She found herself excited rather than unhappy with Yori's rude card. She looked inside the box for the last item: where they were going. It was a peice of paper that showed directions to where to go, but it didn't say where it actually would take her. Miaka stared curiously at it. She went downstairs, catching everyone's eyes and blushing faces. She left the house.


Miaka looked at the instructions:

1.) From our house, walk straight and turn left. You'll find a strawberry card lying on the floor. Pick it up and hold onto it.

2.) Keep going straight. When you see another strawberry card on the floor, you'll know that you're going the right way.

3.) When you pick up the third strawberry card, turn right.

4.) Continue picking up strawberry cards. By this time you should have 8 strawberry cards total.

5.) Turn right again, and you'll find two more strawberry cards in your path way. It'll lead you to me.

Miaka followed the directions and instructions, and found herself with 10 strawberry cards and giggled at the sight of them. She reached an entrance. It was the ice cream parlor that Miaka and Yori had been at together before. He lead her using the long way that Miaka had never taken before. Of course, eyes were glued to Miaka. She was about to open the door when suddenly a little boy poked her backside.

"Are you Miaka?" he asked.

"Yes." she smiled.

"I knew it!" he cheered.

"How did you know?" she bent down to his eye level.

"Because you're beautiful!" he smiled.

"A beautiful boy told me to tell you to wait for at least 5 minutes talking to me, until you open the door." he explained.

"ha ha. okay!" she smiled.

"do you know why you're here?" the little boy asked her.

"yes.. for a date!" she smiled.

"o00ooh, no wonder he was dressed like that." the boy told her.

"like what?" she asked curiously.

"you'll see!" he told her and gently pushed her inside the parlor.

Miaka's eyes landed on a handsome young man. Her heart began beating like mad. Yori was wearing a black suit that made him look so mature and outstanding. Miaka's eyes suddenly landed on the hundreds of strawberry ice cream surrounding him.. Miaka gasped.

"Yori?" she muttered.

"hi." he turned away and blushed.

Miaka began blushing too.

"So we're dressed up like this... to eat icecream?" she asked.

"There's more." he told her. "sit down first."

They sat down and ate loads of ice cream while talking happily. Miaka felt light and cheerful. Yori smiled more than often and Miaka blushed more than often. They talked for 2 hours and ate all of the ice cream surrounding them. They began to have a serious talk.

"So, why are we wearing such beautiful clothing?" she asked him.

"well.. you are always so oblivious of your own beauty, so I thought i'd help you show it to the maximum. You thought you were beautiful today, didn't you?" he asked.

"Well.. I did think the dress was beautiful." she smiled. "thank you."

"whatever. Just know, that you're beautiful. That's the point of the dress, but later tonight we'll be going out with the family, so they said to dress fancy." he told her.

"oh." she said, dissapointed that there wasn't another meaning for it.

"Also.. where are those strawberrry cards?" he asked.

"right here." she pulled them out.

"turn them over." he told her.

She did, and her eyes widened at watch she saw. She had butterflies at the sight of it. On the back of each strawberry card, there was a letter.

"Y", "O", "R", "I", "+", "M", "I", "A", "K", "A". It said, "Yori + Miaka." She hadn't noticed it earlier.

Yori smirked. Make sure step-mother sees it later. (to rub it in Miaka's mother's face, since she made those fans that said "sora + miaka") Miaka found herself laughing and her face was hotter than usual. They looked at eachother.

"There's also another meaning behind those cards." he told her.

"what?" she asked, surprised that there was more.

"didn't you notice?" he asked.

"no.. what?" she asked.

"Its in the shape of strawberries.. I wanted you to notice that I was calling you 'Ichigo" the whole way here.. I wanted you to get used to it so that you wouldn't hurt anymore when people called you 'Ichigo'." he told her, looking away.

Wow.. Yori is so different today. I'm different today as well. It really doesn't hurt anymore hearing others call me that.. Miaka thought to herself.

She stared at him.

"Yori, the truth is..I didn't know you could be so thoughtful. I wasn't able to think about my father in a long time. My mind was occupied on other things. Like coming here for our date.. coming to you.." Miaka and Yori both blushed.

"And, things are definetely different today, but I still don't know what love is." she told him. He nodded, telling her that he understood. He looked at the watch.

"Alright, let's go meet up with our crazy family now then." he told her.

They walked out of the ice cream parlor. It was dark now. Suddenly a car came out of nowhere and it was rushing right towards Miaka! Yori's eyes widened.

"Miaka!" Yori yelled and pushed Miaka out of the way.

Miaka, on the ground now, was safe. Unfortunately, Yori wasn't. He had been hit by the car and Miaka's heart stopped.

"Y-yori?" she whispered. He didn't move.

"Yori?!" she yelled as she grabbed onto him. There was blood all over her hands as she hysterically screamed. Yori's blood. The driver that had hit him, came out of the car and called for help. Within minutes, an ambulance arrived and took the unconscious Yori and the hysterical Miaka to the hospital.

"Miaka!" Ren, Michi, Sasume, and Miaka's mother yelled as they arrived at the hospital.

"Are you okay?!" they yelled.

"Y-yori...he's badly hurt. He protected me from the car.. and now he's hurt.." she wept.

"Miaka.." they whispered.

"I-I.. I don't know what's going on.. one minute I was so happy with him.. and now.. he's lying in there... he can't die! no! I don't want him to!" she screamed, tears running out of her eyes, nonstop.

"So.. are you saying you love him?" they asked her.

"...I don't want him to leave us. I don't want him to leave me. I want him to be with us forever. I want him to be with me forever... he's mean at times and likes to call me baka. He doesn't show alot of emotion, but when he does, I feel really happy. He's helpful and thoughtful, and when he smiles.. he really makes my breathing irregular... is this what love is?" she asked them, tears still streaming from her eyes.

