It was two days before the start of a new school year. Students crowded the streets of Tokyo, Japan. Shops were quite busy as the students made their way through stores for last minute shopping and school supplies. Each and every person spotted, could be labeled as "normal" and "ordinary", but not our heroine.

Ichigo Miaka and her childhood friend Nomaki Sora were also doing some last minute shopping. Other students nearby couldn't help but to stare at the two. Miaka and Sora were incredibly attractive.

Miaka had long black hair that flowed down to her hip, and her hair was naturally curly at the tips. Her eyes were an outrageously, beautiful, light -ocean blue. Sora's hair color was a burnt-blonde, that caught everyone's attention. His eyes were also a light brown with a tint of orange like his mother's. Sora was taller than Miaka, but Miaka had an average girl's height. They looked like models. They were constantly targetted by talent scouts looking for models.(Miaka and Sora always rejected the offers, though)

They really stood out from crowds.

"Miaka! watch out!" Sora yelled as a man grabbed Miaka's purse.

Miaka struggled with the man.


She kicked him, and he fell to the floor. Yeah, that's our heroine alright. A tough cookie, this one.

Sora smiled as he rolled his eyes, "Jeez." he mutterred.

"That's what you get. Never touch a woman's bag. It's her life, don't you know?" she smirked. She picked up her purse, and walked off. "Hurry up, Sora!~" She began to skip.

Sora caught up to Miaka as crowds began to gather around the unconscious thief on the floor. Security were informed, and the man was taken away.

"He's out cold~ that pretty young lady has got a powerful kick! This guy was just asking for trouble." The security officers laughed.

Meanwhile, Miaka and Sora disappeared from the scene.

"The streets are packed today. Should we call it a day then, Sora?" she smiled brightly.

"yeah, let's go home." Sora replied. He looked up at the sky and thought quietly to himself of how long he and Miaka had known eachother. They slowly walked back to Miaka's house.

Miaka and Sora's mothers are bestfriends so, Sora has known Miaka eversince birth. They grew up together. They knew eachother very well. He understood her, and she understood him.

Their highschool life together would begin in exactly two days. They both had just turned 16 and were as good as ready to begin highschool.

They were near Miaka's house now-

"Sora~ are you spending the night at my house again?" Miaka asked gleaming.

He looked at her. She was always such a cheerful girl.

"Hah. If you want me to, Ichigo." He grinned.

"Sora! Don't call me that, you know how I hate when people call me Ichigo.." She pouted.

"I know, that's why I say it." he smirked.

Miaka raised her hand in a fist and Sora prepared himself in defense mode.

They began having an all - out - epic battle over a 'nickname'.

Neighbors who were familiar with the two, ran screaming. "Ichigo and Nomaki are at it again! Quick, call their parents before it gets out of hand like last time!!"

Miaka and Sora heard this and immediately stopped. Although they were both equally stubborn and hard headed. The people they were most afraid of were their ... Mothers.

"MIAKA!!!!!" "SORA!!!!" Miaka and Sora's parents shouted angrily.

Miaka's mother was a beautiful sight. She had long black hair and light blue eyes. Sora's mother was also gorgeous. She had long blonde hair and light brown eyes mixed with a tint of orange.

"What's this we hear about you two fighting on the streets again?!" They shouted in unison.

They looked at eachoter.

"why are we always speaking at the same time.. same words too.." They thought.

They looked back at their children.

"Well, Sora was being mean!" Miaka pouted.

"Wha? what happened to that fierce girl who went around kicking people, earlier today?" Sora sneered.

"#$%!^&*" Miaka shouted.

"Do you have tourettes, or something?" Sora joked.

"!#$%^&*" Miaka shouted again.

"Hahahahahah, what was that? i couldn't hear you." Sora said dripping with sarcasm.

"Enough, you two!" Miaka's mother yelled.

"Yes. please stop," Sora's mother said.

"we have something to tell you two." Sora's mother continued, looking rather serious.

Sora and Miaka looked at eachother.

"What is it?" they asked curiously.

"well, we wanted to talk to our own child individually first!" Sora's mother nodded happily pulling away Sora.

"..oh. okay." Miaka said, watching the mother and son dissapear into the next room.

Miaka felt a sudden uneasiness. She glanced at her mother who looked quite nervous. Miaka's mother sighed, then began talking.

"Miaka.. As you know. Your father died when you were 10.." Miaka's mother said sadly.

"...Yes." Miaka felt worried.

Miaka's thoughts:

"Mother has never brought up father since his death.. what's going on?"

Miaka's father had passed away from a sudden illness when she was 10. Her mother had never spoken a word about him since then. It must've hurt to keep it all in though.

"The truth is Miaka.." Miaka's mother began.

Suddenly, Sora shouted "No!" and ran back inside the room. He took Miaka's hand and shouted, "We'll never be seperated!"

"What's going on?" Miaka questioned.

At this point, Sora's mother ran back into the room in tears.

"Sora! please.. don't make this any more difficult than it already is! Please! I know you're upset, but.."

"But what?! This can't be happening!" Sora interrupted.

"Sora, please calm down. I didn't get the chance to explain to Miaka yet." Miaka's mother said calmly.

"What's going on?!" Miaka asked impatiently.

"Miaka.." Sora looked at Miaka and saw how confused and scared she looked about what was going on. He turned back and looked at Miaka's mother, allowing her to continue.

"Miaka, the truth is.. I met someone."

"what? what do you mean?" Miaka seemed surprised.

"I met a man. Actually, we've been dating for quite some time now.. and he's asked me to marry him." She said.

"Quite some time? Like how long, mother? How come you've never told me?" she asked, looking concerned.

"3 years after your father's death. His name is Hayami Sasume. I've been dating him for the past 2 years. I kept it from you because I didn't know how you'd take it.." she said, guilty.

Miaka saw how guilty and sad her mother felt and decided to not give her a hard time. Afterall, she is her mother.

"Oh.. I'm glad for you mother" she said with a small smile.

"really? Miaka, really?" She asked excitedly.

"Miaka! You have to listen to the whole story first!" Sora cried.

"Shh, Sora.. Let Ms. Ichigo continue!" Sora's mother cried.

"What? There's more?" Miaka looked confused again.

Hi! I'm imaginexeuphoria (the author of this manga). Well, This is my first time writing a story for a manga so I'm really excited to know how you guys feel about my story! Please review :)