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Chapter Twenty

"Christmas time is here"

"Happiness and Cheer"

"Fun for all that children call"

"Their favorite time of year"

I laughed as I watched Alex and Davey sing "Christmas Time is Here" back and forth to each other. "Why do you know all the lyrics?" I asked, leaning back in my seat on the couch with my reading glasses on.

Alex arched his eyebrows at me. "Who doesn't know all the lyrics to Christmas Time is Here?" he shot back. I glared at him and Davey laughed.

"He's got a point buddy. Besides, you should be the main one singing. You're birthday's today!" he exclaimed, walking over to me. "Yeah, you and Paris will finally be the same age" Alex added.

I smiled. "Yeah, that is one upside. I don't know. I've never been super crazy about my birthday until…now actually. Paris has some type of surprise planned for me," I said, pulling my shoes.

"Surprise? Like what?" Davey mocked. I arched my eyebrows at him and smirked. "You know! Tell me" I growled, lunging at him. He laughed and moved out the way. "I can't. I've been swore to secrecy by your girlfriend" he chuckled, pushing me off of him.

"Swear on your unborn child," I said, pointing at him. He sighed and raised his right hand. "I swear on my unborn child," he mumbled. Alex laughed. "You guys, that is so messed up" he said, looking over at me.

Dad walked into the room and laughed when he saw us. After since Thanksgiving, he's been staying at mom's house. Things haven't been better lately.

"Your mother said stop fighting in here" he chuckled. I frowned. Well, then again, she's still my mom. I got up off the ground and helped Davey up. "Hey dad. Did Paris tell you what she's planning for my birthday?" I asked, trying to coax it out of him.

Dad smirked and put his hands in his pockets. "Forget it Andie. I'm not telling you anything" he replied. I sighed and walked toward the door. "I guess I'll just have to go ask her. Davey? You coming with?" I asked, looking over my shoulder at him.

He nodded and grabbed our jackets before saying 'bye' to Alex and my dad. We walked down the street and looked at the thin layer of snow around us. You don't see much snow around California but every now and then, you'll spot some in Avalon.

"I've been thinking about names for the baby", he said softly. I looked over at him. "I'm still trying to get over the shock that my best friend's gonna be a dad. Can you believe this Davey? 2 months and a few weeks ago, we would have never thought this would happen" I exclaimed, moving to the side so a woman and her dog could pass by me.

"You mean, me going out with a night club Dj and you going out with a cover model?" he asked bluntly. "…Yeah but not just that. 2 months ago, you hated your job. We barely had any money. I wasn't speaking to Antony. I didn't know how my father was. Life was just…horrible" I replied in a sigh.

"And along came Paris with her fairy Godmother Liz and they just flipped the script" he teased. I laughed and we turned the corner down another street. "Things just changed but this time…for the better. I'm starting to wonder what next year will bring," I said, smiling when I saw Katie and Paris walking up to us.

They smiled back and Davey grinned at me. "All I can say is to take one day at a time. We're in no rush right?" he said, waving at Katie. I grinned back at him. "Nah, we're in no rush at all".


"Liz, I don't feel like doing this. It's my birthday. Can't we chill at home?" I asked, fiddling with the red dress shirt I had on. "I'm afraid not Andie. Paris was very strict about her plans for tonight" she replied.

I groaned. It was my birthday, so why was everybody doing things their way? I saw everyone walking inside the building and my eyebrows arched. They were all dressed up and I even saw some people that I hadn't seen in years.

"Liz, please tell me what's going on," I begged. She just laughed and opened the door for me. "She loves you Andie. That's all I really have to say" she replied.

I walked inside and was welcomed to a pitch-dark room. Ok, were they trying to kill me now? I could easily trip and fall in this place and somebody would be losing their job in the next 24 hours. The lights came on and I covered my eyes so I wouldn't be blinded.

"Welcome to Andrea Fluharty's 22nd birthday celebration!" exclaimed a voice over an intercom. I looked around and realized I was in the center of a room, surrounded by my family members and close friends.

There was a chair in front of me and one right next to that one. I slowly sat down and smiled sheepishly.

