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He had killed, a human being. In fact he had stopped counting how many lives he already had ended. And now he was about to do it again.

Standing in front of a little tea shop on the brink of a road he pressed down the knob of the door and opened it, first only a bit, then fully. A smell-symphony of boiling herbs hit his nose. In routine his gaze wandered at first to the right side of the room, then to the left and at last to the middle. There was nothing suspicious.

The shop was almost too clean, everywhere were things on the walls, masks, pictures and more. All with the only purpose to pretend that the owner had money and would be versed in art and culture. Despite the high prices which were noted down on a large board almost all of the tables were manned.

While he was striding to the counter like a priest to an altar, the whole time holding an open book in front of his chest like a holy script all guests starred at him but quickly looked away as soon as he looked back just to stare again the next second.

Things like "Have you seen these haggled clothes? Like a beggar" or "He at least could shave this three-day-beard" reached his one ear and left his other, he didn't care.

The man behind the counter didn't even bother to look up. Instead he started acting all busy by cleaning up the same tea cup over and over again. Something was telling he usually didn't do that kind of work by himself. Maybe it was the fact that the long sleeves of his Kimono, one with fake gold embroideries, weren't exactly suited for that and were now nearly drowned in dishwater.

The sound of a bag coins that hit the light wood did wonder and the needle of the man's inner compass swung from 'dismissive' to 'slimy friendly'. With sick-making sweetness in his voice he asked "What can I do for you?"

"I'm looking for someone." The newcomer placed the book he was holding under the Owner's nose. "Have you seen this man?"

The shopkeeper's hand reached for the book, noticing that it was, in opposite to the clothes and the whole appearance of this guest, in an immaculate state. But before he could even touch it, a strong hand grabbed his wrist and held it in a tight grip. The green eyes of the other man nearly pierced him to the wall.

"Don't touch this book, ever…"

"O-of course, I'm sorry."

Rubbing his wrist the shop-owner now took a closer look on the photo that was on the opened page. There was nothing really special about the man on it; he was in his early twenties, had short messy dark brown hair, that, so it seemed, even the best comb couldn't tame and hazel eyes. He wore dark trousers, the usual Shinobi shoes, a white shirt and over all this a dark green coat. The black fabric of his headband, which forehead-protector showed the image of a rising sun was tightly bound around his neck, working as a kerchief.

"Well, of course I don't remember everyone who ever entered my shop. I-"

Another bag with coins hit the counter.

"Wait, now I remember…"

His opponent nodded, "I thought so…"

A little later and with the information he needed the man left the tea shop and made his way into surrounding woods. When he reached a small glade the familiar smell of tea reached his nose again.

On the top of a stump sat the young man he was looking for, he had placed a cup of tea next to him and seemed fat too preoccupied with what seems to be a crossword puzzle in front of him to notice anything. But then he rubbed the back of his head with the already to a stub sharpened pencil in his hand and addressed the incoming person.

"You wouldn't know a famous general of the second Shinobi war with five letters?"

When the other man just starred at him blankly he sighed, sounding a bit disappointed.

"Damn, it was the last word missing. Then maybe some tea? Mr. 'Look, my Kimono has gold stuff on it and I think everyone is stupid enough not to notice it's fake' isn't exactly the most likeable person but his tea is amazing. I just couldn't bring myself to leave my cup there when I had to leave because I sensed you."

He only got a headshaking in response on which he put away the puzzle, cleaned up the, with violet butterflies imprinted tea cup and at last stood up. Deep in thought his hand moved into his jacket, taking out a silver pocket watch. He opened the cap, looked at it, let the watch running through his fingers a last time before he finally continued talking.

"I guess it's time we finally end this then, right Bounty Hunter?"

"Yes, but before we begin, this is nothing personal. It's my job. I say that to everyone I'm after."

The Bounty Hunter received a look from his target for this. "I'm sure that made all the people you killed feel better. Well, there's nothing left to say I think. Let's begin. Doton: Iso Genshitsu!" (Earth Element: Rocky Burial Chamber)

The ground under the Hunter started to shake and broke open into a small crack that was quickly growing to a large cleft that swallowed him. Before he could get out, it started to close again and the bulk rocks and stones on the edge of the crevice started to fall down, burying him alive.

For a few seconds the hazel eyes of the young man rested on the rock grave, then he sighed.

"So you used Kawarimi no Jutsu?" (Replacement Jutsu)

His pursuer appeared behind him, fully unharmed, now with a Kukri in the hand and nodded.

"Yes, I did…"

And with these words the Bounty Hunter throw his Kukri and the book that he hadn't let go of for a second in the whole fight in the air to have the hands free for signs, then caught them again before they could fall down.

"Isarai Eisei no Jutsu" (Art of the Small Water Spring Death)

The Hunter's opponent jumped up when suddenly large fountains of water shot through the ground under him. He was able to dodge one of the water-jets but the next moment another one bored almost fully through his leg. Panting, the brown haired man supported himself against a tree, holding his trousers, which were covered in a mix of mud, water and blood. Carefully and gritting his teeth he took off his hands from the wound before doing some handsigns.

As soon as the last one was done the Bounty Hunter could feel his visual gaze suddenly contracting. First the part left and right around him turned black, then the rest till there was only darkness. He couldn't see anymore, the Genjutsu had trapped him.

Not moving he tried to concentrate on his other senses. When he heard a noise next to him he leaped aside. Something hit the Hunter's shoulder; he ignored the pain and moved backwards. In this moment he could feel the Genjutsu becoming weaker and weaker. It doesn't last long he thought, when the darkness before his eyes vanished slowly. But that distracted him from the fight for a second.

And so the first thing the man saw when his senses slowly came back was a sai, moving towards his throat. Then cold metal struck warm flesh. His body barely made a sound when it hit the greenery covered ground, his blood turning the colored leaves around him even redder. The words of his former prey reached his ears.

"I'm sorry." The dying man believed it.

"I-it doesn't matter. It had to happen at some point. That it was done by your hand is just accident." With these words the Bounty Hunter closed his eyes and breathed out for the last time.

The hazel-eyed man in return went closer, but then stopped. His gaze rested on the book, which was lying next to the corpse. He hesitated for a moment, but at last picked it up. He shook his head sadly when he opened the first page and read parts of it. It's was a dedication.

I'm proud and worried at the same time that you decided to choose the way of a Hunter. But I know you're doing this to make this world a little safer. If this is your path, take it and take my blessing with you. I wish you all luck of the world. Please watch over yourself.

Your, you always loving wife

He flipped further through the book, stopped at a marked page and a bitter smile appeared on his lips.

Before he had become a Nuke-Nin himself he never realized how vacuous these books were and how little they really revealed.

He kneed down beneath the corpse and placed the book on his chest after having wiped away the blood on the pages. Then he smashed his hands on the ground and summoned some earth walls around and over the dead body.

He saw one last time to the stony coffin before he disappeared, limping, into the labyrinth of shadows cast by the trees. The few lines of his own Bingo Book entry he just had read still in front of his inner eye.

Name: Hideaki, Takeo

Country: Taiyo no Kuni, Sun country

Village: Yoakegakure no Sato, Hidden Dawn Village

Rang: Nuke-Nin

Committed Crimes: Murderer, Treason

Well, this was the first chapter. Hope you liked it at least a bit.