when broken is easily fixed,
when you can hear the sounds of smiles,
to walk a fine line, and fall to one side.

to forget grudges held,
to never lie alone again,
giving up on me, i've lost the feeling of pain.

it wasn't said that it never hurt,
broken promises haunt like the dead,
would you kill me in my sleep?

still smiling, through your name,
still dancing, through the storms,
will you take me home with you?

no longer afraid, lost my fear of falling,
but the darkness is still clouding the light,
easy to love, easier to hate.

despite our fights, our reckless nights,
my thoughts still scream through,
with words never spoken.

despite the pain, despite the tears like rain,
my heart still beats for you,
and i'm barely audible as i whisper your name.

i'll remember you.