"Whoa! Go Andie!" Davey and Alex yelled from somewhere in the room. "And now, here's your host…Paris Beaunet!" I turned around and saw Paris in a striking green dress. I almost got the wind knocked out of me just looking at her.

I then realized the theme here. My red shirt. Her green dress. Christmas colors. God damn it. She smiled at me and every applauded.

"Happy birthday baby! Were you surprised?" she asked, a microphone in her hand. I glared at her and she giggled. "Yeah. Yeah, I guess I was. What is all this?" I asked, motioning around the room.

"Well, your mother told me that you weren't really big with birthday parties and that you didn't celebrate your birthday anymore. And we just can't have that, now can we?" she said to the audience.

They all shouted "No!" and I laughed. "So, I've decided to take your 22nd birthday into my own hands. With help from your mother and…Davey obviously. I've put together a show about your past 22 years. I hope your impressed" she said, walking over and sitting on my lap.

"After all, I did this all for you" she whispered huskily. She climbed off my lap and I tried to find the blush that was on my face. The room got dark again and a screen dropped from the ceiling.

I kissed Paris's cheek and she took my hand, interlacing our fingers together.

"Antony, look who this is huh. Who's this? Who is it Tony?" I looked up at the screen and saw a 4 years old Antony holding infant me in his arms. I could tell Dad was holding the camera by the sound of his voice.

"It's Andie daddy" he said childish. Everyone awed and I looked around in the audience for my brother. I spotted him and he smiled at me.

"Yeah that sure is Andie. Are you gonna take good care of her?" my father asked. Antony nodded and looked down at little me in his arms. "She's my sister. Of course I am," he said.

Paris squeezed my hand and a small smile came across my face. "Ok, this is going to be epic. Andie, stand right there alright. I'll go get my bike and we're gonna totally jumped this pool!" Everyone started laughing and I instantly realized which tape this was.

I heard Davey groan and I laughed harder. "I was 9! Give me a break," he yelled. "Even I knew this was a dumb idea Davey," I yelled back. I looked back at the screen and saw 9 year old me just watching Davey as he grabbed his bike.

"Um…Davey, yeah I don't think this is a good idea" I said nervously. "Relax. I've got this," he said proudly. He took off on his bike toward the ramp. He hit it…and fell right inside the pool with a splash.

Paris burst into laughter and so did everyone else. Davey crawled out the pool and laid on the grass with 9 year old me cracking up on the lawn. "I can't believe you did that! Aww man, you're an idiot" I chuckled. Davey growled and ran after me and the scene changed.

I was laying on a bench sleep and I could tell Alex had the camera by the way his voice sounded. "That's my sister Andie. She's 4 years older than me and she's sleep right now. Should we wake her up? I think we should," he said.

Alex started laughing and I glared over at him. "I know you remember this," he said, looking over at me. Back on the screen, Alex had climbed on top of his bunk bed and looked back at the camera.

"This, is going to be something to remember for all time," he said slyly. Paris smiled at me and looked back at the screen. "ANDIE!" he yelled. I jumped off of the bench and sure enough, Alex jumped on my back and I fell to the floor would a crash.

"ALEX!" I growled, tossing him off me. Everyone in the audience laughed again and I looked away in slight embarrassment. "Andie, Alex. What was that noise?" my mom said from the other room.

We both looked at the camera and smirked. "No-thing" we said slyly. My mother looked over at me and I just shrugged. She laughed and we continued to look at the screen.

What showed up next surprised me. "Come here, come here. Don't be shy. I don't bite. I just wanna ask you a question," said 14-year-old Ashley. "Can't I turn the camera off first?" I groaned. "No" she shot back, pulling my arm and dragging me into the camera's view.

Paris laughed and pointed at the screen when she saw the 14-year old version of me. "Look at you. You're hair was a lot longer than that" she chuckled. I smiled and looked back at the screen. "That's because mom wouldn't let me cut it," I said, chuckling.

"Ok, so Andie here thinks I should go to the 10th grade dance with Mike…but I think I should go with her. What do you think Davey?" she asked, staring at the camera.

The 14-year old me was shaking her head 'no' behind Ashley but stopped and smiled at her when she turned. "Uh…I think…um," Davey said nervously from behind the camera.

