Took the original list of prompt/"100 Word Challenge" words (on profile) and turned them into "flash fiction". Chapters are limited to 500 words per chapter; thus not making it an actual prompt or "100 Word Challenge". Enjoy, favorite/alert it, review it...

Summary: A hundred words that describe each chapter. A hundred chapters that are beyond reality...she thinks. One story of a girl and the boy inside her head. This is how friendship is able to shine through even when you're alone. All you've got to do is imagine someone beside you.

1. Introduction

My name was Abby, simple and sweet. Sometimes I was the shy girl, sitting quietly in the back corner with my nose in a book. Sometimes I was the protective, nosy and almost anti-social friend willing to die for my best friends. Sometimes I was the follower; sometimes I was the leader. But, in the end, I was and forever, me. My introduction was complicated but when it came down to it, this was it. I was me, a single person.

But there was a part of me, a part of my mind people didn't know about. People couldn't really relate to me in really any sort of way, I suppose. I didn't have some mental disease or disorder; I just got bored during class one day and he was born in my head. Just. Like. That. His personality changed and shifted, along with his appearance, bit by bit over the years as he formed in my head. Sometimes, he appeared closer to a sad singer or an angry traitor from an action movie.

But finally, he settled for the most part. He had become his own person, his own little introduction in my head. He was Benjamin Grey, Ben for short. And I was Abby. A simple introduction that introduced you to a complicated story.