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Chapter 24

I was contemplating jumping out of the window and running over the hills and deep into the mountains so that Cher would never ever find me again. But Jace wasn't letting me out of his sight, his arm was clamped around my waist anchoring to the sofa as his mum fussed over the child's play pen she had bought. It reminded me of a cartoon spaceship I'd seen before on telly, it had plastic branches that had shiny mirrors, stuffed toys and balls and bells that rattled and squeaked. She was still trying to attach the last base connection to the side, whilst she chattered on about how much fun it would be for the baby…blah blah blah baby blah blah blah… I was certain I was slowly going mad.

I winced at rubbed my side as the baby kicked unusually hard, Jace rubbed his thumb across my side noticing my comfort. I turned to look at him and couldn't help a smile that tugged at my lips as I took in how lucky I was to have him as my mate, not only was he good looking and smoking in bed, but he was decent, he was trying to find out what happened to other wolves who were involved in the dog fights, he loved his family, he shared my sense of humour and he valued all the things I did. He even allowed my travelling pack friends to settle down in his pack, they still went out on their little mission of hunting the stragglers from Rio's pack but they were near me and had been accepted into a pack life. Everything was so…perfect. Well, apart from Cher and her insistent chatter. I loved her and everything but she could win a gold and silver if talking was a Olympic sport. I wasn't sure she'd even stopped for breath yet.

"Cher my love, I think it's time we went, I have things to do and I'm sure Jace and Kaya want to settle in for the night." Devon said as he stood up from his chair.

I smiled gratefully at him, he knew she was wearing me down and feeling the way I did it wasn't helping my mood. I had decreed that I would never allow Jace to get me pregnant again, I had blown up to the size of a elephant, I swear it felt like I was going to give birth to a whole litter of pups like a real wolf. I hadn't had any scans because I didn't like the hospitals and I wanted the gender of the baby to be a surprise. I knew everything would be fine, all the drama was over and me and Jace were going to start our own family very soon.

"Well if you need anything, or want someone to talk to you have my numbers, and Kaya if the aches carry on a soothing bath can help and Jace you need to run you're fidgeting too much, you look like a tick and will you stop shoving me Devon? I know they want to be alone and I am leaving, I swear if you nudge me subtly one more time I am getting out the dog leash." I could hear Cher as she and Devon, who wore a exasperated martyred look, walked down the hall and out of the house.

I chuckled and looked at Jace. "You do realise your own mother just called you a tick?"

He smirked. "She's called me many things in my lifetime, it's the fact she says it with love the only reason I let her get away with it."

I laughed shaking my head as I pushed to my feet, using the sofa to help me up. Instantly Jace was there, offering me a helping hand as I walked up the stairs and ran the bath. Cher may have been sweetly oblivious to the world, but when it came to coping with being pregnant she knew what she was talking about. As I poured the bubble bath in I gestured out the door. "You're mother is right you know, you do need to go for a run, you haven't been for nearly a week.."

He shook his head as he watched me from his position in the doorway. "I'm not leaving you, you're in pain and anything could happen."

I shrugged as I stripped. "Fine be that way, but if and when I go into labour you better not shift out of frustration in the delivery room." I teased easing into the water.

"I make no promises love."

I smiled happily closing my eyes as the hot water lapped at my skin, I jolted slightly feeling warm hands smooth the bump of my belly. I cracked my eyes open the tiniest bit to see Jace lean over and place a kiss on my stomach, where our child rested. One of his hand slipped from my belly into the water to clutch at one of my hands. His thumb feathered back and forth.

"I love you Kaya, with all my heart. I cant thank the Fates for bring you to me."

I gave his hand a tiny squeeze. "We are Fated, nothing would keep us apart."

I sighed as the aches that had been rippling through my abdomen eased, the baby in me calming its kicking and shifting. We stayed in the bathroom for a while, in complete and utter silence, happy in each others company, both imagining what our lives would be like with a child. A girl that was like me? Or a little boy with his fathers good looks and devilish smirk?

Too soon the water cooled and Jace helped me out of the tub. I dried off and slipped into one of his shirts and a pair of shorts and curled up on my side in our bed. He stripped to his boxers and climbed in behind me, his arms lovingly encasing me. I felt safe and warm, nothing was going wrong, nothing would. This would be normal from now on.

I awoke to a annoying ringing, I elbowed Jace behind me and he grumbled as he reached for the phone on the bedside cabinet.

"What?" He asked grumpily as he ran hand over his sleep eyes.

I rolled onto my back and watched him curiously, yawning as I wrapped a arm around a pillow.

"Does it have to be now?" He frowned. "Can't you handle it without me, you are my Beta?"

I furrowed my eyebrows. Rick normally only called Jace if there was a issue with the pack that he needed the alpha's reinforcement to help with.

"Yeah, yeah fine, I'll run on over. Keep them from killing each other for ten minutes." He hung up and arched his back sitting up.

"Problem?" I asked.

He leaned over cupping my face with his hands. "Not so much a problem as a annoyance. The Lewis's are accusing the Carlson's of trespassing on family territory. And seeing as the Lewis's daughter was with the Carlson's son, they're getting close to chewing each other. Rick needs me as back up, I wont be long, only a half hour at most." He peppered kisses to my lips before heaving a sigh and standing up.

