A/n: This is a rewrite. The world needs more cliché zombie stories.

Chapter one:

The Beginning

Yanni peeked up through her blankets and yawned exhaustedly. She hated waking up so early in the morning on weekends. Grouchily, she threw her legs over the side of the bed and scratched her arm.

She glanced quickly over at the alarm clock that blinked. Oh no! Yanni realized she was late for her date.

"Crap!" she cursed and ran to the bathroom, quickly grabbing a random outfit that consisted of a skirt and a tan turtleneck.

"Olivia!" Yanni shouted as she stomped down the stairs. "Olivia! Are you awake yet?"

Olivia poked her head out from around the corner. She was already dressed and an aura of excitement floated around her. This was abnormal for her emo fourteen year old little sister.

"I have to go out today," Yanni informed her as she yanked her shoes on. "If you're going out, remember to lock the doors." She briefed a glance at her and stopped talking abruptly.

Olivia's face was stone, like it has been for the past year, ever since their parents flew over to China to do business. But at this moment, it seemed like it was enraged; white with fury as she gazed down at Yanni.

"Hey…" Yanni began and slowly walked towards Olivia. "Are you alright?"

Pure hatred was radiating from the young girl as she turned away and disappeared into the kitchen.

Yanni paused, her muscles tensed. She had a really bad feeling.

"Ethan!" Yanni cried and then ran towards him. He was leaning against the pole with his hands shoved in his pockets.

"Yanni," he smiled and opened his arms for a hug. Yanni accepted gratefully.

"Sorry, I'm late," she apologized, while frowning. "I woke up late."

"Predictable," Ethan chortled and buried his head into her hair. "The amusement park is opened all day so it doesn't matter."

Yanni smiled at his consideration and leaned in to peck him on the lips. "Of course it is."

At that second, the bus pulled up and screeched to a stop in front of them. She hopped up the stairs and paid her fare.

"Go get the seats in the back," Ethan pointed as he dug in his pocket for money. She followed his gaze to the second to last seat on the bus. There weren't a lot of people on the bus. It was unusually quiet.

The only person Yanni knew a bit was Mrs. Foster, the old lady that seemed to have lost her mind a few months ago after her husband died just last week. Today she looked strange. Something that she couldn't put her fingers on.

"Hey," a hand clamped onto her shoulder. Yanni flinched and turned around. "Aren't you going?"

"Y-yeah," Yanni grumbled and ripped her gaze from Mrs. Foster. Ethan guided her to the seat and she sat on the inside, next to the window.

"Hmm, what do you want to ride when we get there?" Ethan chirped, happily and leaned back. Yanni continued to observe the window and had barely heard him. Other than Mrs. Foster, there were a few other people, they were seat quite close to Mrs. Foster, who was beginning to sway.

"Ethan," Yanni stammered and glanced meekly up at him. "Can we get off at the next stop?"

"Why? We just got on," Ethan protested and frowned as he glanced out the window. "After this stop, it's a straight ride towards the park."

A straight thirty minute ride.

"Oh, but I'm feeling really uncomfortable," she replied, fidgeting. Yanni pushed him to get out of the seats. "Please."

"C'mon," he complained.

The bus zoomed passed the stop and Yanni was dispirited. Her hands were moist as she sat back into the seat.

"Why are you so nervous?" he murmured and grabbed her cold hands. Yanni was distracted as she watched Mrs. Foster stumble up.

She looked away and back at Ethan. "I…I think it's just me."

"Hey! What are you do---Aah!" There was a bloodcurdling scream from the front and a weird splashing noise. Yanni jerked her head up and felt a scream bubbling to her lips. The windshield was covered in blood and Mrs. Foyer was attacking the bus driver.

She screamed loudly and pushed her up against her seat while screaming. Ethan stood up somewhat defiantly.

"I'm going to see what happened," he said urgently. Yanni jumped and yanked his shirt.

"Don't! It's dangerous!" Suddenly, someone grabbed Ethan from behind and he whirled around stunned. The other passengers on the bus were groaning and moaning and their skin was abnormally mottled.

It's as if…they were just like zombies.

"E-Ethan!" Yanni shrieked as the man's jaw clamped harshly onto Ethan's shoulder. Blood spurted everywhere and her eyes locked, horrified at the expression on her boyfriend's face.

"…Y…Y-a…" he sputtered and he slunk over her. She was left there shocked, drenched in Ethan's blood. The zombies were reaching towards her, but having difficulty to reach over Ethan.

I have to do something, she realized. Yanni pressed herself up against the window behind her, trying to avoid the grasps of the zombies. She grabbed hoisted herself upward and somersaulted painfully into the seats in front of her.

This was no time to feel pain. Numbly, she ran sprinted towards the drivers' seat. Her footsteps stopped dead in her tracks as she stared at the horror in front of her. Yanni's stomach lurched dangerously.

The bus driver was clearly dead. His stomach has been opened and his innards were strewn around. Blood dripped rhythmically from his fingertips that slung limply over the seat. She could even make out his intestines that have been gnawed to tiny bits stuck to the window and steering wheel.

Don't….puke, Yanni gasped for air as she tried to swallow the bile that slowly traveled up her throat. No time for vomiting.

"I'm sorry," Yanni whispered and pulled the corpse from its seat. It fell to the ground with a sickening crack. She jumped up and took control of the bus. Lividly, Yanni stomped her foot hard on the gas pedal, quickly ascending the hill.

This was the route to the park. They had to drive along the mountain terrain that overlooked a lake.

That's it. Yanni realized. A lake. All she had to do was drive into it….

Taking a quick turn, she was able to avoid an oncoming car and knock over the dead that would slow their progress towards the drivers' seat.

"Where…are you," Yanni muttered to herself, her eyes glued to the hard concrete ramp. She was so sure it was around her. The concrete ramp transformed into a thin rail ramp. She had to ram against it.

Yanni gripped her hands to the blood steering wheel, making sure her own bloodied hands wouldn't slip off of it. Yanking the steering wheel hard to the left, the bus swerved brutally and rammed into the thin ramp.

SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, the sound of metal upon metal filled the bus, making Yanni grit her teeth. Sparks flew from the side of the bus. Her foot pressed harder on the accelerator.

One more time. She swerved, avoiding a lamp post and once again rammed the bus into the rusting ramp. After a prolonged screech, Yanni was rewarded with the sound of ripping.

The bus flew from the rode and tipped over the edge. Her stomach traveled to her throat as they freefell towards the dark, murky waters of the lake below.

"Ethan, wait for me," she whispered and the bus slammed into the water.