So I was in the mood to write and it was ten at night. Sorry if it sucks, Minor language. Umm...Well.... I guess thats it. Tell me what you think.

"Umm... What are you doing?"

"Please... Just... Humor me, would you?"

Blinking I tried to make sense of what my best friend of seven years was saying, giving up my mouth flapped open and closed a few times before I finally choaked out a single word.


Okay. Let me start from the beginning. Well, beginning-ish.

My name is Aaron White and I'm fifteen. Yeah... I'd have to say puberty hasn't been to nice to me, though there. I'm tall, I trip over my own feet, my voice cracks at terrible times, so basically I'm a typical teenage boy. I have a normal family, me being an only child, I like to think I'm not spoiled but I'm American. Were all spoiled rotten brats. I get the wonderful was of thinking from my best friend... I've known Ashton since I was eight. He's never been a particularly cheery person. Though, he's always been... How do I say it? Unpredictable. But hey, thats what this is about, Right?

"Hey Aaron, I can come over after school, right?" Ashton was staring out the window rather absently as the bus made it's way to the school we all know and, instead of love, can't wait till it "mysteriously" catches fire and burns to the ground.

"Umm.... Yeah? You come over every other day, what makes to day any different?" I gave him a look that asked what was going on and when he started to ask for permission for anything. He'd been rather out of it for about a week, and frankly I've been a bit worried.

"I Just... Want to talk to you after school, Kay?"

"Umm... Okay? You alright?" As annoying and unhelpful as it was I was a bit relieved to see the familiar smirk return to his face, even if it was short lived.

"Oh. You'll see." I rolled my eyes and sat in silence for the rest of the ride, sending slightly worried glances in the direction of my distracted friend.

"Oh. My. God. That was so tiring..." I said, dragging myself off the bus and towards home, anxious to be away from the torture device known as school.

"I hope you not to tired." I slowly glanced back at Ashton and gave him a questioning look ass soon as I saw the smirk plastured to his face. In response to the look I got a shake of the head. As curious as I was I knew he wasn't about to explain so, as much as I wanted to demand answers I unlocked the front door that I unceremoniously smacked into. I, in my confused state, apparently forgot I couldn't walk through doors.

"Ow?" I blinked, walking in, rubbing my forehead as I headed for the kitchen. "Foooood....." I whined as I went seaching through the cupboards in search of just that.

"I'll be in your room, Aaron." I nodded, not caring if he could even see me from his place on the stairs, my mouth full of cold, leftover pasta. Grabbing my bowl and a fork, I took the pasta up the stairs following suit and heading to my room. "Pasta again?" Ashton asked giving me an odd lookthat was slightly disgusted.


"Do you eat pasta every night?! I swear!" I shook my head and swollowed the last of my beloved pasta, putting the bowl on my cluttered desk.

"You know mom has a habit of making way to much food for dinner. Pasta just hapens to be, not only my favorite food, but also one of the few foods no one else likes the leftovers of." He just rolled his eyes and resumed reading the book he was holding... Huh... Didn't notice he had one... Odd... It looks famil-- Oh. Shit. I sorta forget to mention... I'm umm... I'm gay. It's not obvious, and my mom knows and all, but... well... Ashton doesn't. I'm worried he'd veiw me differently, besides I'd rather him not find out about the crush I have on him... Its only slight, I swear!

"Hey Aaron?"


"What's with the book?" About the book. Ever since my mom found out I was gay, she's had the habit of buying me these odd gay romance books. They are not that bad, but I don't read them often. I bit my lip and hoped to god I wasn't blushing.



"Well... Ask her?" I said it as more of a question for him to drop it than and answer to his question. "Umm... Ashton, you had something you wanted to talk about?" It was another pathetic attempts to get him to drop it, I didn't expect it to work so I was thrown off when, instead of probing and demanding I got a sidetracked Ashton.

"Oh, right! Thanks for reminding me." I sighed slightly, knowing I had about a day and by the most likely Ashton would know my sexuality. I wasn't embarressed of it in the least, I was just worried about him aking it badly.

"So...?" I started, remembering the worry from this morning. I stood up from my desk chair and sat down on the floor next to him, leaning against the side of my bed.

"Well, lets see, how should I do this...?" He started out talking to himself, which he does quite often. "Umm... Man your stupid book confused me!" I flinced at the mention of the book, I had hoped he'd forgotten. He glanced at me when I flinced but didn't question it. "You know something? I hate hope. It's this stupid feeling you know isn't rashinal but it wakes you want to try things and you know what? Most of the time hope stabs you in the back and makes you regret everything!"

"Yeah, I know, but what does that have to do with anything?"

"Your book!"

"What about it...?"

"Oh my god you dense. A chick would have been able to figure it out."

"Well I'm not a chick."

"Oh believe me, I know."

I gave him an odd look for the mumbled last comment.

"Thank you? I'm... glad you acknowledge me as a guy?" This conversation was seriously confusing me... "Can I ask the point of this?" He sighed.

"I have no idea how to tell you..." He hung his head backwards so it hit the edge of my bed. I sorta felt like I was missing something... Something important, something obvious. "So, how about the other aproace, shall we?" I knew he was talking to himself, so I just gave his a questioning look, which he apparently found entertaining, because he shook his head laughing when he saw it. He sighed and stood, which I in turn sat on my knees, my ass resting on my feet. He glanced at me as I shifted while he slowly had taken to pacing. "So... How to do this..."

"Hey Ashton?"


"You planning on explaining?"


"Soo... What do I--"

"I'm going to show you."

"Show me what?"

"You'll see."

"Umm... What are you doing?"

"Please... Just... Humor me, would you?"

Blinking I tried to make sense of what my best friend of seven years was saying, giving up my mouth flapped open and closed a few times before I finally choaked out a single word.


"You are so clueless."

On that note he turned towards me, and before I could even get a word out he had sat on my lap and lightly pressed his lips to mine, his hands on either side of my head gripping the edge of my bed to support himself. I lightly wrapped my arms around his waist, returning the kiss with the same light force. He pulled back sooner than I would have liked, but we were both slightly out of breath so I under stood why. Oddly, He was fairly far away from me considering he was still on my lap. So, with the extra room, I pulled an arm away from his waist. Somehow, we kept eye contact through this and I could see he was watching my reaction to all this with a worried stare, so I wasn't surprised when he gasped loudly at the loud smack that came with my hand hitting skin.

"Aaron?" He started quietly.


"Why did you just slap yourself?"

"To make sure I wasn't asleep."


Instead of speaking, I tackled the boy, shoving him off my lap and easily pinning him to the ground, pressing my lips to his with more force than the first time. He happily obliged.

"Bacause I don't want to wake up this time." I whispered, he smiled before whispering something in return.

""Neither do I, neither do I."