Loving this life style

They never saw it coming

The signs were all there

Right in their faces

Shown plainly in her glare

She stares at her hands

Smelling so sweet

The smell drives her crazy

She drinks it, not discreet

They thought she was joking

And she passed it off as such

While inwardly smirking

They knew too much

She hates people

Liers, cheaters, haters,

Every single human

Betrayers, idiots, fakers

No matter, she mumbles

They'll all die soon enough

Such a pleasant thought

And she'll never be caught