I am chi Kuno my first name means blood I think it is quite a good name for me. I am 13 years old and go to Ouran high school. "Hmmm........... what a nice day it is out" I said as I opened the curtains. I looked out of the window where I could hear the birds chirping away. I walked down the stairs and saw mum still asleep on the floor. I got my breakfast ready and ate it quickly. I got mums ready too and laid it out on the table. "Mum I'm off to school now it's already past eight so I don't want to be late" mum looked up and then said "ok hunny...... thanks for the breakfast as well" I ran out of the door and was on my way to school it was really hot outside so I decided to walk not bike.

I finally got to school were five of my friends were waiting for me. My boyfriend was there as well and said "hi baby how are you today you know I was all lonely over the weekend you never came to my house" he looked at me with sad eyes and then I smiled and said "I'm sorry please don't be sad" I pretend to sound like I was about to cry. He came over to me and gave me a hug. Tora, Yoshi, Aiko, Yosho and Sora all said "ahhhhh" and then we heard the bell ring for lessons to start me and Kenshin walked hand in hand to class. Kenshin was my boyfriends name his name means heart of sword. As we walked to class we talked about what we were going to do after school. We made it to class five minutes late it was just a good job that the teacher was late today we all went and sat down at our desks at the back of the room there were 4 desks at the back me and Kenshin sat next to each other with Tora by the other side of me and Aiko sat the other side of Kenshin in front of us sat Yoshi, Sora, Yosho and yuki. Yuki was a friend though she hung out with a different group of people. All of us on the back two rows were always talking and passing notes. After about an hour in class me and Kenshin fell asleep and the next thing we knew we had a book dropped on our heads and then we said "owww what you do that for miss" at the same time and then began to laugh and so did everyone else in the class including our teacher. The teacher then went to the front of class and said "write down..." then before she could finish the bell rang for break. Before we went she said "we will be continuing with this after break" we all sighed and closed our books. We all walked out of the class quickly before our teacher could say anything else.

We went outside to the benches were no one except our group went. Our group contained of me, Kenshin, Tora, Junko, Aiko, Junko, Sora, Ryo, Yoshi, Yosho and Ryuu. Five boys and five girls, "guys who would like to come and sleep over my house tomorrow" I said. Everyone looked at me and then Kenshin, Tora, Ryuu, Sora said "yeah we have never been round your house before" I smiled and then we talked about what we might do. We jumped up as soon as the bell rang for the end of break and raced each other back to class. I ended up falling over so Kenshin came up to me and pattered me on the head and said "you really should not run as fast especially in those shoes there two big" we both smiled and noticed that we were late for class so we jumped up and went to the nurses office so we wouldn't get told off and because my legs were bleeding. "Chi, what did you do this time.... I will have to give you two a note for being late to class" the nurse said to us kindly. "I fell and then Kenshin had to carry me here because I hurt my legs" I said while looking like I was going to cry. "Chi... Don't cry" Kenshin said as he put an arm round me. He was now sitting next to me on the bed. "Chi..... you will be ok it may sting when i put the water on it ok" she looked up at me when she said that and then she said " are you two going out with each other" Kenshin pulled me closer and then nodded. The nurse smiled and so did we.