They looked amazed.

"That's love." Yori said, seated in a wheelchair and bandages all over him.

"Yori?!" they all screamed. Yori was behind Miaka who was now facing him.

"Why are you ..?! You're supposed to be dying!" Miaka yelled.

"What the hell, baka.. I was only injured.." he muttered.

"But there was so much blood!" she cried.

"Yeah, I bled. What of it? I'm okay now." he told her.

Staff and faculty allowed the noise in the hospital, because they wanted to see more of it. The beautiful couple~ they thought. The two brothers, Miaka's mother, and Sasume also watched quietly as Miaka and Yori argued back and forth.

"Go lay down, idiot!" she yelled at him.

"well, i was sleeping untill I heard the loud yelling, screaming, crying, and ... love confession." he smirked.

"well, I guess it really is lov-.." Miaka covered her mouth.

"Love?" he rolled his wheelchair towards her. He slowly stood up.

"Yori! Don't get up! You're still hurt!" she told him.

"No, not unless you tell me." he told her.

"Tell you what?" she asked.

"Ah... my legs hurt so much.." he said with pain trying to make Miaka feel guilty.

"I love you!" she yelled, and immediately covered her mouth.

"Awwwwww!!!!!!!!!!" the crowd went wild.

"I love you too." he smiled and sat down in his wheel chair like a goodboy.

Miaka blushed.

"Miaka, come here." he told her.

She bent down since he was sitting in his wheelchair now.

"what?" she asked.

He pulled her closer to him and wiped her wet face.

"Don't cry so much, baka." he told her. "Sure, I was hurt because I pushed you out of the way of a stupid car. I would do that any day for you." He told her. "I wouldn't want you to be in any kind of pain. So stop crying." he said.

Miaka looked into his hazel eyes. He stared back at her ocean blue. Their lips found themselves upon eachother. Several minutes passed by and they continued kissing passionately.

"Okay... that's enough.." Miaka's mother told them.

They continued kissing.

"Ah~ Young love." Sasume sighed with a smile of satisfaction.

"It's beautiful!" Ren and Michi cheered.

"If you ask me, Yori is the lucky one out of this. Think about it, he had to eliminate many many guys to get to her, right? Miaka had a lot of choices, but she chose him!" they all laughed.

"Hayami Yori? Make sure to put loads of sleeping pills in his food later." the jealous doctor told the nurses.

"Miaka! Yori! stop already!" Miaka's mother pleaded.

They didn't stop. This was the longest kiss ever seen.

Finally, they willingly stopped and smiled at eachother.

"Miaka. You didn't pick Sora?" Miaka's mother asked sadly. (yes, she's still wearing Sora's face on her shirt)

"Of course not! she picked Yori!" Sasume cheered. (definitely still wearing his, "YORI FTW!!" shirt)

"No. me and Sora concluded that the love between us is only a love of friendship. He's my best friend and we love eachother, but no more than 'best friends'." She smiled. "Sora understands completely now too. He was probably only confused for a while. Since we're bestfriends.. I guess it was his way of being overprotective of me.. he just got lost for a while." she chuckled as she explained.

"It makes sense." they said.

"oh well! now, you're friends with those two other guys but your boyfriend is Yori! who you L.O.V.E!" They cheered.

Miaka and Yori blushed as they smiled.

"Yori is smiling! oh my gosh! the magic just keeps happening!" Sasume and the two brothers pounced on Yori for a hug.

Meanwhile, Miaka walked up to her mother and pulled out the strawberry cards.

"Here mother, take a look." she giggled.

Miaka's mother looked at the cards "Yori + Miaka" she laughed.

"Okay, fine! I give up! Yori, you better treat Miaka with full on, LOVE!" she told him.

"I understand step-mother." he nodded and smiled.

"he smiled again!" they cheered and hugged him tightly.

"Get the hell off of me." he told them blankly.

Like usual, they immediately got off and laughed.

Miaka and Yori smiled at eachother.

"Okay, time to take you back to your hospital room." Miaka told him.

"I'm not that hurt.. let's go home." he told her.

They all agreed.

"Damn." the jealous doctors said and went to go save lives.

Miaka and Yori held hands as Michi and Ren took turns pushing Yori on his wheelchair. Miaka's mother and Sasume hugged eachother and they all went home with happy expressions.

In Yori's room...

"Yori?" Miaka asked, sitting beside Yori who was laying on his bed.

"Hn?" he asked.

She took his hand and held it.

"Thank you for teaching me how love feels like." she smiled.

"I should be saying the same to you." He smiled at her.

Miaka leaned over to him and they kissed.


Here's what happened later on in their lives ...

Yori spent his later days healing from the accident. Miaka went to school and immediately came home to be with Yori. They were happy as new lovers could be. They had their little arguments and fights, but they always made up. You'll be happy to know, that Miaka and Yori survived their years together and built a healthy and strong relationship. Since they were both too attractive, they were rarely in some sort of love triangle since people were too insecure about themselves to approach them. Once Miaka and Yori turned 20, Yori proposed. Instead of immediately accepting, Miaka kicked him. Although he planned a beautiful dinner and hid her ring in her strawberry ice cream, he knelt down on the ground with one kneee and asked "Baka, would you marry me?" with a gentle expression. She kicked him and then accepted. (Sora and Kaito were Miaka's 'bride's maids' and Ren and Michi were Yori's 'best man'(s)) 2 years later, they had twins! One boy and one girl. Thus, they lived a wonderful life together with their children onwards :)

Hi! imaginexeuphoria here! So this is the last chapter for Ichigo love! I hope you all enjoyed it~ It kind of seems rushed to even me.. but I'm satisfied with how it ended. How about you guys? Let me know! thanks again :)