September 11th, 2001 (9-11)

On this day that we now recall,

Proud and true our colors fly.

As the Twin Towers begin to fall,

We all hear the people cry.

One by one they all go down,

Knowing we must face our fears.

Watching blue sky turn to brown,

We cry wordless things and heartless tears.

Into the darkness we cannot see,

Holding each other and staying alive.

Where is the exit, we must be free,

All we know is we must survive.

We all saw and heard the attack,

And seen the pilots commit suicide.

As the ceiling clouds with black,

We watch, as many others die.

Who will stay alive to tell this tale,

Or leave this place for a time?

Will we ever put the person in jail,

Whoever has done this crime?

And will you remember me,

Even after I am gone?

Will we ever love this life's bounty,

And watch a new day blossom and dawn?