Chapter 1

I walked through the house and glanced at all the rooms. I had spent the day cleaning everything. Ridding the place of its dingy scent, it made my nose twitch. The open windows had let a fresh wooded scent permeate everything, it made me think of home. I had moved in today and I had barely just set up the kitchen and was about to do the living room. Every other room had boxes and other things in it. The house was made of wood with a back and front porch, shuttered windows, a master bedroom, study and a bathroom upstairs, downstairs was the spare room, the living room and the kitchen that had a breakfast bar. I had always wanted one of those, I had always wanted something I could call my own. And this little house that had nearly emptied my bank account, leaving me with just around nine thousand dollars, was all mine.

I was about th=o start moving my furniture in the living room, when my tabby cat decided to start twirling around my legs, mewling softly at me.

"Fine fine, lets get something to eat before we start hurling this lot around." Talking to myself always made me feel less alone, my cat was company but it wasn't as though he could talk back was it?

Walking down the hallway to the kitchen I pushed and kicked piles of boxes out of my way. The kitchen may have had all the appliances in place, but as I looked in the fridge, I realised I had no food with me. I rummaged around in one of the boxes and food my cats bowls and a kitty food pouch. Filling one bowl up with water and the other with the food and setting it by the back door, I mumbled to myself as I searched all the cupboards for any food. "Sure Kaya, bring the cats food but forget yours. You are such and idiot."

In the end I munched on half a packet of stale crackers, I'd go shopping tomorrow and pick up food as well as everything else that I needed.

As I chewed the last cracker I walked back into the living room and looked at the disarray. Time to get to work.

By the time I was finished and happy with everything it was 12:30pm. The corner sofa was pushed in the corner by the fireplace, the TV was across from it by the window, my shelves and cupboards were full with the few ornaments and photos I had, along with my CD and DVD racks, the white chairs that were part of the set with my sofa were dotted near the TV. I didn't know why I had so much stuff, it wasn't like I lived with anyone, I was alone. Always alone. A solitary creature that answered to no one.

After stoking the fire and adding another log for the night I curled up on the sofa to sleep. I couldn't sleep in the bed I had bought, the frame was still in pieces and the boxes basically covered everything, with t few pieces of furniture stashed up there you could just about see the floor.

Closing my eyes I thought about where I was. A small town called Black River in the nowhere of Colorado, near the Fremont National Forest. I lived just about a mile out of town, very few neighbours dotted around, and the forest was practically in my back garden. Just the way I liked it, and because it was a National forest, it meant there were no hunters allowed, so no one would interrupt me on my …….woodland walks.

This place seemed perfectly suited for me but I wondered how long I could stay here. I would have to leave again, maybe in a few week or months. I couldn't possibly be found, I had changed my name, my account, heck I was on an entirely new continent. I couldn't be found across the waters could I? But then again being chased was my life, I couldn't confront them because I wasn't strong enough, well I was strong enough but not strong enough to hurt the ones I had once thought I cared for. Heck, I couldn't sleep if I was thinking like this.

The couch dipped as my tabby, Nemo pounced on the cushion next to me and curled up by my chest. Purring softly and keeping me company. I smiled as I scratched my kitty's ears, no matter where I went he somehow found me and caught up, he wouldn't be left behind no matter what. And I was thankful he'd stuck by me, no matter what changed I had him with me. I wasn't completely alone. And maybe I could stay here this time.

I laughed myself to sleep at that idiotic thought.

I lounged in the porch swing as I looked at the moon. I could hear my dad talking to my brother in-law, Ryan, in the front room about the game and who was going to win. Mum was in the kitchen trying to clean up the mess from the whole family coming to my house for a get together, she refused to let me do it. My sister Shannon was putting my nephew to bed. He was sleeping in the spare bedroom I had downstairs. It was a good thing I had three spare rooms otherwise someone would be sleeping on the couch and floor. I wasn't going to let them drive home either, all of them had at least one cup of alcohol, that was one too many for my liking. So they were staying the night.

I didn't mind the company, I was more than grateful actually. I had such a big house but when I came home it was always empty of people. I liked having my family around me, but they were all living with their own little families, I needed to find one of my own.

I stretched in the chair as the door opened and my Shannon walked up and sat next to me. "Cheer up Jace. I can feel your mood in the other room." She poked me in the side making me smile.

"Sorry Shan, I was just thinking, its nice to have you all in my house."

She snorted and raised her eyebrows at me. "You're telling me that you didn't mind it when Uncle Joe tried to break dance on the kitchen table and nacho's went everywhere, and my son Leo practically worships you and followed you around all day, he even walked in on you in the toilet? He thinks you're Superman or something." She laughed, and yes it was all true, Uncle Joe had made a mess and Leo had stood there watching me on the loo. That kid was weird.

"I'm not Superman. I'm Super-Wolf." I grinned at her and got a few more pokes in the ribs before she got up laughing and walked slightly wobbly into the house. I heard my dad shout as someone scored in the basketball game. Shannon and Mum berated him at the same time, reminding him Leo was in bed.

I looked back at the moon. It was going to be full tomorrow night, and though it didn't have power over me, but it did have an influence. That was my excuse for why I was feeling edgier than usual, that was the excuse I gave myself. I had enough control, I prided myself on it, yet I was nearly ready to jump off the porch and hunt………..something, to chase…..someone. I banged my head on the back of the chair, something was urging me to go throw those forests and find whatever was drawing me. I just knew I wanted to run wild and free. I would do that tomorrow night with Dad and the rest of the family and pack. Until then I'd just have to deal with my father.

As I thought that, Dad came stumbling out of the door. "When are you going to settle down and give me grandchildren Jace. By the way the Barracudas won!!!" He bellowed and nearly fell flat on his face. He'd been drinking whatever was left of the cans he had brought over obviously.

"Let's get you to bed Dad, before you fall over not after." I said getting up and helping him to the door and the upstairs bedroom. I was nearly distracted from that strange pull as I helped Dad not to fall going up the stairs. Nearly though, not quite.