As we walked back to class I fainted and that's when it all happened Kenshin bit he put his two fangs into my neck! I was faint on the floor and then looked up at Kenshin who had blood round his lips and all of a sudden all my memories of that moment had gone. Kenshin fell back lost in what he had just done and then noticed the worst he had done. He turned me into a vampire! Kenshin grabbed me and ran outside into a dark shaded area. I woke up a few minutes later with Kenshin there with blood on his t-shirt so I said "Kenshin you were a vampire all along and now you turned me into one I know that my real family were vampires too and Yoshi is my brother...........what the hell Yoshi is my brother this cannot be happening" I looked up at Kenshin and said "Kenshin I told you I will always love you whatever and whoever you are but at the moment I hate you because I'm starving" Kenshin smiled an evil smile and said in a dark voice "let's go and see what's hanging out in the corridors hey" and with that we got up and walked to the corridors.

We turned into the corridor and saw two girls walking down it and when they were further away from the class rooms we jumped and sank our teeth into them. We drank a lot of their blood but finally Kenshin had to push me away before I killed that person. We then heard someone approaching us. We wiped the blood from round our lips. We also took the memories of the girls we had just bitten. We turned round and there in front of us was Yoshi and Tora we looked at them quickly and then Tora said "so chi you are a vampire I never knew so I will find some vampire hunters and make them kill you and Kenshin because you are not human" Yoshi looked at Tora and then said "Tora I am like them too you see I am chi's brother we got separated in the last vampire and human fight and chi fell and lost her memory and also her vampirism and as soon as Kenshin bit her... her vampirism must have returned" he looked at me and then hugged Tora and said to her "Tora if you would like to be with me forever like you say you do become a vampire" Tora looked at Yoshi and nodded slightly.

We all ran off to were Kenshin had taken me when he had bit me it took half a second to get there because vampires can run fast and because we didn't have to wait for Tora to catch up because Yoshi was holding her in his arms. "Yoshi if i become a vampire we will not be able to stay here because my friends would pull me back" Tora said. We all nodded to that and then Yoshi went under making Tora into a vampire it took fifteen minutes and then another 10 minutes for her vampire blood to awake so we could go on a hunt. When Tora awoke she said "so I am a vampire now this is where our new life begins" we all smiled and said "Tora this is where your new life begins we have been living like this for about 100 years now" we all laughed.

Yoshi said "let's go into that forest over there 4 people hang out there at dinner and dinner starts in 2 minutes we ran across to the forest and in there we found the boys squashed to death under a tree with all their lovely yummy red blood pouring out. We all licked our lips and drank their blood until it was nearly all gone and then when we heared that someone was coming we ran as fast as we could back to school and into the class room.

We were pretending to cry "Miss Miss the four boys out of this class who always play in that forest are ........ Dead ... a tree fell down and squashed them too death it's disgusting" miss looked at us sternly and then said well we will have to go and see and that's when it happened Tora jumped at her and drank all her blood every last drop. We stood there with our mouths open Tora had become an evil vampire! Killing humans. Was her job. The teacher's dead body laid on the floor and blood round it. Yoshi grabbed Tora and nailed her to the ground shouting "you monster I hate you Tora I hate you" after Yoshi said that Tora marched out of the class room and so did we to protect everyone else. That was our job now to protect the innocent from this beast.