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All I saw was his eyes glaze over and harden as he scanned the room. They seemed to glaze over even more when he caught my eye, as if he knew I would be the one to break down that barrier.

Which I planned to, of course. I couldn't just give his eyes hope on a girl who he thought could break that barrier and failed.

No, because I was the same as him. Nice, pleasant girl, they'd always called me: the girl with no problems and no drama. Not a single person had been able to come up with any dirt on me. All they know was that I had shown up junior year with nothing but a bag of clothes, money, and emancipation papers and that had been that. People here knew not to mess with outsiders; outsiders had shot and killed half of the elementary school a few weeks before I had gotten there. I had demanded respect and I got it, living in a modest two-room apartment in the middle-class part of town, working as a tattooist in the one and only tattoo and piercing place in the town. Outside, we were the same. But inside me laid a terrified teen who was just doing their best. This guy was the same as me but his suffering was surely worse than mine.

All he needed was someone to break through that fa├žade, just like I did.