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Chapter 88 - Epilogue

Ryuu pushed open Kai's front door, holding it open so Loki and Rei could come in. He was greeted by Amelia. She had her hair swept out of her face with the use of a headband, however it was down and hung down her back. The scars on her neck were on show, as were the ones on her arms since she wore a short sleeved shirt. "Ryuu." She greeted, bowing to the neko. She glanced at Loki and Rei.

"These are my friends. Loki and Rei." Ryuu explained. "Amelia, where is he?" Amelia nodded to Ryuu's friends before looking back to him.

"Sensei is in his bed. He has fed and is now resting. You may see him if you wish." Amelia said, gesturing upstairs. The neko nodded and moved to the base of the stairs before turning back to Loki and Rei. He smiled at them. "Amelia, can you take them to where the others are?" The housekeeper nodded and let them into the living room. Ryuu watched them go an then climbed the stairs quickly. He pushed Kai's bedroom door open and walked into the dimly lit room.

"Kai...?" He called out into the air, staying by the door, keeping it open slightly. He heard a groan from the bed and saw slight movement. He went to it, sitting on the edge of the bed as the vampire lay. He smiled at Kai, brushing hair out his eyes. "Hey. How are you?"

"I've been better." Kai replied quietly, though he offered Ryuu a weak smile. "The wound has closed up from the blood I drank." Kai moved and put a hand over the bandages that covered his torso. Ryuu put a hand over Kai's, looking at the slightly bloodstained material. "I'll be fine. I just need to feed and rest." Kai murmured, looking up at Ryuu and taking in his worried expression. The neko nodded and then lay beside Kai. The vampire took Ryuu into his arms, managing it almost painlessly. "Your girl will be fine too. She had blood bags and as far I could tell the wound healed almost fully." Kai told Ryuu, who murmured his thanks.

They stayed like that for a long time. Ryuu wasn't sure how long; it could have been minutes or hours. Eventually he sat up and looked at the vampire. Ryuu smiled slightly. Kai was asleep; his head tilted slightly to the side; his lips only just parted. Ryuu moved off the bed gently, pulling the covers up over Kai's chest. "Goodnight, Sensei." Ryuu mumbled, smiling at the vampire who looked so soft and vulnerable. Ryuu went to the still open door and stepped out, quietly closing the door. He leaned his back to it, staring at nothing. Kai had survived what could have been a mortal blow, and he had gotten it saving Noir. Smiling again, Ryuu shook his head and then headed downstairs.

Elliot carried Alexis into the bathroom. He put her down on her feet and went to move away but was stopped by her hand holding his shirt. He looked at her; her pink hair a mess; her skin blackened with soot; blood on her neck. She looked up at him and her eyes were that of the scared child that she looked. They told of her fear and sadness; her eyelashes wet from crying, but she wouldn't cry now. The silence grew between them, but it wasn't an uncomfortable silence. It wasn't awkward. It just was.

"I can't go back to them. I can't ever go back to them." Alexis mumbled, still staring up at Elliot. He watched her without speaking. Her grip on his shirt tightened. "Elliot, when you leave this bathroom, will you be leaving my life as well?" She managed to somehow keep the emotion from her voice. Elliot grinned at her and despite his scars, he looked almost gentle.

"Nah. It's pretty interesting with you around. I think I'll stick around for a while longer." He told her. She smiled at him and let go of his shirt. He returned her smile and then turned, leaving the bathroom. Alexis watched him close the door and sighed to herself. She locked the door and then turned the taps of the bath on. Waiting for it to fill, she undressed and took in her appearance in the mirror. She touched a hand to her still tender neck, wincing a little as she did. She sighed again, and then got into the bath, turning the taps off. Alexis took her time washing the filth off her, relaxing in the warmth of the water. It eased her muscles and her mind. She lay back in the dirty water, closing her eyes.

After a while, when she felt relaxed and clean, Alexis pulled the plug on the bath, letting the water drain away and got out. She towel dried her hair and then wrapped the towel round her body; unlocking the door. There she all but walked into Elliot. She took a step back in fright, a hand to her chest, holding onto the towel. She cleared her throat and stepped out of the way to the bathroom. "Feel free to use it. I'll get dressed and go out into town and buy you clean clothes." Alexis said, smiling at him and walking to her room.

"It's okay. We don't need The Order." Elliot said to her, stopping her in her tracks. She turned to him, smiling slightly. She didn't say anything and Elliot then went into the bathroom to wash. Alexis went into her bedroom, dressing and then drying her hair before leaving to buy Elliot some clothes. He'd need to stay with her for a bit since the school would be closed after the fire. She left, feeling much better and a lot more secure in herself. She wasn't alone. How bizarre that the monster hunter's only friend was a vampire. She laughed at the thought.

Ryuu walked into Kai's living room and before he could react, he had Noir in his arms. He held her tight, closing his eyes and taking in her scent; relishing in her form that he held in his arms. He squeezed her slightly and they both pulled apart. He then tilted her head up to him and kissed her. It was a quick and gentle kiss, but it still had the power to increased his heart rate. Through her blush Noir laughed slightly, pushing a hand to his chest. He smiled at her and looked around the room.

Rei was sitting on Loki's knee and it looked like she was asleep. Loki looked tense, but he held her to him; he was stroking the new thrall's hair, looking down at her. Rakuto was talking to Maya in hushed tones on the other couch; she was leaning on him. They were all clearly tired. Ryuu looked back to Noir. "How are you?"

"I'm okay. Kai gave me blood bags to feed from. Those helped. Is he..?" Noir asked, looking at the doorway, half expecting the older vampire. Ryuu shook his head and, taking her hand, went to sit by Loki.

"He's asleep. He'll be fine. Loki, you and Rei okay?" Ryuu asked, sitting next to the shapeshifter, Noir perched on the arm of the couch. Loki looked up from Rei to Ryuu and nodded.

"We're good. Just tired." He explained, gesturing to the sleeping girl on his knee. "How about you?" He asked Ryuu.

"I'm fine." Ryuu assured him. He looked over to Maya and Rakuto. "You two okay?" He asked, causing the vampire to look up from Maya. He gave a short nod and then stood.

"We should head back to Maya's." He said, walking to the door and waiting for the girl. She stood up and followed him, stopping to look back to Ryuu. "Have Kai phone me later to let me know how he is." She told him. Ryuu nodded and then Maya and her protective vampire left. Ryuu yawned before he called for Amelia. The housekeeper came in and Ryuu told her to take Loki and Rei upstairs. Once they had left, Ryuu and Noir were left alone. He lay down on the couch and Noir lay beside him.

They held each other through the night and into the next day as they slept. The rising sun of a new dawn woke them, however they refused to get up. They would rest today, and allow each member to recover from any wounds before they faced what the next day was going to throw at them.