"I'll see you when you get back, safe running." I said as I curled back up to sleep as he left.

I fell into a deep sleep, dreaming nothing but a warm cosy blackness that made me think nothing. When I first jolted awake with a gasp I wasn't sure what it was that had woken me. Then I felt it again, a nearly unbearable pain ripping through my abdomen, as if something inside me was tearing and burning. I place a hand on the side of my stomach and in the same instant reached for the phone on the bedside cabinet and dialled.

I was cursing the Lewis's and Carlson's by the time a wide awake Cher answered. "Jace dear, is everything okay? Is it your mate?"

"Cher, I need you, I think its time." I panted finding it hard to say the words as a sweat broke out on my skin and the pain started to increase with each ripple.

I growled over my shoulder at the two families that still glared at each other, except the youngest member of each the boy and girl only had eyes for each other. It reminded me of the play I had read back in high school, Romeo and Juliet. I'd make sure this story didn't end the same way however. They had agreed to a uneasy truce for now, I just needed to work on a longer term solution, preferably when I was more awake and I had Kaya back in my arms. I had been itching ever since I'd left her, I'd had to drag myself out of the house to the forest to shift so I could run here.

"The clothes are on my backseat, I'll give you a lift." Rick said as he pulled on his own pair of jeans from the trucks front seat.

"I appreciate it." I said opening the door and grabbing the pair of jeans on the back seat, I grabbed the shirt next, pulling it on and doing up a few buttons. "Hey umm Jace, I need to tell you something."

I looked up at Rick who was standing with a odd look on his face, his mobile in one hand while he scratched the back of his neck with the other.

"Not more pack issues is it?" I said jokingly.

"Nah, umm Cher has left about eighty messages on my phone, she says Kaya's gone into labour, she's at the hospital."

Before he could finish his sentence I was jumping into the drivers seat, turning the keys in the ignition and driving off like a bat out of hell. I growled under my breath as I heard Rick cursing behind me where I'd ditched him and still I was cursing as I drove madly through the town till I hit the hospital. Tonight of all nights, I had to get called out of bed for a damn territory dispute and Kaya would go into labour when I'm not there. Fate sometimes had a bad sense of humour. I parked the car at an awkward angle near the curb and dived out with the engine still running. The lady at the reception looked up as I barged in. "Where's Kaya? I got told she was brought in."

"Jace, umm she came in around forty minutes ago, she's in room 326 B. Congratulations." She called out as I ran to the stairs, there was no way I could stand long enough to endure the elevator. I dimly recalled the woman at the front desk had been one of my pack mates. That didn't matter, nothing mattered right now apart from getting to Kaya.

As I raced out of the doors on the third floor I sprinted down the halls, getting a few curious looks as I dodged and weaved by medical staff and equipment. I was moving so quickly that I nearly ran right past room 326B. As I burst through the door my parents turned to me with a grin, and I rather rudely pushed past them to get to Kaya who had her eyes closed as she laid in the hospital bed.

I ran my fingers down her cheek. "Kaya?" I asked needing to check she was okay. Had she gone into early labour, had their been any problems?

"Jace…"She sighed my name, her long eyelashes fluttering as she opened her eyes to look at me. "I decided I was going to kill you." She mumbled with a faint smile.

I brushed her long hair back off her face and kissed her forehead. "My mate, are you alright? I'm sorry I wasn't with you."

"She called me dear, I rushed all the way over and managed to keep her calm till we got to the hospital, she cursed the day you were born though. I've said it before and I've said it a million times, nothing compares to child birth. Okay okay Devon, I'm leaving." Mum smiled warmly as she waved exiting through the door.

Dad patted my shoulder and couldn't hide the huge grin on his face as he bent and kissed Kaya's cheek. "You did good kid, congratulations. And get some rest before the rest of the pack comes hearing the news." He quietly shut the door on his way out.

I grabbed Kaya's hand relaxing now I knew she was safe.

"I blame you, you know." She said casually, a twinkle in her eye.

"For what now? Last time it was the fact I got you pregnant, and this morning it was my fault your shampoo ran out."

She chuckled rather tiredly. "One I could handle, but two is going to be a handful." her eyes drifted to the side behind me and I turned, letting her go. Noticing for the first time the small, plastic hospital cribs that had been set up. Plural, not one, but two. I blinked and shook my head in disbelief. "Looks like we're going to have to use the two top boys names we picked out. Tyson and Max it is." I said pride sweeping through me.

"It's all your fault," She carried on as I reached a hand down to touch the tiny hand that wrapped around one of my fingers as my son, moved slightly, his pink skin a rosy warm colour as he moved his head, his tiny eyes shut in sleep.

"Already I can see the starts of that annoying smirk you have making appearance in them. They'll get away with murder, you'll see." She said with such happiness that I managed to tear myself away from the sight of my sons and walk to her. I gave her the smirk she was referring to.

"Ah but my lovely Fated, this smirk is what made you fall for me in the first place. If anything, feel sorry for their Fates." I bent my head to land a kiss on her lips, the wolf in me howling my joy to the world. I had everything, everything I'd ever wished for, I wasn't about to let it go anytime soon either. Not for a very, very long time,

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