BB: Hi, people. My name is...of no importance right now. You can just call me BB, okay? This is my first thing on fictionpress (I'm a fanfiction writer through and through), but it probably won't be the last. I'm aspiring to write a good song, a song that people will like. So, I'm posting my stuff here. If you like it, then leave a comment, a review, whatever the heck you want to call it. If you don't like it, just tell me. DO NOT SEND ME FLAMES. I hate them, and I will more than likely use them to take over the world. Just to let you know. Now, about the song. It's called Endless Rain, and I wrote it a few weeks back. My boyfriend (whom I love with all my heart) passed away on February 7th, 2010. Today is the two month and one week anniversary of that day, and so I'm posting this in thought of him. Read and review, if you wish. Oh, and THIS BELONGS TO ME! IT IS MY PROPERTY! IF YOU WISH TO USE IT, PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST! You can do this via PM or review. DO NOT STEAL MY SONG! Read on.

Cold gray skies

Time flies by

Raindrops fall and people die

And we all cry...


It's been raining since Sunday

When I heard the news

Storming on Monday

Bringing the blues

I've been crying inside

Hiding all of the pain

Caught in endless rain

For everyone else it's clear skies

Clouds and the sun

Time drags by

Soon enough we have to say goodbye

And we all cry...

(Repeat Chorus)

Rain keeps falling

I keep crying

What am I gonna do

(I can't live without you)

I keep fighting

I keep trying

But I can't forget all my memories of you oh-oh-oh-ooo,

Memories of you oh-oh-oh-ooo

Been raining since Sunday

I got the news

You're gone forever and I can't forget you

I love you even with all of this pain

Caught in endless rain (ra-a-a-ain)

Caught in endless rain (Endless, endless, endless)

Caught in.....Caught in....

Endless rain.....Endless rain