I was pointing at Ashley and made a heart with my hands. "I think um…you should definitely go with Mike!" he exclaimed. I sighed and Ashley pouted. "Really? Well, I looks like I'll be going alone" she said, walking out of view of the camera.

My jaw dropped on the screen and I heard Davey snicker. "What? But he said to go with Mike! Ashley! Come back! Ashley!" I yelled after her. The scene changed and I looked over at Paris. Her eyes were still on the screen and I smiled at her.

"Graduation day. Today is the last time I'll be in Cali for 4 years. Hard times, I know. I just wanna say that um…mom if you find this video. I love you and thanks for everything that you did for me growing up. Davey, wow. Where do I begin? Davey, you're my best friend and I wish nothing but the best for you in the future. I hope I see you again someday…and you Ashley, you are the love of my life. I just wish I wasn't so afraid to fight for you. Well, I've gotta go now and get my diploma. Bye" said the 18 year old me, dressed in my High school robes.

The audience awed again and Paris squeezed my hand. I leaned over and whispered, "I love you" in her ear. She smiled sweetly and kissed me.

"I guess what I'm saying is… I wanna know you. I wanna ask you more questions and I want to be there beside you. I want you to tease me and I want you to constantly throw yourself at me. I want to spoon you in my bed and enjoy the warmth you give me at night, and I want to know more about your past. I want to know everything about."

"Paris Beaunet, I love you. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone else. So please, tell me you love me back". I laughed and looked around the room. "Ok, who videotaped that?" I asked. Liz raised her hand and smiled at me.

"What? It was a touching moment" she replied in her defense. The screen showed a few pictures that had been taking a few years ago and then the words "Pandie" showed up on the screen.

Everybody laughed and Paris and I looked at each other and smiled. There were numerous pictures of us but our favorite one was last. The picture taken right after our interview when I was smiling into Paris's kiss.

The lights came back on and Paris stood up. "I guess all that's left is to sing happy birthday to you. So here to sing to you is Beyonce Knowles!" she exclaimed. My jaw dropped and I looked around for Beyonce but saw nobody.

Paris laughed and I glared at her. "Ok. There's no Beyonce but I'm sure your friends and family will do just fine," she said. They all started to sing 'happy birthday' to me and I stood up and looked around shyly.

Paris handed me the mic when Davey, Alex, and Antony started chanting "speech".

"Um…I really don't know what to say. I guess, this all started because of you mom and you dad. I mean, you gave birth to me. But really, this is probably the best birthday I've had in a while so…thank you, Paris. Thanks a lot and just so you know, you are the love of my life. You, are simply put…the sweetest dream I have ever dreamt and the softest song I have ever sang," I said sweetly.

"Hey! Those are my words!" Dad yelled. Everyone laughed and Paris smiled at me. "Well yeah but I need to borrow them real quick" I yelled back. Paris looked into my eyes and bent her finger towards her.

"Come here you," she said, smirking at me. I walked over and she pulled me into a kiss. Lights went off around us and I pulled her closer towards me. "You know, these pictures are gonna be everywhere in the next". "2 to 5 hours, yeah. I know the drill" I interrupted, claiming her lips again as she smiled.


We sat around and ate cake as people congratulated me and some of them left on they're way home. "Paris!" We turned around and I saw Sarah with Damien right behind her.

I smiled at him and he smirked back. "What you did for Andie was so sweet! How did you think of that?" Sarah exclaimed. Paris just shrugged. "I don't know. It kind of just hit me," she said, winking at me.

Damien looked over at me and nodded toward the wall. I followed him in confusion and we walked away from the crowd. "I'm guessing you know about Paris's past now right?" he asked.

I shook my head. "Not all of it, but I'm hoping that she'll open up to me more about it" I replied. "Good, good because I just wanted you to know that my agent wants her to act in a movie with me next year" he said. I smiled. "Damien, that's great!" I exclaimed.

He shook his head. "The role she would be playing would be kind of…edgy. I wanted to talk to you about it first. I don't want her to have nightmares again or anything," he said in concern.

I arched my eyebrows at him. "Damien, why do you know so much about Paris?" I asked. He sighed and looked back over at his fiancée and Paris talking. "Because she's my half sister," he replied.

My eyes widened and I looked between him and Paris. Something tells me that things just got a little more interesting.

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